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RE: The Flippening: LEO Authors Are the Most Rewarded Users on Hive | October Author Reward Leaderboard

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The flat curation rewards probably dont make up a ton of those stats.

The bigger piece is that so much more Leo is now staked, especially by smaller accounts. This took the VP of the larger accounts and dropped it by about a third.

This means more people have control over the reward pool and everyone is voting on different things.

It is how an ecosystem will naturally evolve when given a chance. With more users comes a wider distribution of the token.

Hive would have much better distribution if there were 1 million users on the platform each day.

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While what you say is true, I think the flat curation plays a major role. Why would you ever vote posts on hive that no one will upvote? You have to stick to the same authors or get a hit on your rewards.

Incentives are not aligned. On Leo you can just upvote anyone you want, which distributes rewards more naturally and doesn't concentrate into the top 25 earners.


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