Hivefest: 2021 Is Going To Be A Great Year (Part 2)

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This year's Hivefest ended.

Yesterday, I shared some thoughts on what is going to make 2021 a great year for Hive.

The second day of the event did not disappoint. We saw a host of presentations that described where things are going.

So let us dive right in.


Games. Games. Games.

Hive might have started as a blogging platform but it is radically changing. The numbers already bear this out since the most of the transactions on the blockchain are Custom JSON which is applicable to games.

Three of the presentations were centered around this, with two new ones being announced.

The first is the graphic from above, Planet Ocean. One can check out the game using the link under the picture.

Another is Unsung Hero put out by @slowsundaygames. The introduction post to this can be found Here.

Finally, @cryptobrewmaster detailed some of their upcoming roll outs off their roadmap. This is a game that is expanding and receiving a fair bit of attention.

Overall, we are likely to see gaming as a larger portion of the ecosystem going forward. We already have a solid foundation with a number of games enjoying a great deal of success. This will continue as more initiatives are forming.


This is a piece of the digital world that Hive is starting to position itself strongly in.

We already have NFT Showroom which is catering to artists. This is growing, already outpacing the associated application on Ethereum. The fast and, more importantly, fee-less aspect of Hive is helping there.

Cryptobrewmaster also mentioned integrating NFTs into that game. The team from 3Speak is planning something. Finally, in the road map, @leofinance has NFTs in their plans for 2021.

NFTs are in the embryonic stage at this point. The industry is just starting to play around with them. That said, there were some digital art pieces that were sold for large sums of money recently.

The "tokenization of everything" will not happen without NFTs. Since they are specific in nature, this can be tied to anything unique in either the digital or physical world.

Over the next few years, we will likely see a great deal of innovation in this area.


Probably the most anticipated presentation was by the @3speak team. It is safe to say, they did not disappoint.

To start, they are going to release a desktop application in a few weeks that will allow people to upload videos to the IPFS (interplanetary file storage system). Also, by using the application to view videos, it is pinning it to your computer which helps the playback speed as more people view it.

The other anticipated topic is the "claim drop".

We are going to see three tokens designed; Larynx, Speak, and Broca.

Basically, the first will be a mining token. That will provide Speak tokens to the miners. Speak is the governance token for the network. Finally there is Broca which is the "gas token" or as @theycallbedan said "think fungible resource credits". This is earned by staking Speak tokens.

The Larynx token is what will be dropped to each user on a 1:1 basis based upon their Hive holdings. This will not be an airdrop but rather is a "claimdrop". This means that each account will have to claim their Larynx. It is expected that this will take place over the a course of a year, breaking the total payout into 12 equal parts.

Any tokens not claimed will then be used to incentivize other platforms to use this service. At the same time, the 3Speak team will receive only an equal portion of the leftover Larynx tokens, putting them on par with the other platforms that join.

There is a lot more to go into than what is described here. We are also going to see a S.I.P (Service Infrastucture Pool) which is going to lock up funds on a permanent basis while also providing liquidity where it accrues more value through trading fees. This will provide constant liquidity while also having a fund that will be able to pay out for other features the network needs. The principle is never touched.

We are seeing a lot of exciting stuff. From the presentation, the 3Speak project is going to be a game changer. It truly is decentralizing the world of video. We are also seeing an economic built that is self-sustaining while expanding over time. This will provide stability to the network while allowing it to grow.

One of the keys to take away is we are starting to see a lot of integration forming. Applications and projects are starting to tie into each other. NFT Showroom is working with DCity. 3Speak wants to decentralize NFT storage.

This is a sign that we are seeing a certain level of maturity in the overall development of these layer 2 projects. They are now to the point where they offer benefits to other projects that integrate. Essentially, we are watching the total increasing more than the sum of the parts.

Community is a term that is tossed around a great deal. It is done so that we almost become numb to its meaning. However, it is vital that we stress this is one of Hive's greatest assets. Projects that are succeeding are doing so because of the community that already resides on Hive. We are showing that there is the ability to create and generate success from within.

Naturally, the next step is to reach outside our ecosystem. A great deal of that was discussed on day 1 of Hivefest. Nevertheless, with each passing month, the offerings that Hive has is expanded for the newer people who come onto the network.

As mentioned on numerous occasions, we are still in the development phase. We heard a lot of plans that are in motion. It is wonderful to see road maps made public. However, all of them are dependent upon the writing of code and developing more features to the applications.

For the rest of us, in the meantime, we can understand the point we are at and how all of this will impact Hive going forward. If even half of what was discussed during the last few days comes out in 2021, we will be in a much different position 12 months from now.

And for all those who are token price watchers, this will be reflected in the price of HIVE. A few of these projects are going to make an enormous difference.

The momentum is becoming evident which will make the next Hivefest very exciting.

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Finally a lot of good news for Hive that really relaunch the project and give a lot of confidence The 3speak project is also very interesting! Really an exciting 2021!

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The 3speak project is also very interesting!

To me, it goes well beyond interesting. It is truly exciting.

From what I can derive, it is a total game changer. There are a number of layers to what they are looking to do.

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currently HIVE is the most underrated blockchain

I always support that Gaming on Hive will attract lots of people to our ecosystem. People are fed up with paying some percentage of their earnings for transaction fees etc. It's not sustainable, profitable and attractive. I'm a game addicted and I play 5-6 Hive games at the same time with pleasure. The opportunities Hive blockchain have will be sooner or later recognized.

In terms of 3speak, no words needed to be said. We have great expectations from the project and it's not going to let us down 😌 Hivefest motivated me a lot 😎

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A gamer addict I see.

It is great you are finding what you seek on Hive. What that tells me is that if you needs are met, others will find the same. It is just a matter of them finding this place and what is being offered.

In terms of 3speak, no words needed to be said.

Agree 1000% even through I did put some words down about it. LOL

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There are some very interesting games within HIVE

Yes, Hive is alive, and a lot of new things coming in near future. Whether anything will be a game-changer remains to be seen.

I find what 3speak is doing the most exciting thing on the list. That is something completely new.

I like it how they decided to claimdrop the tokens to HIVE holders. Why not drop them to the diehards in this community while also giving value to HIVE? Also by making it a claimdrop they ensure that the tokens will end up in the hands of active stakeholders.

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Exactly. It is a way to reward the people who are active on Hive while also putting the tokens in the hands of the people who will likely support what 3Speak is doing.

What I know about the project, it requires people being actively involved to make the pool work. They need to have some commitment. Thus, trying it into Hive will help promote that idea.

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Thank you for the 2 part detailed information - Custom JSON or the second layer has lot of potential. I was expecting, some discussion to fund and do some professional marketing as well.

That is in the road map for some of the applications. That is where the marketing will take place.

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So many news coming. This is so exciting!

I hope one day I can be part of this meeting / party.

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Thanks for the cliff notes from the event, I wasn't able to attend but some exciting developments on gaming (which seems to be the future here) and 3speak. I am not a video bloke but I may just start posting a few bits and bobs if I'll have nearly 60k Larynx!

Great to see builders coming together to share knowledge and collaborate on making things happen, it's what this space should be about!

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Yeah the 3Speak brings up interesting aspects to what is taking place.

They are designing something that appeals not only to video creators but also an economic aspect.

It is going to be fund what they bring out.

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I've watched Mr Dan a few times and he has a great vision. Glad to hear there's a few appeals outside of video creation too, looking forward to finding out more about the economic model - I'm sure it's one to watch!

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I am going to delve into it a bit more and put together a post on the economic factors if I can get a firm grasp on it.

I think it adds extreme value to the entire ecosystem.

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Nice one, I'll keep a look out for it!

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100 percent upvote, reblogged and tweeted.

I did not participate in Hivefest and I am regretting it. But I want to thank you for your informative and great posts on it.

Let me just say Hive and everything it contains is awesome. I never dreamed it would become what it is becoming and I am so glad to be part of it from day 1.

The future looks very bright indeed and we can only guess what 2022 will bring.

I look forward to everything coming and to see what I can do and what I can add to Hive myself in 2021.


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The future looks very bright indeed and we can only guess what 2022 will bring.

LOL you are skipping 2021 altogether.

Yes it is amazing to see what is taking place. The key is that many of these teams have a track record of bringing things out so there is a good chance a lot of it does get developed.

In the past, I think there was a lot of fluff and dreams. It all started with Steemit Inc that did not have a great deal of success at bringing out things they claimed.

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Lol. Just overly excited.

It is easy to be that way.

My guess is Roland is going to have a tough time determining which projects to have present next year.

It is not outrageous to believe that we could see a doubling of the number of projects from here over the next 12 months. A lot going on.

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Where can I read more about Planet Ocean?

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Thanks a lot!

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I dont know if they have an account set up.

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@gengua helped, it was @oceanplanet.

Also I forgot to reblog your post!

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I'm extremely hyped for the new games coming to Hive. The ecosystem is growing and growing and IMO it's the best way to bring new faces to Hive.
With the help of Cryptobrewmaster alone I've brought more than 100 people to Hive (mostly coming from Publish0x). Many of them are still dormant in terms of interacting with the rest of Hive but I believe that this is going to change step by step.

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With the help of Cryptobrewmaster alone I've brought more than 100 people to Hive (mostly coming from Publish0x).

That is terrific.

Many of them are still dormant in terms of interacting with the rest of Hive but I believe that this is going to change step by step.

That is normal and I think going to be long term. Most will only use what brings them here. A certain percentage will end up branching out to other things but I think the majority will play the game that attracted them and that is it.

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Well the more games we have on Hive the more likely it becomes that a new member will find a second or a third game on the blockchain. So all of a sudden it's not that that single game he's playing but a whole ecosystem of games that he can easily transfer assets between, instantly and at zero fees.
...It's like Hive was made for that exact purpose ;-)

Ethereum at its current state was not made for games, that's for sure!

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Exactly! Yet it's used for many (new) games simply because it's established and others are publishing there as well. The more games we have on Hive, the more other developers might decide to use Hive instead of ETH for their game!

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The more games we have on Hive, the more other developers might decide to use Hive instead of ETH for their game!

It does tend to feed upon itself.

Having Hive known for building games on it is not the worst path in the world.

Each level of success helps to promote the attractiveness to other developers.

All that is required is that first break through.

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That is likely true.

As I said, there will be a percentage that delves into Hive completely. Some will use a great many applications like those of us on here already. Others will just remain in the game or content creation world. Still others will just get into the financial aspect of things.

Either way, all are welcome and it is quickly looking like we have something to offer most.

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Thanks for the presentation and synthesis. Indeed, this is good news and hopeful. It's good to know in which direction the Hive will develop so that we can prepare for what is to come. For example, I'm not a fan of games but I will have to reconsider that now.
Over all this I see, from your words, an optimistic air and I enjoy this perception.

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I'm not a fan of games but I will have to reconsider that now.

There will end up being a lot of stuff on this chain that we are not fans of but it all feeds into the same pool.

The gamers need a minimal amount of RCs to play their games. While it is nothing compared to a post, it is a part of the utility of the hive token.

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I usually do not use 3 dpeak bevause the videos Is not my target, but i love to see it,
We hope this great proyect that are in the development un this moment give to us a amazing hight level outside, to other users AND investment, thank you so much for the actualization.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 36 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


already sing up for the new game! also, i am quite pleased to se many tribes and projects to start working together

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Distracted by tech issues on Altspace, I wasn't really able to enjoy Hive Fest and I missed out on most talks. It really helps to have someone like you around who masters summarizing and always manages to build excitement ( when we most need it ).

I am having high hopes for 2021 myself, in many ways, and Hive is a big part of my life. Blockchain gaming is grasping my attention more and more ( subscribed to unsung Hero today and recently joined DCity ), LEOFinance has also helped a lot in restoring my faith in this blockchain.

Exciting times!

Great stuff about 3speak. Uploading videos into ipfs will make them deepfake-proof. In the future that will be a big deal.

I gotta read more about the claim-drop, wouldn't want to miss it!

A desktop app for 3 speak would be an outcome for many. Web applications are a total headache with shitty internet, so I for one will be happy. That lack of bandwidth is also the reason why I could only shortly roam around in the lobby of HiveFest, as all the other areas took around 15-30 minutes to load.

More new games and Hive chain implementations though! It will be an exciting new year here. :)

Hi there, do you know when will be the (when it starts 3speak claimdrop? I mean like in January or another month? Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like there was a lot of really awesome information put out. I was there for a little bit of the first day. I wash bumming around trying to talk to some people and listen to the keynote speakers. It was a pretty cool idea. I was running into some technical issues and I ended up bagging it. I knew if I missed anything I could read about it in the posts that people would be publishing. I wish I could have had the chance to hang around a little more and chat with some people, but oh well.

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I just read the article and I feel pretty euphoric right now. I wish 2021 for a lot of new and great Hive projects and features.

Nice one @taskmaster4450

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HIVE is alive and unstoppable