Leomarkettalk Achieves Enagement Goal

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@leomarkettalk was started as a place for people to come and just kick back to relax. The idea is to get engagement happening on-chain using the comment section.

Since we are all anxiously awaiting the release of #ProjectBlank, it is a terrific way to practice for the introduction of that application.

Over the months, we have seen the traffic in there grow to dozens of people dropping by. The number of comments have increased steadily throughout the first part of the year.

Last week, we had an all time record, where we had 5 consecutive days of more than 600 comments. That is more than 3,000 comments. Keep in mind that according to the weekly reports put out by @leo.stats, the entire Leofinance platform has less than 10,000 comments a week (from the frontend).

Leomarkettalk was able to do more than 30% of the weekly total in just 5 days.

Also, at the beginning of the money, we set a goal of 10,000 comments made within Leomarkettalk for the month of April. March was the previous record with just over 8,000. That put our daily target at 333 per day.

Here is the chart as of yesterday.

As you can see, we crossed the 10K level with a few days still left in the month. This means that the goal which looked like a bit of a stretch earlier in the month was accomplished.

What does this all mean?

On the large scale, it really isn't of great impact. However, it is an exercise in getting people to think about engagement. We have a lot of people engaging, they simply are not doing it onchain.

Why is this important?

Frankly because people will not stick around someplace that is dead. It is really that simple. Think back to the forum days. Did you go to a site that hadn't had much posted of late?

Well, take that idea and fast forward to this era. We are well past the forum stage and into social media. What Leofinance is lacking is the social aspect. According to the stats, once against from Leo.stats, there were over 1,000 people who posted from the front end.

Yet, we could not reach 10K comments in a week. Overall, for the month, we had roughly 35K comments. That is an average of 35 per person, FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH.

Are you telling me people are only capable of making an average of 1 comment a day?

People wonder why Leofinance and Hive are not taking off. There are many reasons for that, more than can be put into this post. However, one of the main reasons is that Leofinance is essentially a dead forum.

Sure, there are posts being put up throughout the day. That is steady. Yet, if we look into those posts, there are very few comments. Outside some automated posting, there often is nothing there.

Now I will grant a lot of what is posted on Leofinance is tough to comment upon. Many of the posts are really nothing more than reward scalping. People using DBuzz, a microblogging application, do not deserve an upvote let alone a comment. Leofinance is a long-form site. So put in a bit of effort.

Of course, before targeting that, are we doing our part to aid Leofinance going forward. Many talk about needing more users. Why do we not market and bring people here? Well, why market to bring people to a place where there is little engagement. They will just head back to Twitter, Facebook, or wherever.

The deal with tokenization is that we are all owners now. Each of us is responsible for the path and direction of this project. Yes, the team developing the applications and operating on that level have a lot to do with it. Nevertheless, that does not exempt people from doing what they can to enhance things.

Here is an idea expressed by @hitmeasap:


We certainly are.

It seems many want to take yet refuse to give.

Leomarkettalk shows what a few people can do it they dedicate themselves to engaging. These numbers were the result of, maybe, a few dozen people stopping by. What happens to this platform if there are 500 people actively engaging each day?

In my mind, this is something that everyone not only can do, but if they are a LEO holder, has a responsibility to do. It is amazing how people are quick to churn out a post yet refuse to set aside some time to comment.

It is hard to have social media, even focused upon finance and crypto, without the social part.

Perhaps this is why we see a chart like this:



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I'm slowly getting to some kind of addiction, this I was missing a lot doing in the past.
It's worth to have a couple of days a week off posting and go into the commenting mode, at least that's my routine now that the 3steps challenge has ended. The days off make more sense now!
Now, I think I'm turning into a commenting beast!
Thanks a lot for passing it lol

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I love it. I am so glad. You are a keyboard warrior with the rest of us.

We are glad to have you on the team. Together we can really make this push effective.

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I have to admit that I am guilty as charged, I often feel that I don't have more time left. Because of this, because of that ... well a lot of excuses. But honesty makes me admit that I spend too much time surfing around, trying to get my post out, chat on discord ... time that I could have spent on engaging with other authors on leofinance or hive.

And yes I'm very much aware of that, and I try to better my habits. Thanks for this post!

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You are welcome. Discord has its place. Imagine if just 10% of the chitchat on discord took place on-chain.

What would the numbers look like?

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@leomarkettalk is so much fun and a medium to talk on Leo and a great amount of engagement. I hope to more people participating.

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Thank you for your participation.

The goal is not to take people away from the individual posts though. It is still crucial to post on them as we go throughout our day.

There are plenty of people who need engaging with. It is just a matter of reaching out to them.

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Besides the interaction with the awesome people here that are basically my virtual friends I comment because it's also rewarding in the monetary sense and I don't think a lot of whales get that. It's hard to motivate people to comment if there is no or little monetary incentive, and the people with large upvotes should understand that. Fortunately you are the best example of how it should be done, but others should learn from that example as well.

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It's a process. Many of the whales here got there by effort over the last four years. True, most of them were probably able to kickstart themselves by buying some Hive/Leo to get started, but you can still see the amount of effort they put in. Far more than most on the platform. THAT is why they are where they are. They earned it.

If we all put in the same effort over the next four years, we will probably be far ahead of where they are now. Focus on the little things that can be done every day and the big things will happen. Comment, vote, curate.

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my point was strictly about curating comments, not about posting or other stuff. I do what I can to help this platform succeed and bare in mind I do have a full time job and I'm not living off the leo and hive I make here

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One Hive there is a penalty for curating comments. Hopefully with the next hard fork, that will change.

The Leo whales can do it. Some do. Hopefully more will follow.

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I think you are right. There has to be other motivation there other than just the simply financial incentive going into each wallet.

The fact that comments help the entire platform is something that we need to take into. We all have tokens on here which means the more success of the whole, the better it is for all our bags.

That is a level that can be tapped into that overlooks simply how much did I get from commenting.

Plus we get the interpersonal relationships that develop.

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Maybe the financial aspect of commenting should be more obvious and more clearly advertised because that's what draw people in, online relationships take time to build. During that time it's nice to enjoy some shiny coins. Of course there is the challenge of separating the spammers and the dead-brained commentators from the nice people but that's a another complex topic.

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That is not a bad idea either.

We should promote the idea of rewarding comments while also highlighting those who did well.

Hopefully we can get @amr008 on that for, perhaps, a monthly report.

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Well the decreasing traffic is kind of bad but maybe people need to see that they are rewarded for engaging. It is tough and I don't know if its the decreasing LEO price causing people to flock over to the next new shiny tribe (you probably already know what it is). I don't blame them but they should start leaving a few more comments.

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That is true. But the price of the token, when you think about it, should not dictate engagement. That just shows where the focus is. People are not thinking about the bigger picture only about what flows into their wallet.

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only about what flows into their wallet.

You are correct and that has been an issue for years.

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A situation that many of us are trying to change.

It all starts with a small group behaving in a different manner.

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Right now the whales in PoB are trying to cement their position so the price is elevated. I don't know when they will consider their PoB stake is big enough.

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Wow! Thats a lot of comments. I am glad to see leo community grow more. I am trying to complete my 10 comments a day challenge. Lets bring change to leo.

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Glad you are on board with us @arslan.leo.

It is not just one of us that will bring this to the forefront. We all need to.

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I'm trying to be there although I'm not a regular like I used to be. However, great job guys, I know quite a few are there every single day, commenting, replying.

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That happens.

We all have life situations that can crop up. Just keep at it if you can.

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Are you telling me people are only capable of making an average of 1 comment a day?

I work roughly 50 hours per week. Every other week I work about 20 hours more than that. That's a total of 50-70 hours and I can still make around 200 comments per week. That's 28 comments per day.

This is far from what I want to make, but I just don't have enough free time. Also, the majority of the comments I make are on my own content, replying to comments I get. The @leomarkettalk posts are extremely easy to be active in, and I can't see why people wouldn't be able to make at least 20 comments per day just in those posts alone..

Yet, here we are. With very little engagement when engagement is the first step towards greater heights. We have an awesome place that can change peoples lives.. Sometimes I wonder if people are just lazy and ignorant or if people just doesn't realize the opportunity they have.

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Time is certainly a factor for many and your efforts here, considering your workload, is admirable.

For example, in the US, this is not the time to really talk to accountants. They are a bit busy working towards the tax deadline (was extended a month this year).

So there are exceptions for many people. However, for many others, there are not.

Yet, here we are. With very little engagement when engagement is the first step towards greater heights. We have an awesome place that can change peoples lives..

This is something we should be promoting all over the place. With some greater engagement, we could be changing even more lives.

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Time is certainly a factor for many and your efforts here, considering your workload, is admirable.

I can rest when I'm dead. lol

This is something we should be promoting all over the place. With some greater engagement, we could be changing even more lives.

That is so true. I wonder how more people haven't been able to understand this yet..

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I wonder how more people haven't been able to understand this yet..

My guess is it stems from the fact that many are not looking at the bigger picture. The tendency is to focus upon our own wallets and what is going on with us. We tend to overlook the impact that we are having on others, especially in the poorer nations where the bar is set much lower.

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That's a good point and probably a very accurate guess. People are full of themselves and I guess it's easy to focus on now rather than later on for a lot of people in crypto.

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@taskmaster4450le - Is it possible to have days where we don’t have the time to post, but spend the time to comment throughout that day and make the same impact on one’s growth on HIVE platforms?

Certainly I would say that leaving comments, whenever you can squeeze them in is important.

After all, don't you like comments and engagement on your stuff? I would say we all do.

Comments help all involved, the app, individual, poster, and Hive in general. It all feeds the same trough.

Engagement filters through the entire ecosystem when it happens. Those who are involved more become better known and end up doing better, from what I have seen, than those who do not.

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Thanks for the response @taskmaster4450le I that clarifies things for me on those days I can’t make a post.

Absolutely making comments throughout the day will actually be worth MORE than a post here and there. I, for one, try to put an upvote on each unique commenter in LeoTalk. I know others try to do the same. Remember, you get half of your votes paid back to you so if you're not voting on other people, you are missing out on both rewarding them but also yourself. This place is built for everyone to be successful together. If you engage and get your name out there by making thoughtful comments, you WILL be rewarded. It may not happen overnight, but then again, it might.

Look at the engagement numbers every week in Leo. Taskmaster is making hundreds of upvotes and most of them are worth a full Leo. If you are engaging in LeoTalk and on other people's posts, you will get some of those votes. Other people are making similar efforts to reward effort. If you commit to actually trying, not only will you be rewarded, but you'll learn and improve on your writing skills. Everything goes hand in hand but it all starts with curating! Comment, vote, engage.

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@dagger212 thank you. That definitely makes sense. I appreciate the knowledge.

Without a doubt. And I am not the only one. There are others who follow that same model, perhaps not within @leomarkettalk but they do it elsewhere.

It is one advantage of the reward curve employed by Leofinance (and many other tribes).

This is something that we all should be taking advnatage of.

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If you're talking about individual growth, as in pending rewards, I would say that making posts are likely to be rewarded more than comments. However, it's usually a lot easier to write a comment compared to a comment, and one article can be overlooked rather easily. If you make 10 comments instead, those aren't as likely to be overlooked..

That way, quantity might actually be the best alternative.

In case you mean overall growth, the growth and success of Hive/LeoFinance etc. I would say that we would benefit a lot more from comments than posts, as comments will make us a healthy & active community, which definitely is attractive for outsiders. That's just my 2 cents though.

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Thank you @hitmeasap that was a valuable 2 cents! Very much appreciated.

You're very welcome. :)

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Anything you do on the blockchain leads to growth.

I am going through a stretch of time where I don't have time to post, and very little to comment. I still come on here and read and upvote. In three months when I am ready to post again, I will be happy I took the time to stay updated.

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Thank you @metzli Hurry back to post 😊

Good! I didn't even know about this.

I agree with the goals and why it's important.

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We are doing out best to get the goals out there and trying to push the community forward.

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Well, now I know. Thanks! :)

I have tried to start using this a bit more. It still doesn't feel quite the same as just talking in Discord. You don't get that instant feed back like you do over there. Plus since I am actually commenting I feel like I need to make it long even when just a couple of words would do. Something that is very acceptable over in Discord. I plan on trying to be more involved in these though.

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There is no word minimum to comments.

It is true there is not the instant feedback. That is a drawback. And this isnt a replacement for discord, it has its place.

However, we talk about decentralization yet we have people spending the majority of their time supporting a centralized applications.

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Yeah, I get that. I am trying to work this into my routine a bit more.

I love seeing the increase in engagement. But I fully agree as soon as crypto tanked a few days ago (which has almost fully recovered now) engagement has plummeted. I see so few articles now posted on LEO it's pretty crazy. But this is where I always go back to that 95/5 rule and why 5% of people make it and 95% sit there and wonder what the F happened and why it can't be them.


It just shows how a majority of people run after the next thing instead of focusing down a bit and being a part of a community, investing in a project they believe in and to grow with it. It takes hours a day, money, and a constant commitment day in and day out. Success does not just happen and 95% of people need to be slapped in the face with this constantly as to why they are not getting ahead.

When everything sold off you know what I did which 95% of people didn't do?

  • I posted every day
  • I read and left comments and feedback of value anywhere I could
  • I curated content
  • I invested more fiat into crypto
  • I made trades where they made sense where one crypto was highly overvalued and another one in my opinion was far under valued.

What did 95% of other people do?

  • Left, got depressed, figured it was all over. I bet you as soon as the price is back up around $1 again about half of those people will come back lol it's pure madness.

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What did 95% of other people do?

Wrote a bunch of posts telling everyone how this place is a scam, the whales are mean, and it doesnt work.

I agree with all you said. This is not rocket science. Bull market, bear market...we do the same thing.

It isnt that complicated a process.

What does it take to succeed on Hive? A willingness to show up each day and do what needs to be done. You listed them in your comment.

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I am getting used to comment more often.
Thanks to the engagement a while back
I am building up my habit to comment.

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I think the social media side of things and engagement is really undervalued and can definitely change things and quickly. Look at Lunar Crush and how they suggest the impact social media has on the price. What you have started on here with @leomarkettalk is excellent. Just wish I had more time to get involved.

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Do what you can, where you can.

That is the important thing. If each of us commits to it, we will see a difference. That is why we are starting to really harp upon this.

Thanks for your support.

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No need for thanks lol as we owe you a great deal for what you do. Been watching Lunar Crush with tonight's price movement and we are currently ranked 30/2105 and is dropping.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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Yet this is a great goal. You will reach your goal if you continue to work hard.