Leo Whale Report #3

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Due to the ongoing issues with the API, the information provided by leodex.io might not be accurate.

Here is the latest Leo Whale Report which seeks to break down the token distribution in a way that we can see how things are progressing. The true value of this is how it changes over time. All tokens start out fairly centralized, with most in the hands of a few.

The goal is to move in a direction where people can accumulate some stake themselves. On a platform like this, it is mainly done through receiving upvotes on posts and comments. This is a unique way to distribute tokens on a daily basis. Individuals have the ability to "fill their bags" while not having to buy in. Of course, people are free to do that, as many are.

In a recent article, it was spelled out how the different levels were determined. All the breakdowns are in parallel to Hive, using a simple conversion ratio.

That post can be read here:


From that article, here is how much LEO is required for each level.


You will notice there are a couple of other levels added as compared to the categories on Hive. The last one was attained today, if the numbers on Leodex.io are correct which is questionable.

Nevertheless, we go ahead with the report because people were asking for it. We know with the introduction of wLEO, things will move around over the next few weeks anyway.

In the meantime, here is what the numbers are reflecting in terms of the number of accounts at each level.


The key will be how do things change over time. We see a lot more activity on Leofinance.io in the last week, with comments going through the roof. With the upvoting of comments, we are seeing a great opportunity to spread the distribution even further.

Also, wLEO will likely mean that a percentage of the holdings of larger accounts ends up going into that liquidity pool. This will provide greater opportunity for those who stake their LEO and curate.

So that is the report for now.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section.

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Ha, the big Kahuna! I did something similar earlier in the week and the amount needed was 780 for Orca so it changes rapidly in less than a week! I'm setting my sites on 1,000 LP by the end of the year, having started from pretty much 0 less than a month ago to about 400 now, I'm on a mad man mission.

Looking forward to seeing how the chart changes over time!

It is great to see people setting LP goals and working towards them. This is vital to the push of Leofinance. We need to get smaller accounts growing.

When you start with zero, that is considered a small account. Now, you are half way to your goal with a couple months left.

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I love it, goals are the best motivator for me and these "badges" play into the whole gamification side of it - guess I'm a collector! As with all things for me, when I reach a goal, I set new ones to keep the motivation going.

Thanks man! I am grateful for the support from everyone here and there's a vibrant community of people who want you to succeed, which then creates a positive spiral that filters through - beautiful!

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Always a pleasure to help people along and to reach the goals they set. After all, we are all in this together.

Hopefully, that brings you closer to your next level. Those who make their goals public and work towards them deserve all the support we can give.

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Thank you, I will keep everyone updated on the progress on the monthly report on 1st December with Power Up Day and I'm picking up a couple of LEO here and there from the market places each day too - it's on like Donkey Kong!

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I think the few LEO and the HIVE will pan out for you over the long term.

A lot going on that is really exciting.

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Certainly, the chart would change from November 10 when WLEO relaunches. We'll begin to see powerdowns to provide liquidity for WLEO. Let's watch the interesting game.

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Yeah man! That is pretty interesting - I'll keep my eyes peeled on that and just continue to try and accumulate what I can until then!

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Just getting to know the ranking system on Leo finance. I am currently a dolphin. The goal now would be to hit 1000 Leo staked token by the end of the year.

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We will help you get there. Keeping participating, especially with the comments, and you will be noticed.

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We definitely need some lion themed names.

Instead of red fish -> minnow -> dolphin -> orca -> whale -> big kahuna -> lion king

Maybe kitten -> housecat -> lynx -> puma -> lion -> lion pride -> lion king

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That would really be neat. Maybe we could get @arcange and his team to help gamify LEO Finance much as he has done with Power Up Day. Afterall; @arcange is a LEO Orca (Puma). Neat little badges. How about designating LEO Finance minnows as lion cubs?

🎵 I am Lion Cub. Hear me roar! 🎵

Much thanks to Taskmaster for his accumulation of data and personal insights with another addition of The Whale Report on Leo Finance.

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It's a good idea. Anyone from Leo that I can talk to about this?

@khaleelkazi would be your best bet. @trumpman is the official shiller but I would approach @khaleelkazi on the LEO Finance Discord.

Of course @khaleelkazi is the man!

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That's what I said! 😆

Correction: @arcange is not a LEO ORCA but currently has the potential to be if he powers up!

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That could work.

Where is the old alley cat in there?

I can make the adjustment for the next update....maybe run both names for a while so that people get use to them.

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Definitely don't take those names as good. Just a rough idea :)

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It seems silly, but users really like having these benchmarks to give them a sense of accomplishment, satisfying unit bias, and the release of dopamine in the brain.

At this point it's pretty obvious that LEO would benefit from a graphical representation of these gains directly inside the wallet when they power up. I can imagine it now:

  • A user powers up.
  • They hear a lion roaring.
  • They see their rank move up on the richlist.
  • A graphic is displayed to represent their current level.
    • Example: For someone with 200 coins it would display 2 dolphins and 4 minnows.

I think I'm actually going to think about this a bit more and mention it to @khaleelkazi in Discord.

That sounds like a good idea. People do like it and are motivated. It just shows gamification does work.

Of course, have to get reliable data which is not taking place right now. I know that if I do this same report in 2 weeks, it will be radically different even without the wLEO. The richlist is all messed up at the moment it seems.

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Yeah I brought it up in Discord today and we are still in "wait it out" mode until the problems corrects itself, as there is very little LEO can do about it at the moment... short of creating a database separately that doesn't need to make calls to another node.

Yeah I read what you wrote in discord that is why I wasn't too bothered by the accuracy. In fact, I was going to not do the post but I had told many to expect it.

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I've noticed since the wLEO fall that my upvote value has taken a bit of a battering as my stake competes with the big boys. I am not far off from a whale though about 2000 tokens, which I think is manageable to stack up in a short period of time but the Kahuna or the King lol, damn didn't even know we had names for such things lol

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Now that I see the Big Kahuna, I kinda want to get that rank lol!

Yes we all have, at least those of us on here for a while.

Some big accounts were powering up some large amounts. It will shift once the second version of wLEO comes around.

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@taskmaster4450le, Definitely Engagement Levels are high in Leofinance Community and that's because of Token Price and Developments. In my opinion Leofinance is creating it's own bullish path. Stay blessed.

I just love how there's the Lion King now!

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Cue the music.

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What's your opinion on someone's own 20% of all coin supply?

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Not a great thing, although that, as I found out, is not what the true numbers are. It seems that the numbers are a bit wonky.

Having a large concentration in one hand is not the best but at least they were purchased on the open market.

The interesting thing about wLEO is that token distribution improves. We are going to see a number of large accounts providing LP. As we know, if there is a lot of buying, the amount of wLEO they have is replaced by ETH. Plus it is all off chain so not part of the activity on Leofinance.

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That is small number of members. I think leo with the launch of wleo the number of users will increase significantly.

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Yes that is the goal. Of course, those holding wLEO will not be factored into these numbers since they are off chain.

It is only those who have LEO in their wallets that are counted.

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So what I am an orca, my dreams come true, finally the next target is be a whale that's amazing thank you man great design.

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I have to admit that it does feel good to see your progress and move up. I was never a whale before, always mostly a dolphin. I think we will have a lot of whales looking at the scale you put up, getting to the big Kahuna might be the greatest challenge for a curator and commenter but it is there for anyone with time and patience. Wow, you could do it with about 13 grand if you could find a bunch of sellers without sending the price to the stratosphere.

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Yeah having those categories means there will be plenty of opportunity for a few accounts to get there. It is a long term vision and one that might take years to truly fill out.

After all, over time, more tokens are being distributed, so check back in a decade. LOL

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I'm double happy...
First, it seems I'm a dolphin...
Second... I'm not the only one having problems with the after HF issues 🤬😉😁

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On my way to being a WHALE! Road to 8K Soon! :D
Thank you for providing this chart, I was looking for it!

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8K is a nice level. Once you hit it, then onto 10K.

It all keeps building.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 30 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @taskmaster4450le, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.


Although there's something about this that seems slightly silly, the simply fact is that we tend to enjoy these various types of gamification of things we are part of, perhaps because most of us find it easier to compare our efforts to a pre-defined set of benchmarks than sitting down and setting our own personal metrics. Ultimately, these are community building tools, and that makes them valuable.

I said "silly," and yet I am perfectly well aware that I like this idea, too! And so will other people... and therefore, thank you for taking the time!


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With this, I can just say that my account has the Triple whaleship batch with 25k LEO staked. Good stats. The growth would begin in January 2021.

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Hey, I am sorry I missed this article :)
I was just reading this article where @inalittlewhile is celebrating :) And your blog was referenced!

My wallet shows 2,641.776 LP so I suppose that this makes me an ORCA too! HURRAY!

Thanks for making my day, much needed my friend..

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