Change In Food? Impossible Foods IPO

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There are many changes underway in the food industry. One of the main areas is with meat.

Technology, according to advocates, is helping the food industry to change the face of "ranching". Whereas the traditional method requires a lot of land, water, and time, new options are being explored. One is "meatless" meats.

Impossible Food is in a major battle with Beyond Meats. Both produce plant-based products that are now in grocery stores and some fast food chains. The company made headlines over its partnership with McDonalds. They already have a sandwich at Burger King.

The company is now looking at going public. According to a report on Marketwatch, the company is expected to go public with a valuation of $10 billion. This far exceeds the believed value of $4 billion which was placed during the last funding round.


For all the success that these two companies achieved, there is still a long path if the nature of ranching and food production is to change.

One of the challenges is that these two companies are focusing upon plant-based solutions. This is not without its problems. Agriculture requires a lot of land also. There is water requirements that also rival ranching. Finally, plants only grow so fast. Even if we incorporate climate controlled, vertical farming, it is still a long way from becoming a reality.

Is this really a step in the right direction? I guess we could say it is some progress but still is just another spin on veggie burgers. We saw similar trials with bio-fuels years ago where food was trying to be used as a replacement for gasoline.

The major challenge comes in scaling. Trying to push production up enough to serve the needs of billions of people might be difficult.

There is another solution that is being experimented with.


Welcome to the world of stem cell technology.

What if, instead of growing the cow, we could grow the steak? This is the concept that researchers are working on. By utilizing stem cell technology, they can grow the meat in bio-reactors. This already was done in laboratories. Here again we see the issue of whether it can scale. The move from laboratory to production is a huge step.

Invitro meats are believed by many to be the successor to our present ranching dilemma. By applying technology, the view is that production can expand rapidly, to meet the needs of everyone.

It is also theorized that the cost of food production can be driven to levels even below what we see now.

As the valuation on Impossible Foods shows, there are hundreds of billions of dollars on the line. Food production is one of the most basic elements of our society. Without it, we are all dead.

Of course, many are engaged in ranching as their livelihood. This is another factor that is worthy of consideration. Many countries in the world depend heavily on agriculture for their national GDP.

Like most things, as industries change, there is a lot of disruption, pain, and those negatively affected. This is no different.

However, over the next few decades, there is little doubt that we need to produce more food to feed the world. Also, prices need to be driven down as much as we can. Using technology to produce more food at a less expensive price is vital to our sustainability.

Impossible Foods is taking one approach to this problem. It has resulted in an initial valuation of $10 billion. This is a drop in the total bucket yet not chopped liver either.

Trillions of dollars are riding on the disruptions taking place. While it is way to early to call a winner, it is worth watching to see how it all unfolds.

Being correct with one's forecast could net a major windfall. A lot of VC money is already flowing in.

Impossible Foods is just one of many companies that will end up going public in this sector.

THose that can leverage technology will be able to realize greater profits, larger revenues, and take over market sahre.

The key will be who can scale? This is what will likely separate the winners from the losers.

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Well it will all come down to costs. I think the competition in the industry will help us in the long run since it will reduce costs.

I personally think the food we eat a few decades from now will probably be completely different from what we eat today. I wouldn't be surprised if all we do is drink a pack of liquid or eat a pill eventually for all the daily needs. In that case, eating would be a luxury.

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It could end up going in the direction you mention. It is impossible to guess at this point but I tend to side with your views.

There will be radical differences in a couple decades.

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FWIW, I have not been impressed by these highly processed fake meats.

I ate an Impossible Whopper once, not much of a difference.

But then you can make the case the meat at BK and McDs are not real either.

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Oh man, 100% I can see this being a negative for me in the future. I will be one of those "not politically correct" people wanting to eat animals. I remember Japan I think made meat from shit. Like wtf.

If that's what the world is heading to fucking kill me now.

My whole culture is built on eating animals as are most people's. I even have seasonal foods and cure my own salami. It won't be the same and I don't understand why there is a push to make plants look like meat. People aren't eating meat because of what it looks like it's because of what it is!

Might as well just start producing astronaut food for everyone. A paste of vitamins and minerals. Which alot is derived from..... animals. Unfortunately we're built that way.

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If people like Bill Gates have their way, that is exactly what you are going to see.

He is now the largest owner of farmland in the US. Do you think he is increasing the food production?

The guy wants to depopulate the planet because he believes overpopulation is a problem.

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God complex, next he'll be called for the sterilisation of people, they did that here in Australia not too long ago

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I think both are good alternatives if you don’t want to eat red meat. I think I there will be competition in the future for these types of products. I’m already see two of three other brands pop up on the last few months.

What if, instead of growing the cow, we could grow the steak? This is the concept that researchers are working on. By utilizing stem cell technology, they can grow the meat in bio-reactors. This already was done in laboratories. Here again we see the issue of whether it can scale. The move from laboratory to production is a huge step.

@taskmaster4450le technology is really amazing,so many things can be done via tech,even those things that we never believed could be possible....

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I don't think I'll be eating the plant burger, my only reasoning is that it doesn't really taste very good.

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They are getting better than years ago, but still not like a real one.

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My high school girlfriend was a vegetarian. I got the feeling things wouldn't work out when I tasted some chicken made with soybeans or something. Tasted like burnt plastic.

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I'm kinda turned off by all this meatless meat stuff. If the people want it they should have it available indeed but I doubt it will ever replace actual meat even the stem cell lab grown. Hunting is a sport in many countries around the world, not just for nourishment. I live in an area where farming and eating said locally grown animals is the culture at no matter the price, and the prices on meats have increased a lot in the last few years.

They tried to bring some impossible meat products to various high profile chains for a vegan option and "popular demand" but when it came time to sell it, most went to waste so they removed many of the products off the menu for lack of sales. People say they want something but when push comes to shove, actions speak otherwise.

That is all true. Of course, price has a way of dictating a lot when it comes to people's choices.

If the lab grown options are 50% or 70% less, we might see massive change in people's habits. This is especially true in urban areas where a lot of the food price is due to transportation.

We will see how people adapt when given more choices that are actually competitive with that they have now.

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Of course price dictates a lot maybe certain cities it will catch on more than other, maybe in the East it may become more popular than here in the Canadian mid-west, it is farmed right here, even living in the city it's still pretty close to the source. As it gets more expensive here, more are shifting to buying farmers direct to save on costs rather than seek meat alternatives, the markup from the supermarket alone is insane.

Sure they will grow in popularity but I doubt it will become the dominant market over meat at least not this generation. Convenience cost $$, I see lab grown as a means of convenience and a lot of people are going to have a problem with the concept itself like gmo's and rgbh.

I do not only see passion in Impossible Foods, I see a whole lot of tenacity, fire and unbended zeal to reaching their dream.

Technology is amazing and I hope Impossible Foods will get it down and bring their vision to bear.

Thanks for the info sir.

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I a not sure what is driving it. The fact they are in food chains and some franchises is a big step. We will see if this translates into massive profits.

That is what will have to keep driving things.

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The food revolution is around the corner and things like meat printing or other products are rolling out as we speak. We see a transformation in this industry and even if it is not conventional, I hope is for the better.

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There is a lot going on with it to say the least. The next few years will be interesting as companies seek to stake their claim. Which ones will win? At this point it is still a guess.

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I might be willing to try a lab grown steak, but the whole plants replacing meats thing is just a little too much for me. I think it is great for the people who don't eat meat, but for me just give me some cow or pig! I know that cattle farms and ranches have a pretty negative impact on the environment. It would be cool if they could find some acceptable alternatives to that.

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Yeah it will be interesting to see if the lab grown meat is the solution. I agree that most will not adopt the plant based meats since there is a difference.

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Like any new technology I am cautiously optimistic, in part because some people will insist of having the real deal ( i.e real meat) in their burgers

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The lab grown meat is the real deal since it is from stem cells. The plant based ones might never take off for the reason you mention.

The ones I have eaten certainly have a much different taste than real burgers.

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I for one don't like the taste of either Impossible or beyond products. I have known about these for a few years now because I worked as a chef for many years and we needed a vegetarian option for our menu. I understand the need for such products but I am just not a fan of them myself and the price is crazy it costs 3 or 4 times as much as eating beef. A year and a half ago in the restaurant I was working in we were paying $1.99 for normal ground beef, $3.99 for high end ground beef and $11.49 for Impossible meat. I think I would prefer to eat a salad rather than fake expensive meat.

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Consumption and consumption of meat from vegetables, vegetables from meat, the earth to the moon, the moon to the earth! It is an attack against nature! Never a real meat burger like the ones in Bk will compare with a vegetable burger !! why do hamburgers have tomatoes ? there must be balance !! this content blew my mind !! this content blew my mind

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Sometimes I hate progress...

We already have vegetables that taste like plastic. So we pay more for "bio" products. Luckily new generations won't know how real vegetables taste or smell like, so that won't be a problem in a couple of decades.

We already have chickens that are no longer chickens. So we don't buy them anymore.

We might start to grow our own food again... I never did, but my parents did. But I heard even that might become forbidden in future.

What a perfect life we'll have outside the virtual world! But maybe that's on purpose. Since we will transition to the VR world, why would we need a nice world outside of it?

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