Where Will Humanity Be In 300 Years?

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The likely answer is "who cares, I will be dead".

While that might be true for most of us, there is the possibility that some younger members of Hive could be alive in the longevity movement does its thing. Personally, I won't make it there but to those who do, I hope it is a blast.

Why did I choose 300 years for the title? Simply because we can go back 300 years and see a radical change in the world. Before that, times didn't change much for most people throughout human history. Sure we can point to the transition from hunting and gathering to civilization but that took a long time to come to fruition.

If we could teleport someone from say, 800 AD, to the early 1700s, the person really would not be lost. There might be a few things different but, for the most part, society was the same.

Obviously, the same is not true today. Using the same pretend technology, if we grabbed someone from the late 1800s, and pull them into 2021, they would be completely lost. In fact, that is a chance that someone from the 1950s could find things difficult to recognize.

This all shows how quickly things are changing.


It was only 50 years ago, that cash was king. That simply what was used. Credit cards were rare. If there was credit, it was usually from a local shopkeeper who would bill you once a month. Of course, to make payment, one mailed (the type with a stamp, not emailing) a check out.

Next came the idea of debt and credit cards, meaning people moved away from cash. Then we saw the shift to payment applications such as Apple Pay on phones.

What will be the next transition? Many of us believe it will be in cryptocurrency.

The key is not to really look forward 300 years to see where we will be at. Instead, we should think about what life will be like in 50-70 years. This is a timeline that fits more of us reading these words.

It also covers a period of time where we will see more advancement than we saw in the last 300 years. Thus, someone from 2021, teleported through out time machine could end up in 2090 and not recognize things at all.

Is that possible?

Who would have dreamed, 20 years ago, that would we be walking around with mini computers in our hands communicating with people from all over the world, completely free of charge? Outside of possible Steve Jobs (and some geniuses at Apple), that was not in our thought process in 2001. Yet it was a reality for most a little over a decade later.


How will things such a virtual reality, nuclear fusion (maybe), quantum computing, and whatever we eventually achieve with artificial intelligence do for humanity? Or against it? Will we even remain biological beings as some are starting to question?

Could all of this be overblown and life will be pretty much the same as it is today?

If history is any guide, the answer is no. One thing we can be assured is human life will be much different by the end of this century, let alone 300 years from now. Just look at how much different things are from 50 years ago and try to extrapolate that forward.

At the core of this is computation. One thing that can be agreed upon is that computational power is increasing and will continue to do so. Whether it will follow Moore's Law or not is up to debate. If that dies, we will likely see a paradigm shift to something beyond the semiconductor, at least as we know it now.

We also know data is going to keep increasing. The digital footprint that each of us leaves is growing by the year. In totality this expands since more people (and artificial nodes) are coming online.

More data plus faster computation, over the period of a number of decades is bound to have profound results.


Is our future in space? Are we destined to be a space colonizing species? Or are we more likely to go digital and immerse ourselves in the Metaverse.

The later is certainly a likely outcome. There is little doubt that VR technology is improving. This will provide an onramp to our new 3D Internet. Thus, instead of being separate from it and viewing it on a screen, we will be a part of it.

How will that change things and consider the implications?

Someone who died in the 1990s or early 2000s, might not be able to conceptualize a VR world. To that person, it would be as foreign as the smartphone is to someone from the 1950s.

Consider how we might be heading towards a post-monetary society. This seems completely unrealistic now but in 50 years, it could be the norm.

Cryptocurrency is likely ushering in the Age of Abundance. We are already starting to see how much different life can be with an economic and financial system that is based upon abundance as opposed to scarcity. Over the next few decades, left unimpeded, this concept will grow, enabling us to fund ideas like we never did before. This could translate into enormous amounts of wealth generated, just like it always did, but this time distributed into more hands.

When we reach the point where everyone has abundance, whereby they can get most things they need and even many desires, then how big a leap is it to a post-monetary state? This become practical especially if our means of production are mostly automated.


How will this change markets?

Obviously, many of us feel that tokenization is going to completely disrupt all aspects of the financial sector. Whatever is in place today will have to adapt and adjust.

Are people who are running things now capable of making that transition? When it comes to investments and money, the old guard tends to hand around. Unfortunately, they are the ones who also seem slow to change.

With trillions of dollars under their management, what are they doing for the future of their clients. Perhaps they are running them right off a cliff.

Ideas that are monetized quickly tend to grow exponentially. We are seeing this now. Vast fortunes are already being constructed based upon new paradigms, including cryptocurrency. This is after basically 10 years of development.

Where will be we be after another 30 years?

It is hard to imagine. Just like life 300 years from now is impossible to forecast, we are finding that looking out even 50 can carry the same result.

What we do know is things are changing and we all better be ready to adapt.

Nothing is going to stay the same for very long.

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I predict in 300 years that activity won't be centered on Earth. I fully expect Space to be the prime ground for everything happening. Who knows what will happen if we ever get to meet other intelligent species in the universe and beyond. I have a feeling our technology will be completely different from what we have today and we would be lost if we were teleported 300 years.

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It could be that species reach a certain point and go "digital".

Is that what happened to the Mayans? Aliens might not be "out there" but rather in another dimension.

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I wonder if the world would be similar to Xenoblade Chronicles X. In the beginning, they played the plot of humans using robots while their real minds were hooked up to a machine and supposedly with the genetic information of everyone on the ship. Using the genetic information and technology so long as they got back the technology, they could go back to being humans. Of course the game has it's own twists and I won't spoil anything else.

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There will be nothing like any of your pictures.

Such as this. Not enough green area. Thrust isn't used to move space vehicles. Open cockpit vehicles in what is supposed to be a vacuum is silly and dangerous. The moon's surface doesn't look like that. ...

All of the things that will be completed in the next 50 years have already been talked about.
But how does one explain it to the common person, when everything the common person thinks they know about science is wrong?

The biggest thing to change in the next 50 years will be schools.
Schools will be abolished.
And none to soon, imho.

The modern physics text books will be thrown out.
The modern history text books will be thrown out.
And even english, the arts and math.

Once we start understanding that our world was built on lies, the future will be very different.

Almost no one will live in cities.
In the further future, crypto currencies will not be used. Instead, it will be an actual exchange system and record of exchanges. We will not work in "money", we will work straight with goods.

This will be doable because we will live in small communities that will create an item for trade with the rest of the world. They will be almost completely self-sufficient. Growing all of their own food. Making their own clothes.
Large corporations will be gone.

The modern physics text books will be thrown out.

Not a fan of Newton Physics I see.

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Newton isn't bad.

Its everything after Michelson-Morley.
Aether physics is where its at.

The electric universe model destroys relativity.

Who would have dreamed, 20 years ago, that would we be walking around with mini computers in our hands communicating with people from all over the world, completely free of charge? Outside of possible Steve Jobs (and some geniuses at Apple), that was not in our thought process in 2001. Yet it was a reality for most a little over a decade later.

That wasn't so far fetched.

The Nokia Communicator was released in 2001. It was dubbed as the world's first smartphone.

Of course, it wasn't completely free to use. But the device and the apps are remarkably similar to what we have today.



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Thanks for the clarification.

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I'm like a gold fish, i can barley think 3 seconds ahead - let alone 300 years LOL

It would be cool to have my brain uploaded to the 'matrix' - it would be cool to roam around in a VR world for a couple hundred years ;)

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You might get that chance if some theorists are right. Or you might not according to others.

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Hard to think of life in 30 years time, let alone adding 300 years. I don't know what things will happen in 20 years. I hope we will have a cure for cancer and other diseases. There are already so many changes that have happened and I hope many changes will benefit all people not just the rich.

At the pace things are going, 10 year forecasts in terms of technology can get tough.

But you are correct, 300 is impossible. Just an exercise to get people looking beyond what they are having for dinner.

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I just want to go 15 years from now and
I would love to know what will become of crypto
Hive. #leofinance and then 300 years can come.
Technology will undeniably take over the world
as long we all get along.


Time travel will be pretty cool. Alas it is not here now, so we will just have to wait 15 years to see where it all is.

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At the very least, inhabiting (completely) other planets and traveling among them as we travel among countries right now.

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Its very interesting to watch older SciFi shows like Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine and even as far back as Blake's Seven to see how far we have advanced in some areas (communications and computation) and how little in others (space exploration and settlement) - at least until SpaceX.

Even the most advanced Sci Fi of the 1990s couldn't imagine how powerful, small and ubiquitous our comms/compute hardware would become.

Many believe that we are truly influenced by Sci-Fi, that it is not predicting what is possible but helping to create it.

Yes we did advance much further in some areas in a short period of time while falling behind in others. However, that could be natural since we often need some technologies so as to build others.

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Humanity will still be on Earth but I won't be there to confirm 😂

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To me, it seems utterly impossible to even begin to fathom where humanity will be in 300 years. Technological development is exponential. Anything longer than 30 years into the future is very hard to predict and longer than 50 is beyond comprehension.

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We might be looking at 30 years beyond most people's comprehension. It takes a bit of mind shift to understand technological development and where things can go. This is especially true when we start to factor in exponential growth.

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@taskmaster4450le technological development sometimes gets slow to get accepted by some people in the world and it makes it look as if everything is happening too fast and they find it difficult to adapt to the new changes that technology is bringing to the table,the fact is technology is moving so fast and we all need to accept that fact and catch up with it so that we will not be left behind...

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On Mars and beyond.


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