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RE: CUB Airdrop: Leo Is Going To Make Us Wealthy

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After the announcement post and reading comments I see people are more confused than excited.

I think this says a lot. The communication of late is simply awful.

Leofinance, at one time, excelled at its communication, laying out a road map and operating in a clear and transparent fashion.

Now it is acting more like Steemit Inc, with the announcements of announcement bullcrap. It was funny for awhile but now I see it as a hindrance.

Confusion causes a loss of confidence, something that Khal should pay attention to.

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I think Khal need to understand that most of the users don't have his level of understanding as many of the details are technical. Post should be simple, more explaining so the 70 years old granny and grandpa can understand it too.

We're all learning here as many of these things are brand new, have never been done before, or should I say are invented now?

If we want mass adoption, communication needs to improve. There's no other way. Just my 2 cents.

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That is true.

There is also the aspect there is information he has which is not out there. Thus, while it might be clear in his mind since he knows how the dots are connected, everyone else is going in circles because they really dont have the right information.

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Exactly, I was thinking of that as well, just find it difficult to put it in words.

I'm not sure in what relationship you are with him, maybe you can try talk to him because if this goes on, it's going to be a problem. People missing out because they don't know and it's going to affect the whole community.

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I could try but he is hard to get a hold of. I understand he is busy, trying to pull a lot of things off at one time.

It most likely dropped down on the list. But, in my mind, it is vitally important. A lot of smaller token holders here and they are the ones who are easiest confused since they tend not to be experts in this stuff.

They depend upon the information for guidance.

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Regarding the importance of the matter, worth a try. After all, you have nothing to lose. So please do!

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@erikah that announcement is too technical,even those that are not newbies still find the announcement complicated

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Unfortunately it is true. I had to read it a couple of times and then read comments to make sure I understand it right.

I hope the next one will details will be more clear, otherwise a bunch of people will miss out a great opportunity.

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the announcement sounded too complicated..he should have made it simple and well explained...

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Finally, someone said it.

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