Hive: Creating Whales All Over The Place

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We all heard of the Bitcoin whales. These are people with enormous bags on that chain. Anyone who is in that category, with the move up in price over the last 5 years is doing very well. Actually, one is wealthy.

Sadly, for most of us, we missed out on that opportunity. Perhaps we had the chance to get into Bitcoin when it was a couple dollars each. If we even had acquired 500 Bitcoin, and we held it, we would be millionaires. Our bags would amount to around $27 million. Not a bad return for a little more than a decade.

If we scale to the number 2 cryptocurrency, we see the same thing. There were many who made bank off that chain. Imagine getting in during 2015 when it was under a dollar. Anyone with 1,000 ETH would be sitting on a pile of money also.

Again, this is a pretty good return for just over 5 years.


The point that we see whales in many different areas. On Hive, there are those who have a lot of that token too. While the numbers, in USD terms, do not rival those others, it still is a tidy sum.

However, we are seeing a shift taking place that could radically change things in the future. The fact that Hive is starting to churn out so many projects is an opportunity. Those who are able to pinpoint some that will excel are apt to be nicely positioned a few years from now.

There is so much going on with the chain that it is impossible to keep up. Even if one does have a basic knowledge of what is taking place, he or she cannot be involved in everything. We are limited in resources, both financial and time. Thus, to support each project simply is unrealistic.

This means we are going to have to determine where we concentrate our efforts.

It is hard for the majority of us to imagine being in the position of the whales just mentioned. However, if we were able to ask them, do you think they honestly believed they would be in this position when they entered those coins? Even if they were optimistic, especially about Bitcoin, few foresaw what we have today.

Certainly, there is a likelihood they saw the chance for a terrific return. Some might have seen the potential for life changing money. Yet, to believe you would have generational wealth, that is beyond the comprehension of most.

Yet that is exactly what happened. It is something that was repeated with Ethereum and is taking place again.

Thus, we are seeing whales being created all over the place. The question is how many will we see on Hive?

With so many projects developing, there are different groups forming. Those who are large token holders in one project are not even involved in another. This means the opportunity for the wealth spreading is great.

Of course, the ultimate outcome is going to depend upon how successful the project is. Those that languish, failing to develop and grow, will not have much value on the open market. The few, however, that do breakthrough, offer the opportunity for people to join the status of some of those in other cryptocurrencies that are very well off.

Which ones will lead to this end is impossible to guess at this point. We are still in the early days of this entire industry. Therefore, people have the chance to get into things on the ground floor, before they take off.

We should be realizing by now that the more that is developed, the greater the chance different projects will end up succeeding.

Of course, with most projects, unless one is simply dumping a bunch of money, having a large stake means some responsibility. Since one is heavily invested, either financially or emotionally, it is important to take action to help the project succeed. Often this means a great deal of action.

Yet, if we look at the effort people put in to just getting their paycheck, the chance to make generational wealth through our actions should be appealing. Honestly, the effort is no greater than billions of people do around the world at their jobs. The difference here is the potential payoff.

We also do not have to spend 40 years at it. As we know, the outcomes can happen in a much shorter period of time. Bitcoin is just over 12 years old, Ethereum approach 6.


People often question whether it is too late to get involved. Those of us who are here a while and understand what is taking place laugh at the notion. Not only are we still in the early phases, but there are new projects popping up each week. Something that comes out today could be a massive success in 5 years, worth billions of dollars.

There is simply no way to know.

The ones that will benefit are going to be those who have a large stake in these different projects. They stand to profit the most. Just like with Bitcoin and Ethereum, these people could show up to a new project 5 years from now with a lot of money to throw around. It has happened before and it will again.

When a blockchain is a "one trick pony", there are few ways to proceed. However, when there are many different projects showing up everywhere, then the ability to find a niche is much easier. This is the move that could lead to life changing money if one amasses enough stake.

One can join today and get started on the journey towards being a whale. It most likely will not happen in HIVE, LEO, or Splinterlands. However, there are numerous projects that are just getting started which could offer the path being described here.

Someone is going to be a whale in that token, why not you?

Opportunities are showing up all over the place. The question is who is going to take advantage of them?

We will know down the road when we see the ones with filled bags.

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It really is nice to know that we just need to carry a certain amount of stake and then it will be worth 100x or 1000x more in the future. Any one of those projects created on HE could be worth more so it's best to slowly grow a bit of everything.

Of course you should focus on a few projects but at least on HIVE, your stake can slowly grow without spending. Nobody knows which projects will be the successful one but if just a few become a winner, we can become a whale.

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Having holdings in many is not really a bad idea. We cannot tell which ones are going to explode so it is best to hedge the bets. However, we want to be loaded up on the ones that have the greatest chance of success in my opinion.

Of course, as you mentioned, that means spending the most time there.

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Yea I think its best to gather a few of everything and when things are looking good on their development, you can focus a bit more on that side to get more coins. If it will explode, it won't be a one off thing.

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I got a feeling anyone under 10K Hive will never get "very rich".

Even if Hive reaches 100$ , and you have 1k Hive right now, you would "just" have 100k. I mean it's not bad, but it doesn't even repay my mortgage. Especially if I deduce taxes from the cash out.

Also 100$ for Hive is a pretty long stretch imho. Not saying it won't happen though.

The main consolation is that as your Hive account grows larger, it gets easier to grow.

That is very true. It all does keep building.

The compounding effect on Hive and its associated applications is very powerful.

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Did you read the article? It appears you did not.

If you did, you would have read this:

One can join today and get started on the journey towards being a whale. It most likely will not happen in HIVE, LEO, or Splinterlands. However, there are numerous projects that are just getting started which could offer the path being described here.

The article specifically refers to the idea of not getting rich of HIVE but the other tokens.

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Nah, I always comment without reading. 😒

The sum of the article is talking about how there is a slight possibility of getting rich if we are betting on a coin. That was my understanding of it anyway.

It got me thinking about what would be required for me to be debt free regarding Hive, is all.

Have a good day 🙂

Unfortunately there is only one project on Hive that I would be considered a Whale at this point and it is not doing so great. It isn't dead, but it isn't growing the way you would think it should be. Hopefully that will turn around with time. I'd like to have some start up capital to get involved with some of these other projects that are popping up.

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In lieu of capital, there is activity. The best time to amass tokens for a project, PoB, is when there are few people using the platform. That will provide some good returns and you can build from there.

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Very true! Well I have been consistently active on here for over three years now, so hopefully that pays off. If it doesn't... I will still be here :)

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You have said something really true and thats the fact that we can't totally be involved in everything, because of time and money basically. One of the reasons why i'm happy is that it's never too late to become a Whale of another project. The only Constraint is that people don't know if their time and money would be worth it in a long time. Like you said its crazy out there. No one should sit out, the future will be big, everyone should try and build it.

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We all can take advantage of this to build our "businesses". Even if we are an individual, not involved in coding, we can still construct a "brand".

This will be very important going forward.

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Exactly and truth is, we don't even need to be the richest of people to do that. Steady does it. There are so many projects that will become huge in the future.

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Yeah the calls for the wealthy go get involved is misguided. They operate from a completely different mindset than the rest of us. We are here for the numbers, as in people. That is what will kick things to a much higher level.

The wealth we generate will come from the value we collectively put into a place like this.

That is what is so exciting. Anyone, even the wealthy, can be included.

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Even if one does have a basic knowledge of what is taking place, he or she cannot be involved in everything.

In that regard I can say that I've carefully chose my path. Hive is gradually becoming a society and one can not be all over the place. We have communities and we should take advantage of those.

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If in the future 1000 Hive will be enough to be a whale, the great thing will be that you also get passive income in the form of curation and maybe even RC delegation and rewards from there as well.

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Yes but even more importantly, perhaps those Whales in SPORTS or CTP will have a fortune in holdings at some point.

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Very true. Getting in early is always advisable as the longer you leave it the more it will cost you long term. How many projects have we seen create wealth already and we just watch them grow right before our eyes. Nuts if you think about it but as you rightly said you cannot be involved with every project. Sometimes just having a little stake can pay off massively over time.

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I came to HIVE system because of NFT Showroom and PoS instead of PoW ETH nft systems. What do u think about it, NFTs will also be popular on HIVE?

Hopefully or we will destroy the world we are trying to tokenize with the energy impact of POW NFTs

I dont follow it closely enough but the lack of transaction fees have to make it a great deal more attractive than what is taking place on Ethereum.

My guess is the more people work on putting up stuff that people want on there while also talking about it outside of Hive, the better chance it has.

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Very interesting thoughts. I think exactly the same about it! Cryptocurrencies provide us with new opportunities for wealth every day. Every day, cryptocurrencies give us the opportunity to be millionaires in a few years! Excellent article! Greetings!

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Every day, cryptocurrencies give us the opportunity to be millionaires in a few years!

Or at least get very nice returns.

It all keeps building, especially on a platform like Hive. The tribes are basically replicas of that idea so it will help them along to.

In the end, people can profit greatly.

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very nice this post, I believe that HIVE in 2/3 years will be better known and it is for this reason that it is the case to work now. I like Social Networks, I used Facebook a lot, now I don't use it anymore and I use PeakD or or LeoFinance. I see a good future for HIVE and see now is the time to accumulate

If we could get 100K people to do the exact same thing you did, we would be golden.

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The best thing that could happen for Hive was the long bear market.

It cleans so much out. Bad and weak holders. True believers stay. And because of the cheap price, the believers could get a stake.

At 5$/Hive most of us would be little fishes. Because of covid, for me, it was not possible to add the amount it was planned, but that's life right? :D

In the end, the community stays stronger than ever.

A whale in a tribe token is IMO a 100x higher risk as stay in Hive :D, sure the returns can be LEO-like, but it is difficult IMO.

This year will be huge for Hive, with so many things in the line. And some years from now, it will be a magic time we look back IMO.

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A whale in a tribe token is IMO a 100x higher risk as stay in Hive :D, sure the returns can be LEO-like, but it is difficult IMO.

Certainly there is not the assurances in a tribe that I would give to Hive. Of course, many believe that Hive has little to no assurances but I differ with them on that.

The point is that some of the tribes/communities/applications are going to be raging successes. A year ago, few to none were pointing to Leofinance saying that is going to be a raging success and 200x. Yet it did.

What tokens are on Hive right now that will follow the same path? I wish I knew but I can pretty much guarantee there are a couple out there.

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I agree with that.

Long term there will be really successful ones pop out.

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Thank you for the wonderful piece @taskmaster4450, You've said it all. It's better to take advantage of this early moment to grow one's stake if not on hive or leo but on other developing projects. I believe many users of the hive platform wish to grow and become a whale some day, but the challenge lies in the area of curation support for posts.

When an author is not constantly supported over time, he/she tends to labour hard with no meaningful result. Such a person may be left with no other option than to quit the platform. I know of some creative authors that left hive in frustruation months ago. They're non functional till date as it stands. So from my point of view, i think the idea of constant and meaningful staking towards becoming a whale and gaining financial grounds on the blockchain pays those who acquires constant support from meaningful curators than someone trying so hard to work with out been renumerated. As we know, all fingers are definitely not equal and you never can tell the condition the other party is passing through at the moment. Thank you for the piece once again.

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I know of some creative authors that left hive in frustruation months ago.

Yes people get frustrated when their posts do not get the votes they are looking for. However, that is a result of not engaging. I found most people in the situation you described simply come here expecting upvotes as a result of their "talent" and when people do see the enormous value they bring, they leave.

Sorry, that is a plan destined to fail. Instead, it is best to get involved. If the posts are not getting rewarded, start commenting. That is where a lot of engagement happens.

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That's very true @taskmaster4450. Constant engagement is the key. I believe no one will like a situation where their post is been bypassed without reading through or displaying a feedback commentary.

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The increase in hive means some are getting nervous or exited about their wallets after 4 years not or hardly looking. The amounts of some die hard posters go up fast and I am happy for those who did it the hard way.

I can tell you from my LEO experience it can get nuts.

Try to find those projects that have potential and load up. When it starts flying, things take on an entirely new perspective.

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This post is awesome and never a truer word spoken in regards to not being able to be across everything.

My Hive account is nothing major and I invested in it early last year when Hive split. I did alot of purchasing at the 15c mark and last month even bought another 2000 tokens.

I'm sitting at 10,000. I had plans on building more but decided to focus on Leo and have my Hive/Leo upvote kind of match. That way when I upvote I'm providing someone with both tokens.

Then CUB happened and I have been sinking cash into it. I am almost at my target and the amount I've spent I probably could have been a Hive Orca. I do reflect on it but it is about focusing. I can't be in everything so I just create targets or goals to reach.

My Leo target was 2000
My Hive was 10,000 (noting I also wanted to be an orca but needed to readdress this target.
My CUB is sitting somewhere where if it gets to the $2000 a coin mark I'll be able to pay out my mortgage.

Now, if I actually do that is another thing. Because I probably won't.

I think at current my next target will be Bro, Cine and proofofbrain. All of which I actively participate in.

Great advice mate!

I'm off to buy more CUB.

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It seems like you have a plan which is vital. That said, try not to spread yourself too thin.

Plus, you are establishing a solid foundation based upon what you are investing in. But where are your efforts. You mentioned CINE, perhaps a community to spend some time participating in each day. That one could be big if people start to realize it exists.

That is how we find the life changing money. Getting a great return is one thing however finding those gems that explode is another.

And you can do the later through effort.

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Cine is a great initiative, I'm a pretty big movie buff, so far I've only made 2 posts, I missed yesterday as I'm having issues with neighbours builders who have built part of their garage on my property and I almost lost a 1x33.5 parcel of land off the other side of my property.

I'll be giving it another crack today

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I think it will end up being very popular. We need to get a lot more things going but it is off to a good start.

The airdrop is complete so now we need to get people posting there regularly.

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I've done a few already, it's a great group and I really enjoy it. It's definitely one of my niches. If what I write is anyones liking is another question 🤣🤣🤣

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the whales have come here and well now we are even like dolphins but that is great since it shows us that we can constantly achieve our goals,
If it hurts to see BTC at the current levels and know that we lost the plane, but as you said once again there will always be a new car that we can get on, the important thing is to know that it is going on the correct route and not going to the cliff.
The whales of btc never believed to be in this position in their early years, never and now are they the kings of the neighborhood, ready to live in their castles, but well, well, maybe we will not reach the calf but we can achieve a little of the profits.
Of course it is enough to hold and we will know if we were successful or we will be in a failed project but I am sure that all hive projects will be a success in the future I do not know why the news headlines have not put their eye on us, we are still under the radar, Better this way we can grow slowly without silence and when this explodes we will be in transcendental positions.
The whale lost her since I was one there in the old chain and I was abandoned due to lack of support, my way from that painful experience stopped believing in many things but still we are growing there little by little trying to be in everything with little.

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There are going to be failures on Hive. That is the way it works. Not all businesses succeed. The same will be true here.

However, each of us only needs one or two major successes and we will be in a completely different position. That is available here.

It is just a matter of finding the "next Leo".

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How much do I need to be a whale?
I feel I'm still small peas but still decently placed in the system.
One of the coolest things about HIVE though is the tribe aspect of it. Even though you may not be a whale on HIVE you could somewhat easily be on a new tribe that you believe in. Or heck even start your own!

How much do I need to be a whale?

Depends upon the project.

Some more than others. However, if you load up on a particular community and it excels, boom, you are in a much different position.

The good thing is being around a while gives us the ability to keep adding, meaning we get exposure to a bunch of different things, many which can do very well for us.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Happy Birthday to the Hive Community
A successful meetup and its commemorative badge

As I posted in my post a short while ago
Not all projects are guaranteed
Not all Tribes are the same as Leo
You can buy in a project that starts and then stops, as I mentioned due to the failure to maintain a balance between supply and demand.

For example, when Hive rises, sales operations increase dramatically, which may lead to bankruptcy of the project.

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i think we are sitting on a goldmine which is called the Hive ecosystem. If we continue to grow like this both in terms of projects, development and people i believe our stakes will reach a new ath. I hope the marketing proposal to help with attracting more people and who knows maybe whales as well!

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i think we are sitting on a goldmine which is called the Hive ecosystem.

I agree with you. The more people here are successful, based upon whatever that means for them, the more they will attract others. It is not easy to talk about this stuff but when people are sharing how it changed their lives, then they are able to influence others.

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Marketing via word of mouth done correctly!

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