Hive Is Starting To Get Very Exciting

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We all know the price of the token still stinks. If this is the only metric one is using for Hive, they a lot is being missed.

Periodically, there will be a number of posts on my feed that make me realize how fast things are going. A lot is happening with Hive, much of outside out area of focus.

There ware an announcement yesterday by @jongolson announcing

Here are a couple highlights:

The Goal:

To simplify the process of sending and receiving Hive based payments between merchants and customers.

We do this by using a simple check out button that you can include on all your websites / blogs as it allows you to accept and spend Hive tokens!

This is a pretty useful feature. It allows HIVE to better operate as a currency. Payment systems are starting to get a lot of attention these days. Of course, one of the biggest names, PayPal announced they are diving into cryptocurrency on their platform.

Not only does use Hive and HBD...We've also opened things up...Big time! You can now accept virtually all Hive-Engine tokens as well on your websites and SPEND them on merchant sites that integrate HivePay into their check out this gets better. Suddenly, ever token has increase use case potential.

To read full announcement:

Images from that post


There is now an initiative to discuss communities on Hive. If we recall, this was something that was programmed by Steemit Inc. It basically was their concept that was implemented. Like most things, there wasn't a great deal of community involvement.

That is changing.

@guiltyparties put up a post looking for some feedback on how to improve communities. Many are taking a lot at how it can be improved to attract greater number of users. This makes sense since the last hard fork focused upon scalability issues.

In just skimming through the comments, we can see a lot of wonderful ideas. There are also a number of links already posted where people wrote articles detailing their views.

Here is the article:

API Nodes

A lot of what is taking place lately is fairly technical. As stated, the last hard fork concentrated mostly on code and improving the performance of Hive at the base level. There were not many features that the user base was interested in.

Continuing with this idea, we see a post put up by @gtg.

Some of the issues with the operations, post Hard Fork 24, had to do with the API nodes. This was causing nodes to go down, or at least be slowed to the point of having to consistently switch nodes to find one that was operating. Over the last few days, it does appear some of these issues are resolved since most of the nodes seem to be going without a hitch.

However, in the future, we will likely want more nodes to help handle all the traffic. As we know, scaling is something that developers always need to be thinking about.

The post by @gtg is rather technical but there was one piece worth highlighting.

By using the above resources you can get your fully featured API node running in one working day.

Here again, efficiency is the focus. In reading the comments, this was a process that had a replay of about 4 days before. Now, with the options offered in this article, it can be done in a day.

We also see it mentioned of how things changed in a couple years. This what things looked like back then.

shared-file-size = 300G

Today, that is less than 20 GB as we can see from this comment.


Obviously, this makes running an API node a lot less costly something that will hold greater appeal to projects that are built on Hive and prefer to have their own API nodes.

Here is that article:

One its own, none of this makes Hive into a thriving mecca for the online world. However, all of it shows how we are taking steps forward on a regular basis. If we include the discussion by @blocktrades about a smart contract server, we see there are some major ideas being floated.

How all of this will turn out is anyone's guess. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that most of the negativity about Hive is based upon the price of the token. At the fundamental level, a lot of progress is being made.

It only takes a few breakthroughs before a blockchain absolutely explodes. Even today, we can go through the top 50 ranked tokens, by market cap, and ask what is happening on these blockchains. For those that do represent chains, the answer is usually the same: not much. The big ones have a lot of activity but the rest is most speculation.

Hive does not have the speculative aspect. In fact, it is the exact opposite. What is lacks in fluff it makes up for with true building activity. These few posts show where the focus is.

We all want shortcuts in life. Unfortunately, often that is not possible. With Hive, it is evident that it will continue to be a slow grind, with many people doing their part to add to the ecosystem. On the bright side of things, we can see that is happening.

Personally, it looks like things are starting to get very exciting around here. Anyone who is watching Hive closely should be impressed by the happenings.

Eventually, I am confident this will result in the explosion of usage as more tools are available.

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Hive is starting to take form as the layer 1 solution blockchains. Hive is the scaleable layer 1 that all smart contract platforms can build ontop. There is nothing like Hive out there that acts like an immutable data dump for projects. Things are about to get very interesting

That is a turn of events I hadn't considered. The idea of building layer 2 to rival what is going on with the other smart contract platforms, minus the negative drawbacks is a powerful avenue to pursue.

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Thanks for this comment, your opinion for me, and I think for all of us, is very interesting.

The concept of is very smart and I applaud @jongolson for this, he's been working tirelessly under the radar and I think this allows hive to increase its utility and if course imagine hive being integrated for payment and exchange and other use case.
As for @guiltyparties' Idea, I believe I've seen a lot of post suggesting for what will be good for hive. I feel a lot of people have smart idea and I believe going forward we need to start inculcating this idea especially the ones about marketing. We need avenues and we need it fast. I feel actions are necessary as soon as possible and we can no longer bide our time.
@gtg is a blessing to the chain and hopefully he jeepst doing what he does best.

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Honestly, the lower the price for now the easier it is for new faces to get invested and to me, that's a good thing. With everything happening on Hive right now, it's only a matter of time until things explode...

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Hivepay really is a great addition to Hive, and creates a lot of use case, one thing that just struck me is swap.btc and swap.eth too, if enabled in Hivepay the Hive blockchain just solved the scalability of sending and recieving Bitcion and Etherium with 3 second transactions, all available for merchants who wants to accept those on their sites but not the hassle of waiting for the native blockchains to complete the tansactions.

That is a very valid point. The ability to send BTC or ETH via the swap token could revolutionize how that is handled.

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There are shortcuts, that's for sure... But they don't work always... I'm more happy when I see these small updates and developments on the chain that will mean a lot on a larger scale...

HivePay is a great addition and it opens a lot of "merchant" possibilites, cheaper API nodes? Who doesn't want that... Smoother Hive experience? Welcome! :)

And I agree that it can (and will) explode probably... and it's just a matter of time...

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Nevertheless, it is vital to note that most of the negativity about Hive is based upon the price of the token. At the fundamental level, a lot of progress is being made.

I'd agree on it, especially to some folks who bought Hive in high cost in the past months. As they see that the value decreases over time.

But for me, since I just started to buy some Hive, it becomes more accessible to us to buy some as it is quite cheaper and looking on the long term side as multiple projects are being implemented as we write down our blog post on the chain I think it would be worth the wait.

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Without a doubt it is a lot more accessible. When I started (on Steem), I was paying 10x for each token as it is today. Thus, anyone getting involved now with the intention of growing their accounts, can most 10 time faster than I did.

With everything else that is taking place, it is not likely that the price will remain at these depressed levels for long. It might take another 6 months but we will wake up one day and realize that Hive is a completely different world than we thought.

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I remember those days too! Geez the price |STEEM was like a dream come true to everyone who wants to have a few bucks.

That is true, it might take some time but with the learnings and improvements that we are seeing for someone like me who's watching on the sidelines this is definitely worth the wait.

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If the price of Hive gets to the $2 mark again, you will see an interesting twist. Many who were buying at the low prices will sell since they believe it suddenly will be in "bubble" territory. However, the platform is much further advanced than it was in 2017-2018.

This is the important point.

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Well again i feel i'm maybe going in another direction but price is certainly the last thing i look at. There use to be coins in the top 10 that i'm not sure even exist now that once performed well price wise. Four years ago when i came to Steem i tried to figure out what exactly it was. What is this product good at and whom is it for. I understand from the view of a blogger these type platforms are very valuable to them and i respect their view and i understand where they coming from.

When i look at this from a much broader view to me the blogs have a value of zero. Doesn't mean its not worth something to someone but has not much value to me simply because i acquire the info free okay often times. So i went what is Steem good for which is Hive. The Hive people at that time were the Steem people.

So my first year on Steem i figured out and mentioned it on several posts this is a viable payment system. It works better at a stable price on so many levels. It works better for your blogs and for remittance payments because you'd like to have the value you sent off arrive as the value it left or at the very least not less than and with blogs you wanna earn on them at a value not less than the quality of your " work". Again i don't price blogs into the market because i don't find any competitive pricing mechanisms but we get the idea. Consequently year one i also mentioned they should run ads but that's another story.

They had wallet addresses as user id's instead of long alphanumeric characters. No one else was doing this. Onboarding was easier. So year one not long after i got here i was saying that and speaking about it and posting about it. Nobody listened then they don't listen now.

Over the last 4 years this could have been well presented as a payment system and a good one better than libra coin or what paypal will end up doing with their cryptocurrency. Large networks of merchant and vendor services should have been established year one because it was the natural evolution. However the problem now is whereas sure that's a use that can be added. I see it as a greatly missed opportunity.

Right now not only do you have Paypal will fill this area.. whereas they could have had a 4 year jump. We have many other cryptos creating super easy wallets and user id's which can all be obtained by a 5th grader in less than a minute. Many of these applications who have now moved into this area well are new. They are all less than a year old. They've had to augment their systems chains like bitcoin cash and do alot of changes to make their systems this way.

So now it has heavy competition ranked at 165 with alot of other projects with alot more money to challenge them. It is now year 4 and we're still not listening some of us. I'm sure it''s more to Hive now but i certainly hope its enough. I hope that the story will be good enough because the success of the Hive platform will depend on it.

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Anyone who is watching Hive closely should be impressed by the happenings.

I think, time has come, where we need to do some professional marketing so that more people get to know about it. Definitely, it will attract a lot of people here and not only the ones they are watching.

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Market what is the question? Everyone wants marketing but you are talking about a database. There really is nothing to market.

Marketing has to be the layer 2 solutions. The DApps, games and such, require the marketing. That is where the users will come from.

After all, do you care about AWS or Netflix? Does it matter where Netflix hosts its content?

If there is one outreach that should take place it is to the development community. With the upgrades to the network, this is going to be a great place to build.

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Already Hunted HivePay: Let's hope some serious attention from those who are from STEEM and everyone who stumble upon @steemhunt

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Not only Hive pay ,we may be seeing a lot more like store integration with your blog site and Hive by Hivelist too.

Unfortunately my yesterday post get almost unnoticed.

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I agree with your thought, the potential of Hive goes far beyond the gold of the token, currently only the subject of speculation.

Those who own Hive discard it because the gold and the low but have not understood the potential and selling at this price is really madness, socially if you are at a loss.

Hive is worth much more than its current value. Time will tell us 🤟

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Markets are always markets. They go up and then go down.

The key is to build value to the system, which might or might not, be reflected in the token price.

We are seeing a lot of activity at many levels, much of what could have a profound impact in the future. Eventually, this will translate into token price.

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Judging HIVE just by the price of the token ia a mistake some are unaware of. The development side of HIVE should be given some credit.

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I'm perfectly fine taking the long way home. ;-)

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 30 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks for the support of HivePay man, appreciate that very much!

Things are looking great and now that it's out there, I think the fun can really begin. Bang on too, thinking of this stuff as a currency we believe, will help people adopt it much more :) is an excellent addition I must say. People use usernames to send money through cashapp, so they'll be familiar with it. The next step will be to include a staking mechanism, and an easy onboarding platform on

After that, we get it mainstream and it will be awesome.

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This is probably the greatest addition in this Quarter. This and WLEO 2 that's coming out pretty soon. What a time to be alive, and not only alive but on the blockchain!

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Hive is IMO like bitcoin first 4 years. Many people want all today. It needs time and if the time is coming we get results nobody today would believe in.

Thanks for sharing. We need as much good news as we can get.

Thanks for sharing this news

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