Hive Has A Totally Different Feel To It

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There are many comments out there that are really encouraging. A lot of people are noticing how fast things are getting around here. Hive is seeing a lot of activity which is something we were not always able to say, especially before the fork last March.

In fact, there were long periods of time where things were stagnant.

Not any more.

This sentiment seems to be supported by some of the numbers. In reading through @penguinpablo's daily post, there was some interesting tidbits to digest.

The first noticeable number is accounts transacting. Here is the chart that monitors that.

What the heck happened there? According the to specific data from the table in the post, that was a jump from 10,000 accounts to 15,000 at the top. It pulled back a little but is still at the 14,000 level.

That is a 40% jump in accounts compared to where we were. Certainly, we can't presume they are all individuals yet it is impressive nonetheless.

So that begs the question, what caused it? There is no way to tell so we will just embrace the fact that something got a lot of accounts operating.

Another interesting chart is the number of votes. This seems to be telling a bit of a different story than before.

Here is what this looks like:

Another major change over the past week. The last full day charted came in at just under 300K votes.

The final chart is not at all time highs yet is trending up. We are getting back to levels we saw in the past, so this is not as novel.

What is good to note is that, since bottoming out about 10K, we trended in an upward direction. The comments are up also, closing in on 5,000 per day.

We saw glimpses of this in the past, only to be disappointed. For a number of years, there were a lot of starts and stops. It seems each time we got momentum going, something pulled it back.

That said, things have a different "feel" to them now. This is not the same place it was when we forked a year ago. There appears to be an excitement unwitnessed the near 4 years since I joined.

A few of us were discussing today the opportunities that exist on Hive which were not available in the past. It is easy to get caught up in the most recent developments yet there are a lot of things that were expanding since the start of the year.

Essentially, it appears more people are understanding how Hive is a compounding machine. Their efforts, when taken on a consistent basis, can lead to bags filling up. This is shifting the focus to finding that areas that can be profitable to an individual.

There was a time when this place was a one-trick pony. That can no longer be said about Hive. We are seeing the number of tribes expanding. While they are not filling up at this time, some are showing amazing potential.

We also see the gaming community expanding greatly. There are a number of games, according to what others post, that are providing a terrific stream of rewards.

NFTs are getting a ton of attention across the crypto space and Hive has its @nftshowroom. This is where people can create and sell their NFTs with ZERO transaction costs. Try to do that on Ethereum.

What is fascinating is that, in the past, we were awaiting old promises. We no longer are at that stage. Now, it seems like the question is "what's next"?

Invariably, one does not have to wait too long before something else is announced.

Just this week we got an announcement by @klye regarding setting up Hive Smart Chain, which is a reproduction of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) code, it will be tailored to Hive, creating a PoW sidechain that removes some of the shortcomings of other PoW systems. The chain will also use Hive for the transaction fees, not some other token that is issued.

Many already agree, if implemented, this will be a major deal for Hive. In the past, this might have been a pipedream, something that was wishful thinking. Yet, today, with the developers running around and the desire to keep rolling out more, we see a different attitude at every level.

In a week we will see the first birthday since the fork after the Justin Sun episode. At that time, the attitude was mixed at best. Many felt that the end was near.

Instead, here we are a year later with the "feel" of what we were seeking for many years. The excitement is contagious and more people are optimistic about Hive's future. We saw a lot of development both at the base layer and Layer 2 this past year. It is putting us in a fabulous position entering the second year.

After flatlining for so long, Hive is taking on the aura where we can really look forward to where things will be in 3-5 years.

Exciting times ahead.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

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I think in another 3 to 5 years we will have a better-matured population that can afford to use some of their Bitcoin prophets on Hive. It will be fun to watch all the new people using three speak too.

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That will be the case in general. Crypto will not be as foreign to people. However, I think it vital to get people into crypto without them knowing that is what is happening. In other words, get them using apps that excite them and, boom, by the way, you earned crypto.

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I've been a @kyle supporter for a long time. And yes HIVE does have a different feel.. check out @queenbee1977 on Weedcash.. you'll smell what I'm steppin in.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta'll smell what I'm steppin in

@davedickeyyall...ever the linguist. LOL

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And yes @klye is Grade A people in my book too.

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I definitely see more activity overall on HIVE. Just the number of player joining Rising Star has increased. For some reason, I wonder how much of this is pushed by the increase in price for HIVE. I think it has been slowly trending upwards after it bottomed out.

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Hard to say the impact on HIVE. We are in a bull market so we would expect that most anything halfway legitimate is going to get a boost.

The key will be when the move in HIVE's price actually exceeds the rest of the market.

That will take more development in my opinion, like the release of Blank. That will get some attention if we promote the hell out of it, which we will.

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As usual, what's driving the newfound excitement is the amount of development taking place and not just any development but the right kind. LeoFinance is nailing it when it comes to its tokenomics. Everything seems to be done the right way across the board.

What's also conspicuous is the lack of cynicism and corruption and/or allegations thereof that used to poison the atmosphere on Hive for the longest time. Certain troublemakers among the OGs are no longer active. We're no longer dependent on Steemit, Inc and the early troubles of Hive seem to be behind us. Core development on Hive seems to be humming along nicely.

Much of the change in atmosphere is attributable to the fact that there is so much going on that no one has time to listen to the cynics. Everyone is busy doing what they're interested in.

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I agree with this. Maybe there still is drama somewhere but I'm not seeing it. It used to be inescapably prevalent over on Ye Olde Previous Chain such that I thought, any new person coming over and seeing this is going to think, "WTF," and leave.

You are right, it isnt as overt as it was before. If it is happening, a lot of it is off chain which is good.

Either way, as @shtup stated, most of us are too busy to deal with that stuff or give it much energy. We all have a lot on our plates.

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You nailed it. There is not the negativity around either. Sure there are some who still spew shit but it is rare. It seems they mostly direct it at Leofinance since I guess that is doing what they could not do.

...the early troubles of Hive seem to be behind us. Core development on Hive seems to be humming along nicely.

Have to give them a lot of credit. They evidently had a lot of code to clean up, stuff that was overlooked by Steemit Inc; no surprise there. They are already coming close, from what it seems, to being done with the coding for HF25. We will likely see that done in the next couple months.

Fun times ahead.

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It seems that the SMT code wasn't as ready to be deployed as previously thought.

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very nicely said, all that drama didn't do us any favors

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Showing my age here but: “If you build it they will come”. This ecosystem is just freaking cool.

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Sadly, I think that was the outlook for a lot of years and it failed.

Right now, I think it is the efforts on the part of a lot of people. Development is obviously the foundation since that is needed for people to have stuff to use. However, there is a lot of excitement among the community, who are out there talking about this to others.

That was the missing ingredient in my opinion. At this point, the cheery on top will be ProjectBlank. If that get released, we will see the level of excitement go to another level, pulling in even more people.

It is all coming together.

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Can only be old or new accounts becoming active again. We know there are many alts out there but no ways can that account for that. 4000 is a healthy number to add to the community which is not that much really in the scale of things yet shows how small we really are. Interesting to watch if this increases over the coming weeks as development and new toys does attract people.

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That sums it up. It is a lot of accounts to suddenly go active on one day. What caused that? They are old accounts, not new signups, unless there was a huge jump in new users one day earlier in the week. I didnt notice anything out of the ordinary there with new accounts on the report but I didnt look that closely.

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I love to see the statistics like this! Thanks for making these. I am impressed with the recent uptick!

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I didnt make them. They are the creation of @penguinpablo.

He puts up a daily post during the week detailing what is taking place The link to the most recent post is in the article.

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Didn't Tim Ferris (or his guest) mention Hive in his podcast? I thought I read that somewhere. Maybe that's where the influx of users is coming from.

Vitalik was on his show and he mentioned it.

I wouldn't think that was the reason for the increase in active users. If it was a huge jump in new signups, I think you might be onto something. However, these accounts were already on Hive.

But who knows. Hopefully the numbers remain elevated. That is all I can say, regardless of what sent them flying.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 48 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

As a newbie here that is interesting to read! In reality there is not many people here, i quite like that. bit rising tides lift all boats or something like that....

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The numbers are encouraging, I can't wait for those who spend hours and hours on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to migrate to Hive. The explosion of accounts being created and here it will be unimaginable. That day will come, just be patient.

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Been some new faces around here which are influencers so I'm sure that's brining in some attention to the hive network. There's honestly so much more room to grow in terms of people using the chain. It would be interested to be able to track or see what website is onboarding people.

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it really does have a different feel. Since i start making post on leofinance, it seems I can't keep up with the development.
anyway, i wonder what it takes to do the Hive Smart Chain's PoW? will it need a big machine with big hashing power?

I don't fully understand the annoucement made by kyle. maybe should wait for another post from him. :)
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I hope kyle's proposal gets funding as quickly as possible so that we can ride the defi wave :)

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and Hive's price is close to 40 cents again!!! exciting times for Hive, leo and generally speaking for Hive ecosystem!

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Amazing! animado.gif

That's VERY interesting! Haven't looked at those stats in a while. Thanks for bring them to our attention.

Yup, it would be useful to know what prompted the higher activity: higher price of HIVE and trending up, development at the core of the blockchain, developments by HE team, leofinance setting camps in other ecosystems and building relationships there as well, marketing by the community on platforms like, torum and publish0x? + twitter?

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It's leofinance I think that's causing this. Leofinance is great at bringing attention to Hive. By that I mean introducing users from other blockchains like Ethereum and Binance to the Hive blockchain via different projects and via easy onboarding. Of course it could also just be the crypto bull market that's causing everyone to be more active.

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I can feel the vibe being different on Hive. Things are heating up boyz, the time we've been waiting for so long is here!

Hopefully, this time we'll use the hype to our advantage./

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