Big Leofinance Announcement Coming

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There was some exciting news on Twitter posted out of the Leofinance account.

For those who read my blog, I stated on a number of occasions the reason why I was so excited about the new user interface was because of what it provided long term. This means that the first version, which mirrored Peakd, was just a MVP. All along, the juicy stuff was going to be in version 2 and version 3.

Now, it appears, we will get some insight into what that will be.

One of the vital moves for Leofinance is to provide features that financial based internet users require and are accustomed to. Remember, there are a number of sites that already cater to this crowd, so enticing them over to Leofinance is going to have to offer them a lot more than just the ability to post blogs.

At the same time, much of what took place recently, is all done with one intention: to attract more users to the Leofinance platform. Thus, the user interface is the end destination, not the beginning.

It is here where we see the importance of having something that is robust and feature-rich.

Posted on Twitter just a few hours ago was this:


At this point, I have no idea what the announcement will contain. Will it be the details about V2 of, a roadmap towards its development, or the official release.

Whatever is coming about is going to start the process of moving Leofinance users towards enhanced capabilities.

Obviously the tweet was in response to one that discussed the addition to Metamask which offered swap capabilities. We will see how all this comes into play with the user interface. Certainly, we can presume Metamask is going to have a part on what is coming down the road.

What makes the Leofinance project so interesting is the multi-faceted approach that is being taken. For those who understand technology, the word "convergence" comes to mind. This is where different technologies come together to offer combined capabilities. It is a crossroads that often leads to enormous expansion (think of how the Smartphone was the convergence of mobile, computing, and the internet).

It is easy to get excited about the price moves in Leo. With wLEO, we see the potential for some serious numbers being reached if the DeFi world catches on. However, I think it vital to remember this is more than just a pump.

Leofinance is actually building and developing. The goal is to get a token that has a value much greater than a buck or two. The potential exists to generate value through the building of a true Web 3.0 platform. This could push things to a much higher level than a DeFi driven pump.

Of course, the former will take a lot longer to produce since development takes time. However, as we have seen throughout this year, the development tied to this ecosystem comes out fast and heavy.

We will have to see what happens tomorrow but it is good to see that we will get some news about the second version of the user interface.

I have a feeling some incredible features are going to be added to it.

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So LEO is going to allow ETH addresses to sign up to its various dapps via metamask, that is HUGE! I mean that's one of the biggest web wallets offering one click sign up, so you tapping into the largest market of users on ETH, while some may use MEW they can always support that next,

Amazing move, keen to see how it all pans out. We seriously need a SWAP.ETH pair ASAP on HE to welcome these metamaskters to the ecosystem

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Hopefully we can see some fantastic feature that will be incredible for further development. It's imperative to know that the Leo team are pushing harder everyday, there's no limit. I won't get my hopes high on prices, I'll just follow the process and let's see where leo ends up in two three years.

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This leofinance team does the job as it should be done, a good roadmap brings favorable results

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I hope the hive blockchain will be capable of handling the traffic and incoming HF and node issues won't interfere too much.

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I have no idea of the timeframe.

V2 could still be a month away. We will see when the article from Leofinance goes up. Hopefully it will be soon although rolling it out next week after the node issue is resolved might be better.

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Definitely, the future looks brighter for LEofinance community with the upcoming V2 UI release which will speak volumes of the awesome opportunities that are available for internet users and especially content creators. Looking forward to another Spike in LEO as the announcement unfolds.

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Yeah now imagine when there are 50 or 100 options people have that are similar to Leofinance.

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Web tokenization is coming and having the right infrastructure (maybe with LeoInfra and LEO Finance) we might see new proprietary features available for this great community. Hopefully it will not centralize too much and all things that are build are to enable users do much, have more options and in the end enriching and benefiting LEO Finance as well. But what is important the end user to be the first link of this scheme, otherwise the blockchain technology and its benefits might be taken out of the equation.

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We all need to keep pushing decentralization, through our words and our actions.

This is what will alter the course of things. At the moment, we are moving towards decentralization in many ways yet have a long way to go.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 26 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I was excited about the metamask improvements on ease of use. Making it 'ease of LeoFinance referrals' just blows the roof off!

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Why isn't there a Swap.Eth on HE in the first place?

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Leo could eventually pull in people from trading view as well which would be great to see.

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