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But its frustrating how few people take up the freeing option and how many people are lazy sheep, willing to give up hard won freedoms for the illusion of safety.

Freedom is never won by the masses. It is always the brave few with the insight to go for it that pave the way for others.

The rest just ride on the coattails of what went before them.

As for the war, you are right. We are in a major battle for freedom right now. What is taking place within crypto is a microcosm of something much larger.

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we need a GIF explorer on condensor a simple one man

u realize how muchg value that woudl add to hive if we had in condensor a VERY simple emoji and gif explorer from giphy, itd be dope, i mean dude, it should be like telegram

why is telegram so much better

why cant we just fork telegram

@dan is trying to do that for his clarion elepehant zebraOS EDEN operating sytstem market of EDENOS mark of the DAN tr8ibe belly flop 7 year curse thing lol