Rabona: New Football (Soccer) Game Coming To Hive

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Have you ever wanted to own and run a football club? Do you think you can do better than the ones in charge of your favorite team?

The chance is going to be offered to everyone on Hive in the next few weeks.

Rabona is another game that is being developed on Hive. This will utilize many of the features that we know blockchain offers to gaming.

The premise here is replicating real life. To start, one is tasked with assembling a team. This is done through a variety of means. Once acquired, the players, of course, are contracted and need payment. All this is determined by different player stats that are available to each individual when deciding who will be on his or her team.

Most games focus upon the competition provided by the players. Thus, the concentration is on assembling the best team that can win. Obviously, that is a point that is not overlooked with Rabona. Yet, there are other aspects to running a football club.

How does the organization generate revenue? We naturally have ticket sales. At what price are those going for? The tendency is the higher the price, the less fans who show up. Unless, of course, you have a powerhouse team. At the same time, there is advertising that can be leverage to bring in revenue. As noted, the players want to be paid.

Ultimately, this is a game for all those who want to own a professional football club. The attention is on all aspects of the business, not just the competition itself.

Here is a short video that describes the financial aspect to the game.

The in-game token will be the RBN. This is what is utilized for income and expenses. The reason why not to use HIVE was explained.

Rabona is a manager game, which means it is part of the fun to invest and earn, but also to have recurring expenses. These expenses include for example player salaries. You cannot simply buy a great player and then use it for free forever - you will incur salary costs for every player and the salary will most likely be significantly higher for a top player then for an average Joe.

This means, that we need to deduct some costs automatically from you your account, as they do not result from any imminent action you take in the game - but instead because of something you did in the past. As we obviously cannot do that with your Hive, we need an in-game currency - which is called RBN.


In reading through the posts by @rondras, one of the developers of the game, I was reminded of what appealed to me about @cryptobrewmaster.

This is akin to setting up a business. A game that offers people the opportunity to make real money is no longer a game. Hence, each participant has a virtual business that, according to the articles, is going to mirror running a real football club.

The fact that this deals with all aspects of operating a club and not just the competition is an appealing twist. It has the focus of a sports based game yet adds the extra element that could appeal to another class of game players.

As for the competition, there will be leagues just like in the real world. Throughout each season, the winners are able to move up in league, thus enabling them to earn more in advertising and ticket sales. The layout looks like this:

It is set where each level is a 4x in the number of leagues from the one above it as depicted by the above chart. This can continue down depending upon the number of players who participate, meaning there is always room for growth.

Here are the articles related to the different updates for the game:






All images from articles linked.

This is a very exciting development. In my mind, this hits upon a vital market. The sports world is enormous and eSports is really starting to take off. With physical sports mostly such down due to COVID-19, many started to quench their thirst in other ways. What effect this has on the long-term viability of existing sports leagues remains to be seen. However, we do know that many of the younger generation is drawn more to the online sporting venues.

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. Certainly, many who are already on Hive follow the game and have their favorite teams. This game could hold great appeal to them.

At the same time, it is another opportunity to put one's time to use to earn HIVE. While it was not spelled out, there will be a bridge between the in-game token and earning HIVE. This will enable people to benefit from their activity in the game.

Also, while it was not mentioned, there is the prospect of tying NFTs to the game. Can an individual sell his team? If it is one of the leading teams generating a large profit, this ability makes a great deal of sense.

It will be fun to watch how this game evolves and the participation rate among the present Hive community. At the same time, this could hold appeal to those outside the ecosystem.

Owning a sports team is a dream for many. Now there will be the opportunity to earn real money off the decisions made in running a football club.

I am looking forward to the release on this one.

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I love the concept. ESports is going to be huge in the coming years. I think this is the catalyst that brings the masses to blockchain.

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I would be happy if it would be small masses - but everything that brings people to Hive is important in my view.

From the looks of the logo, I suspect this may became a serious game with cool graphs and foremost with cool game play. I'm not a gamer myself, but I like the fact they plan to take it further than just gaming, ie not only soccer, but running a soccer team. Wondering why they like to use a blockchain, since one of the feature they need to implement is the payment of the recurring costs. And why wouldn't be possible through HIVE. Recurring costs in real life can be paid without an auto transfer, or when an auto transfer is setup, the payer can retract the payments and stop the scheduled pay. Other forces are available for someone to pay his or her bills in real life. Why not make something like that happening in the game as well? Give some form of penalty when not paying, or not paying on time. Maybe something to consider for by the game developers. Maybe they can introduce HIVE directly in the game.

We discussed this internally a lot - but it would make life much more difficult for the players if they would have to pay their bills regularly.

Isnt that a part of the game, especially when one can earn money?

Too many people play the crypto/money games because of the money only; Not the game; So why not making it a bit more difficult? But yea, I also understand it shall not become too difficult, otherwise no stickiness and uptake.

We are mainly concerned about the stickiness here - and that is what we need to make this grow.

This is one other game I'm patiently waiting for on Hive. Curious thing is I never played a football manager type of game before, although I have enough friends who did when we were younger.

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They were some of my favorite games when I was younger - this is the reason why we developed this game ;-)

Looking forward to see if I'll be a good or bad manager after all. :)

You might not be the best initially - but everybody needs to learn first 😂

Basically I knew we'd have a lot of gaming coming to hive but then I didn't know it'll even be quicker or sooner. I'm obviously passionate about football and this is obviously why I'll be interested about Rabona. I'll say the structure is quite great. The ability to build one's favourite team makes me remember most of the huge games out there. I think we have a lot of football gamers and lovers here which includes me. I'll generally be checking it out soon

Yeah and this might be a game that one could tell his or her friends about and get them interested in what is on Hive. The market for this is great and a "fantasy" league where you own and operate all facets of your team could hold appeal to many.

I hope this takes off.

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Yeah I hope it takes off too, the game is really retable, it's quite a simplified way of fully getting into hive

This is what we hope for as well.

This would certainly be a great development...considering it's like owning a team in real....if this can be done for football I mean soccer... then no doubt quite possible for Cricket as well...that would definitely create lot of interest and excitement among g other Indian and simultaneously also help in increasing the user base....a boost for onboarding team...

We have similar concept in cricket called fantasy cricket sponsored by Star TV group...where the team are made by a user and the points were collected through the onfield performance of each individual......now I am more I tested to see how the soccer manager get into picture which can further be expanded toward cricket or other games of interest...

I would believe the concept applies to all real world sports. In fact, if we look at sports as a business, which it is at the pro level, then we are just seeing the gamification of different businesses. By creating them in the virtual world, it enables all to become owners. This is what we see with cryptobrewmaster and, now, Rabona.

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And in addition to that...
How does trading shares of a club sounds to you?

How does trading shares of a club sounds to you?

I like it.

Have a NFT to represent the club then have a token associated with the units in the NFT.

The tokens are traded on the open market allowing others to buy in and have a piece of the action.

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The idea is exactly that - you can run a club as a real company and sell shares in it. You might even implement elections of the manager etc. But this is not coming in version 1.0

I wouldnt expect that in V1 but it does make a great deal of sense. The options that are already coming to mind arevery exciting.

We were immediately excited as well when we thought about this the first time...


Thank you

A Football GM simulator, this is great news for HIVE 👊

Thank you!

@rondras, have you played Hattrick before? Are you basing it on something similar? I've been playing hattrick.org since high school and have been waiting for a similar game with players /clubs as NFTs to pop up.

Honestly, the simplicity of Hattrick is what makes the game so great. The idea is that even if you only login once or twice per week, you can still do as well as people who are online 24/7.

I can't wait for the launch!

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I have not played the online version of Hattrick before. I think there was a PC game called Hattrick, which I played, but I am not 100% sure anymore. I played football manager and a German game called Anstoss. But I have looked at it now in the process of developing Rabona. We try to reach the same thing - no obsessive clicking necessary and some automated processes which make sure that the games are played even if you do nothing.

It sounds like something I'll be playing for sure.

I'm now following you and will be watching for sign ups when it goes live :)

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This looks like an amazing soccer manager game and as I am passionate about sports I was missing it. It completed the various gaming on blockchain and hope it will have a bright future. Probably I will get on it as soon as it is launched.

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I am thinking I will also. It seems very interesting. Not much of a soccer fan but building a team is of great interest to me.

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Thank you very much for covering Rabona in your post. We are very excited to see this launching soon. If there are any questions - just let me know.

Is there any launch date for it???...my boots are firing up... :)

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There is no final date yet, but I think that we will start the Beta Test in about a weeks time.

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I sure am looking forward to this🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸

Can't wait for that to launch! Re-blogged this @taskmaster4450 - will you play?

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Another game is coming? Wow!

Hive is getting better and better.