Hive Expanding: A Lot Of Stuff Happening

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Hive is still in its first 90 days. I know that is hard to believe considering all that is taking place. It actually seems like ages ago when the fork from Steem took place. Yet, we will hit the 90 day mark in just under two weeks.

In these early stages, it is hard to see exactly where we are. Like markets, it takes a while for a trend to be established. One does not proclaim a bull market after a couple days. It is the same on Hive.

That said, if activity is any indication, it does appear that Hive is started to capture the consciousness of certain people. While this is not evident, yet, in the number of users, we are seeing a great deal of expansion. At the same time, this expansion is starting to spread things out, assisting in the ongoing push towards more decentralization.

We are seeing a number of new applications showing up. Certainly, many of these were in development before the fork, yet it is nice to see them starting to come to life on Hive.

Lately we saw the introduction of @quello, @dbuzz, @dapplr, and, today I saw a post about @hiverr. Many of these model what is already successful on the Internet; now adding the Web 3.0 element.

A comment was posted yesterday by @revo laying out an app that he is going to release very soon.


Here is a link to a test site.

d-hiver is not to be confused with hiverr. One is a twitter like app and the other modeled after Fiverr.

In reading the just released announcement, it looks like the system starts the process by doing a seed post. This is a one time (I believe) post which effectively "houses" all future "tweets", "retweets" and anything else associated with the application. It appears that all activity is taking place at the comment level as opposed to the top level (posts).

This could provide a tremendous work around with the short-form content.

Here is the full post along with @revo's ideas and invitation for suggestions:

Not to be forgotten, we have the progress of some of the older applications.

For example, in their update post, the @actfit team showed that it is still adding features to its platform. Of late, one of the discussions on Hive is about account recovery. Since most accounts were set up through Steemit Inc, that is the recovery account. Many have posted this feature is now turned off, meaning that accounts can be lost.

Actifit is addressing this by enabling users to change the recovery account through their application.


A few days ago, the Leofinance team put out an update pertaining to their site. This is similar to Steemworld for those who were proponents of that interface.

This is the second version of the interface and it includes some additional features that are very nice. To start, it added in the Hive-Engine tokens, thus providing information on more than just HIVE. At the same time, we have the ability to see our Hive-Engine token activity. This is something that was previously missing. Finally, one is able to send the Hive-Engine tokens directly from the site.

Then we have gaming.

Both @exodenews and @cryptobrewmaster were being formulated before the fork from Steem. However, both these teams shifted over to Hive and now are rolling out alpha versions of their games. Exode is going through a pre-sale for the in game assets using NFTs as proof of ownership.

Another game that many are familiar with is @holybread. This game is still resident on Steem yet is going through some updates. One of the major shifts is there appears to be a new team behind the game. This means that one of the moves being made is to jump over to Hive. It is something I think we can expect in the next few weeks depending upon how quickly their development goes.

Finally, I want to mention that, over the past week, I came across three different projects that are setting up witness nodes. Not all are ready for voting since they haven't gone live. Nevertheless. it does show there is more activity on this front.

One last note that is worthy to mention. We are awaiting announcement of the date of the first hard fork of Hive. One of the keys to this is a change how the data is integrated into the master nodes. Presently, the system is not ideal, presumably pushing prices of nodes up while affecting performance. Some of these core issues are being addressed meaning there is the potential for more individuals/groups to run master nodes after the fork takes place.

This is just another area where Hive looks to spread things out and increase decentralization. At present, there are 7 or 8 master nodes available for use. It would nice to see that number double in a short period of time.

I am sure I missed a lot and, anything that you know about, just add to the comment section. Nevertheless, we can see there is a lot of stuff happening on Hive.

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At present, there are 7 or 8 master nodes available for use. It would nice to see that number double in a short period of time.

For me a top 20 witness has the income to run a node and this should be something almost mandatory for any of those 20.

You would think so but I have no idea about the costs associated with that type of stuff.

Certainly the HIVE price up near 25 cents is much better than when running a witness node on STEEM when the price was 12 cents.

I would presume the payouts in HIVE are similar.

Hopefully, after the hard fork, a lot more open up a master node.

Love the new website.

Things are looking good for Hive and Leo.

Let's hope we will see this in the price of the 2 in the next couple of months. :D

Price will do what price does. It is exciting when price takes off. Of course, at this point, with development in the works, it would be more exciting to see the number of users take off. This is the next phase that is required.

First comes development, then comes users. Price can also follow but that is dependent upon a lot of factors. Markets have their own mind.

Truth. I've been lucky enough to get the ears of a few awesome curators on some of my music here but I still don't seem to reach very many people which is my main goal atm. All the activity here makes me really hopeful for the future of this place though.

Also EXODE! so psyched.

EXODE is a game that excites me too. It looks like there is a lot of potential with that one. The game is really well thought out.

As for the music, perhaps there is a community that caters to that audience or maybe start one yourself. Growth in that area can help get the attention of some larger users who are also fans.

Just a thought.

Yeah there are a couple good ones, he music scene is pretty small overall though. Not like back in the days of the steemit openmic, there were tons of people in those days but they all seem to have left.

I would like to start a jazz community actually but it seems that you need a certain amount of magic sauce for that transaction. Maybe by the time the scene starts to grow here I will have the mana for it.

I consider hive has a lot of potential and there are not many people who understand it fully. It is not only a simple blog writing project rather it is a community of people. I use Medium too and I am paid user there.
I think we need more quality content here so that people can spend their time reading on this platform. Now, I will working to attract more readers from the quora.

The reason for success of Medium is proper ratio of writers to the readers. I believe we still need a lot of work to be completed towards the quality content of our platform. I know Hive 2025 is going to be better, more valuable and bigger.

Cheers to Hive 2020!

@taskmaster4450 Thank you so much for mentioning exode-the space colonization into your post.

Team Exode.

Great summary. There's a lot going on, so I started a newsletter to reveal new tools / updates in bite-sized info.

Definitely mentioning Hivestats 2.0 next week.

I love to see so many apps, slowly and steadily Hive is growing and a great summary.

It's really nice earning these tokens because it gives us small users a chance. Hive is growing and we are the future.


Hey @taskmaster4450, here is a little bit of BEER from @cryptobrewmaster for you. Enjoy it!

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This is one of the aspects that I like most here at Hive: the positive aspects are always happening!

You are right @wiseagent. There is a lot of positive that can be found. It takes a bit of digging but it is appearing.

Hopefully we start to see the positive stuff coming out a bit more frequently too.

Lots of projects to keep building upon.

In just less than 90 days it really does look like Hive have been around longer. This are signs we are in for better days ahead.

It does seem like ages.

A lot of work got done in a short period of time.

We will see what the next 90 days holds.

Thanks for making a list of the many projects happening around hive. I will definitely be book marking this page.

@hive is destined for greatness for the epoch
it started.
90 days around the corner, I almost forgot the timeframe
since I feel we just upgrade.
What do you think about #dcity?
Great input !

Super-informative post. Thanks a lot. :)

It's a healthy growth

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