Hive: Monthly Distribution Report Through 7/31/2020 (Whales Gain Slightly, The Rest Flat)

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For about two years, I did a monthly report on Steem called "STEEM: Whales Are Losing Their Power....The System Is Not Broken". This took a look at how the distribution of Steem Power changed on a monthly basis. The presumption on there was that the Whales were just getting more powerful when the reality showed the exact opposite. When it came to Steem Power, over a two years period of time, things were flattening out.

Of course, we know that Steemit Inc selling part of the stake each month had a lot to do with it. Unfortunately, as we found out, not enough was sold.

I decided to bring this report over to Hive so that we can monitor how things are going. I am going to use the first chart I have from Steem as the initial basis since Hive has its roots there. The chart is pertinent for all categories other than the Whales since we know that is much different than on Hive due to Steemit Inc.

These are the numbers through July 31, 2020.

Each month I monitor what is going on with new accounts and the amount of MVests in each category. I do this to determine what trends are taking place.

Now that we are at end of month, time to post the numbers again.

I want to thank @arcange for the work done each day compiling these numbers and making the charts.

We will be showing 3 months worth of data for analysis purposes to see how the 90 trend might be.

The first chart is from August of 2017, the month I started on Steem. It is placed here to provide some contrast to see how things are changing over a longer period of time.

Here is the breakdown.


The total MVests here is 336,932.

On a percentage basis:

Whales 75.44%
Orcas 14.86%
Dolphins 7.16%
Minnows 2.14%
Red Fish .01%
Inactive .40%


The total MVests here is 273,246.

On a percentage basis:

Whales 36.31%
Orcas 29.46%
Dolphins 19.07%
Minnows 9.97%
Red Fish 5.19%

The change over that time period is as such:

Whales -14.32%
Orcas +12.36%
Dolphins +6.24%
Minnows +12.40%
Red Fish +13.57%


The total MVests here is 265,626.

On a percentage basis:

Whales 36.24%
Orcas 29.21%
Dolphins 19.20%
Minnows 10.01%
Red Fish 5.33%

The change over that time period is as such:

Whales -.19%
Orcas -.84%
Dolphins +.68%
Minnows +.40%
Red Fish +2.69%


The total MVests here is 265,312 .

On a percentage basis:

Whales 36.81%
Orcas 28.83%
Dolphins 19.10%
Minnows 9.83%
Red Fish 5.32%

The change over that time period is as such:

Whales +1.57%
Orcas -1.3%
Dolphins -.52%
Minnows -.80%
Red Fish -.19%





Overall, it was a rather flat month. The biggest moves were by the Whales and Orcas. They basically cancelled each other out with the Whales up 1.57% while the Orcas dropped 1.3%. The rest of the categories had nominal drops.

The last few months saw a lot more activity in terms of the HP held. This could be due to the transition away from Steem. We know people had powered up for the airdrop which accounts for the large HP total when we started. Also, many converted their STEEM to HIVE which also helped to adjust the numbers.

We will have to see if this is the new norm. With so much activity starting to take place on the second layer, I will be curious how much this impacts the monthly HP totals. A great deal of HIVE is now being directed at other resources since there are other options compared to just powering up.

On May 31, 2020, the Whales and Orcas had 179,704 MVests (65.76% of the total), a decrease of 4.2%; on June 30, 2020, 173,858 MVests (65.45% of the total), a decrease of .47%; on July 31, 2020, 174,163 MVests (65.64% of the total), an increase of .29%.

Just a thought, did the Whales take advantage of the drop in HIVE price to add more this month? We will have to see how things pan out going forward

Hive Power is important because it affects the reward pool, Witness voting, and support of the Hive Proposals.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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Thanks for bringing this back. I always really liked it on the other place (no, I won't say the word) and I'm just really glad to see it here.

LOL We cant run from our past, only learn from it.

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Its little hard to see an amazing blockchain such as Hive not pumping in the past month unlike other shitcoin projects.

That is true although the problem with pumps is they end up dumping, usually.

Hive has a lot going for it and it will take time to develop and spread things out. There is a lot taking place right now which will eventually fuel the usage of HIVE. The utility is growing.

Hive is being build upon a strong foundation which is not the case for a lot of projects.

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I agree, i wont quit Hive 💪

I think we're having a really rocky first three months and it might be because of the transition from steem to have. I'm guessing we'll have more stability with time and the peeps who just want to cash out with the airdropped will be gone soonest. It's really s interesting stats to ponder on. Hopefully we'll get more leo whales and more hive dolphins

I wouldn't call it a rocky three months. Actually, I think things went very well. I would say a transition period is more accurate. A lot of moving around by people who had different goals with HIVE. Those who wanted the airdrop are now cleared out.

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Definitely, I think we're unto more stable times and with time hive hopefully can do well with the right propositions and work out in.

Stability is a great thing. We need to keep building to push the price ahead.

With utility comes value.

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Definitely true, it's always stunning to read your hive based content, they teach as well as inspire me.

Thank you for the compliment @josediccus. I am glad you find them helpful.

There is a lot of opportunity on Hive. It is up to all of us to tell others about that.

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It's an amazing Post, as I am just back to HIVE, I wasn't around here for some months and now I see really interesting Things happening, I am looking forward to explore more about HIVE,


Nice to have you here.

Welcome back @blackman1970.

Glad to have you here.

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The second part of your analysis (number of users) may look a bit weird to some.
I decided to swap actives/inactives to reduce the effect of the log10 scale which tended to reduce the share size of the active users in the graph.
Unfortunately, removing the log 10 scale would make the graph unreadable.

Thank you so much for all the information. I wish I understood it better. I will keep reading and learning all I can.

It's really cool to bring this report to Hive, it will be interesting how the whales' progress and the rest are going.

I believe that many of us are waiting for HIVE to take advantage of this BTC hype to take off. Maybe we will have a good surprise for ourselves.

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Those are the stats.
Stats the honest ones around here at least.

Good statistics!