Hive Success: Only For Those Who Want It

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Hive is a platform that is presenting tremendous opportunities to people. We are embarking upon a potential paradigm shift that can radically alter the lives of millions.

We all are aware how the present financial system excludes most people. It is designed to favor a small percentage. Those with ownership of assets tend to see their plight improving while those without are left struggling.

Here is where we see Hive, along with other projects in crypto, starting to fill in. With so many candidates, we should be a screaming success.

Unfortunately, success on Hive is not likely to come to those who need it. Instead, it is only available to those who want it.

I suppose this is true for all of life. However, when presented with an opportunity, we see how many scoff at the chance.

There is an old adage about leading a horse to water but not being able to make him drink it. We can introduce people to Hive yet we cannot force them to embrace the opportunity at success.


Make no mistake about it, Hive is not an easy system to learn. There are a lot of challenges. And then, even when one understands what is taking place, a great deal of effort is required. It is not easy to remain committed when there are so many things going on in life. However, that is what makes the difference.

There are hundreds of articles available detailing how success on Hive can be achieved. Most of them are from personal experience, detailing how an individual got his or her start. Whatever the path, there are some commonalities throughout them all.

Regardless of where one opts to focus, dedication and commitment are characteristics. One needs to take ownership of what he or she is doing on here. It is akin to owning a business; you are your own brand. This means it is up to you to make what you want of it.

Anyone who has experience in this field knows it is very difficult to pull this off. Constructing a brand takes a mountain of effort. It is a continual process of engaging with the target audience. For many, it is a full time job.

Does this sound like it is too much? Quite frankly, for most it is. Nevertheless, this is what it takes for most to gain success on Hive.

Of course, there are some who seek to come to the blockchain and simply engage with others while having some fun. For those individuals, treating this like Facebook or any other social media outlet is fine. Yet, for those who seek to change what is happening in their lives, a different approach is required.

Fortunately, this is not brain surgery. We have a very simple concept to understand. It is not that difficult to implement.

We take action to leverage the compounding nature of Hive in all its forms to grow our influence upon the aspect of the chain that we are interested in. It really comes down to that.

This is done by posting, commenting, and upvoting. Each of those activities has the potential to get us new followers, a move that can result in more rewards as we go forward.

Each of these is a step in the progress forward. As we take them, our wallets grow, allowing the compounding to take place. Through curation, we can provide ourselves a return each time we press the button once a certain threshold is achieved. Of course, that can only take place if we amass some stake in the ecosystem.


Since so many are struggling around the world, finding someone who needs what Hive has to offer is not difficult. Heck, we might be able to find that within our own households. Getting people who want to utilize what Hive has is a completely different matter.

We know few are willing to put in the time or the effort. That is an advantage to the rest of us. As another adage goes, "if it was easy, everyone would be doing it".

Many of us like to point out the years people spend at university. Consider all the hours between class and study over a four year (often more) period.

Now ponder the idea of spending the same amount of time dedicated to Hive. Where do you think one's life would end up if pursuing this path? How much growth would there be in one's account if they put forth the same here? It would naturally be much larger than if one chose not to do this.

Anyone who spends four years on Hive working towards a goal is likely to get there. I have not seen too many who put forth the effort get anything else. Each time, their accounts got larger.

How do we convey this to people>

As we know, it is very difficult. Selling people on the idea of long-term commitment tied to consistent effort is not something that most want. Instead, they are looking for something that is easy and quick. Yes they want the outcomes that Hive can offer yet they do not want to put the work in.

Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for those people. Hive does not offer a get rich quick scheme. There are few overnight success stories here. Each step forward is a grind. Often it feels like we are stuck in neutral.

Ironically, this is often how the entire chain feels.

Nevertheless, when we step back to view things from the larger perspective, we see progress is being made at all levels.

For those who want it, they are free to join us for the ride. However, as we know, most will pass on the opportunity, at least for now.

Hive success is something that most need yet only a few want.

In essence, it is not different than the rest of life.

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I truely believe in it however as of late I've grown a little weary of what I have been seeing.
Mostly on the dev front of things and maybe I don't have enough details.

It seems like to me side projects that are tokens of HIVE such as LeoFinance, Brocoin etc are doing MORE work than the Hive dev team themselves. The amount of money going into what I personally consider dumb projects instead of working on really scaling the platform and making it awesome astounds me at the moment. I just don't get it... Lets hope after HF 25 we start getting back to doing real work on this blockchain.

The amount of money going into what I personally consider dumb projects...

I would agree with this; we are pretty good at funding things that dont make a lot of sense.

However, I think there was a lot done in the first year concerning the scaling of the blockchain. We are a lot more optimized than we were a year ago.

The development led by Blocktrades and @howo are really pushing things forward.

The growth is going to come from layer 2 in terms of users so it is important for that level to be the focus.

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When you say the goal is to attract developers who want to build things on hive and then disrespect them via defunding projects, because the token went up... Seems to work against their own stated goals.

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That is true. There is a lot of things around here that can make one scratch his or her head.

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I just focus on Leo and Cub as Hive seems to just want to focus on the blockchain and Resource Credits, I can support it via 3rd party projects that seem to actually want users, activity and investors.

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This struck a chord for sure. But in a different way.
I’ve been here 3 years, consistently posting original content, engaging with others everyday, commenting everyday, manually curating everyday... but I don’t really know why.
I’m not that motivated by much. I never really knew I WANTED Hive in my life, until it just happened... and it’s stuck.

I guess it’s a goldilocks mix of enjoying the community that I can’t say goodbye to, a fascination with watching technology develop and having a nest egg of crypto that I’ll just sit on until I don’t know when. So I guess I’m an example of someone who has built something.. but I’ve not had a plan.

A huge factor in me sticking around I can probably put down to the mobile apps like @ecency that I’m using now. They make it so easy to maintain my account on the go.

But it seems to me there are multitude of people who get different things from this place. And if enough try it, and enough out of those stick it out long enough to see some benefits (whatever those benefit may be) then we will use an even more thriving place to be.

But you’re ultimately right, this isn’t for everyone.
This is for builders of every kind... but some like me just might not know what we’re building or why.

Great post man!

I guess it’s a goldilocks mix of enjoying the community that I can’t say goodbye to, a fascination with watching technology develop and having a nest egg of crypto that I’ll just sit on until I don’t know when. So I guess I’m an example of someone who has built something.. but I’ve not had a plan.

That is true. Not all come in with a grand plan. However, those who do get involved are likely to see the fruits of their actions.

Of course, it is good to point out that many are here for a variety of reasons. Some are really not interested in the rewards but the community engagement they get.

On this point, I understand your inclination not to leave the community that you enjoy.

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Great advice.

I'd say curation is the best thing to look for for a constant stream of income and growth. High post upvotes will come and go. They might come more often if you manage to get added to some autovoter lists of whales and dolphins, but those votes will still come and go. But curation can be constant and constantly growing, if down well.

Anyway, you're right, it takes long-term commitment and effort, absolutely. Good post!

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Curation is a great way to achieve a successful end yet one needs to have that. Without a lot of stake, it isnt really profitable.

Nevertheless, it is a good habit to get into and to keep staking until it becomes profitable.

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Do you think the process will be easier if we treat the people who don't want to commit as investors? If we do, we can pitch the compounding strategy on HIVE such as Dlease and HP delegations in return for tokens as a way to get passive income for doing nothing. Then pitch making comments and posting as something that adds a little bit on top.

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Without a doubt, the future of this has to be the users who are engaging. Sure we want them to invest but the key is to stake and grow the account.

That comes from activity.

Ultimately, investing is what will change the token distribution but it will take a lot of work.

In the meantime, we need as many as we can staking LEO and powering up Hive.

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Hive is like a mirror of life, many interesting groups (communities) with different features, and with opportunities for everyone, but as always, it is up to the people to go and get it, but we cannot deny that there are plenty of things to do in here

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Without a doubt it is a mirror of life. People seem to want shortcuts that do not exist. It is hard to know what will cause the breakthrough so being active is vital.

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A great platform but nothing is free. Those that want to succeed with show effort through their posts and try to create original content. I made couple of mistakes a few months back of repost my old posts - my thinking behind it was that some posts may not have been seen or noticed and so I tried to report the same content again that got flagged at plagiarized or a straight copy. Although hard to always find original content it is whats needed. After all there is questionable value in some posts that are of 1 photo and half a sentence! Having and using communities is a great way to filter your searches and what you like.

After all there is questionable value in some posts that are of 1 photo and half a sentence!

There is no questionable value to this in my mind, not on a long form interface: it has no value. Will that have value on ProjectBLank? Perhaps.

But here, it is about putting up good content that shows the effort.

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Yes I assume over time the platform will filter them out leaving users who do see true value in quality posting.

Sadly, it will not happen without a big push by the community. When money is involved, people will do whatever they can to scalp some of the rewards.

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Great way of putting it. And I suspect more details are needed, more case studies and stories, to give more information to people who want to build their account here. Even someone making a course on how to grow your account on Hive. :) That would be really cool.

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There are really a lot of options, you are right. We can put together a lot of information.

However, one of the problems with Hive is trying to find stuff.

Either way, it all starts with what we type into our computers/phones to get it on chain. That is the starting point for us.

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My hope for Hive is to make the process easy for all users. Eventually I would like to see rewards for the time spent on the platform itself.

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Ease of use is still something that is out of our reach.

That is true for the entire cryptocurrency industry. I think what Leofinance did with Twitter makes it a bit easier.

However, over time, we will have to see the entire industry get better at making this more mainstream.

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It's true that it's very difficult to stay consistent, especially during more hectic periods in one's life but the rewards increase a lot the more you stay consistent, and because of that the motivation also increases the longer you keep at it. It makes the grind more worth it as time goes by

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This is a great post! I hope to become more effective with my time and produce better content. !LUV

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 53 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

For those who want it, they are free to join us for the ride. However, as we know, most will pass on the opportunity, at least for now.

some will pass because they treat hive or leo just like facebook where they just post and hardly engage, or just too worry to pursue the reward in each post because most are come for the opportunity to earn while socializing. yet they are overly frustrated when they goal doesn't met, and back to facebook, where there are hardly any reward await, because thy just love the exposure from the "like"

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Nothing wrong with treating it like Facebook if that is all one cares about. Some just want to play around on here which is fine.

However, if one is looking at the advantages of Web 3.0, a different approach must take place.

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Funny you say when you feel as though you are stuck in neutral is probably your biggest growth spurt. When the price was dropping my aim was to try and keep the value as close to what I had in the wallet like treading water in a river except you are growing and not seeing it.

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I've seen this in my own life as a content creator. Due to studies, I used to post sometimes only once a week or even every two weeks. Then I realized that if I had time for movies and such, I could make more time for Hive and Leofinance.

Getting out there and sharing my thoughts in the comments as well as upvoting and writing more, I've seen a drastic difference in my account growth. Putting some "skin in the game" by converting more fiat into LEO and HIVE tokens, gives me a sense of an ownsership stake, which makes me want to pitch in even more in order to build this thing. The future is bright and getting better every day!

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This community has grown from a bunch of shit posts on Steemit to a community full of life-changing articles. I wish I had spent more time with the LEO community. I'd have way more CUB today.

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A true engagement and commitment need to be applied to get what you need, what you need in the sense that your wants might be numerous and i see hive as in important and compulsory platform one needs

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Great post as always. I would add just one thing:
People are different and although they came here with a goal, some realize it sooner and some later. The learning curve in humans is different. Also the interest to achieve something. If it is easier to achieve goals elsewhere, people will leave Hive.
The fact is that effort and consistency are needed and it must remain so in the future.

I always liked the twist on that old adage about the horse to water, You can lead a man to knowledge but you cannot make him think. Tis very true!

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