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RE: How Early Are We In The Crypto Game?

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Do you really believe we are still pre-chasm?
It seems like we were in the chasm doldrums last, last year.

Hard to tell, it seems we have chasm like experiences every couple of years. We might be passed it but who knows.

The part about Bitcoin is interesting. We will have to see how this all unfolds. Bitcoin looks like it will be the asset that a new financial model is built upon although I am not sold on everything diverting into Bitcoin. In fact, that seems to go against the shift, in general, away from centralization of computing.

Nevertheless, we will have to see where the development takes us. If that is the direction coders go and it is quickly adopted, which is could be, then we might have our answer.

The existing financial markets do not know how screwed they are. They think the WallStreetBets was a slap to the face, they havent seen anything yet. That is a small ripple in the tidal wave that will eventually flatten them.

They will be all trying to get into the safe lifeboat as the ship starts sinking. Unfortunately for them, there will be very few seats. The bloat is going to take most down.

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