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RE: Execution time for HIVE & Cardano partnership

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This is looking in the wrong direction. Cardano is looking like a wonderful chain, hence Hive apps might want to look to cross chain integration.

However, do not overlook how many developers Hive has. We only started towards the end of the first quarter so we didnt even have a full year. Plus, a lot of our activity is on the second layer. Leofinance has 7 devs alone, none of them working on the blockchain itself.

We have a lot more taking place than people understand.

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Collaboration & Partnerships are important for HIVE's future.

I came across few HIVE post where HIVE projects are looking for Devs. And I saw tweets that explained there are plenty of room for new devs to join HIVE.

Investors always looking for developers and entrepreneurs.

Ps. Sometimes I wonder why none of the developers are not working on HIVE anymore after the hardfork. Ideally I want Dan Larimer to come back to HIVE.

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