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RE: Just got my 10K LEO back, cheers @Khal!

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Stories like this shows how we are in the right place and things will only keep getting better from here.

How many other crypto projects out there would money have been returned?

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Yes, better and better, albeit over the long term - in the short term it's going to be pretty hard to top waking up to another $2K in your account overnight!

I suppose someone COULD buy my Exode Killbot, although I'm starting to think I may have overpriced that at $4900.

How many other crypto projects, well I think that might be.... none?!?

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I havent checked my EXODE holdings in a while. I should look to see what I have. Although if the game does grow, it will be easier to sell the cards that we have.

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The evac stage of the game is pretty much ready now btw, so hopefully we'll see some increasing interest, it's pretty good too.

I just worry that's it's just Elindos, there's quite a lot that needs doing to make it as smooth as Splinterlands.

I've got this feeling the contracts may not have been such a good deal where the more common cards are concerned - they just keep on being printed and printed after all, depends how the game play works out for some of the cards though.

I think it'll be a while for the full game though - I mean Evac is just stage one. Colonlisation is more complex (MOST, about 80% of the cards you can't even use during evac) and we haven't seen a teaser of that yet, so that little strap-line of yours - vision 2025... that might just apply here!

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Yeah I understand how hard it is and cut Elindos some slack. Things take time, it wont be an overnight hit.

That said, there is potential and things are shaping up.

I bought a bunch of contracts so to see what you wrote that is a bit saddening but that is how it goes.

Take a shot, some things work out. Hopefully the elite cards make up for it.

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Oh Elindos is doing a great job, I think everyone knows and expects things to take a while!

It just occurred to me with the contracts - unlimited printing, isn't it! Unlike with the Alpha packs which are limited, it's just the way it is. Having said that, the rarer cards might well hold up OK in value.

But I alone can already make a very long daisy chain out of my syndicate hackers.

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I cant even seem to put stuff on the market, for the life of me I cannot find out where to do it. I could buy stuff but not sell, really weird

You need to go to your card collection and then sell from there.

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