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RE: The value of Hive cannot measured by it's token price.

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Buffett likes to say "price is what you pay, value is what you get".

Markets are most often inaccurate. They are driven mostly by the factors of fear and greed. It is senseless to argue with the market, trying to be right because you will lose your money. The market does what it wants.

However, things are usually either over or under priced. This is something that goes across the board. Many feel Bitcoin is over priced right now while others think it is a bargain. Time will tell who is right.

Hive is overlooked. There is no doubt about it. But a price move is called a pump if there is nothing behind it. Hive requires users which come from development.

Do you think anyone would be using the internet today if nobody developed on it?

What is taking place with a lot of these high flying tokens? The answer is very little.

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We are lucky as we can see the full iceberg from this close to it. Others only see the very top and don't realise everything going on beneath the surface.

At some stage that will change and others will get interested. There is so much being built that we will see people filter in slowly and then eventually we will hit a tipping point where they come in in numbers.

I keep looking around at other tokens and still haven't found anything to compete with hive.

@taskmaster4450le one of the common mistakes that investors or traders make on most financial markets is that they try to trade against the market or try to think they can outsmart the market...

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Best thing to do is find good projects early and go in hard. If everybody is already backing it then you have missed the best time. You can still make a profit but getting there first is key.