Hive Applications: Strong Especially Against Tron And EOS

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Sometimes we do not realize what is right under our own noses.

This is natural for humans. It appears we are mired in the "grass is always greener" viewpoint of the world. We compare our plight and quickly conclude things are better "over there".

It is behavior we see frequently on Hive. Many line up to blast the ecosystem, pointing out all that is wrong with it. This leads them to conclude that it will never go anywhere and it is destined to fail.

Of course, they do that with little contrast. Certainly, there are issues with Hive that are worthy of discussion. We should always seek to make things better while improving in any way we can. However, that does not mean that everything is golden elsewhere.

In the world of cryptocurrency, that means other coins and blockchains. The tendency is to look at price believing that tells the entire story.

@acidyo did a bit of poking around which resulted in this Tweet.


We know this is one of Hive's more involved users. Hence, the investigation into the actual offering on those other blockchains is insightful.

Obviously, just checking out some of the more popular application did not present this user with the feeling that much value was being presented. Sure, the numbers could be there in some regards yet, with bots, we know how that can be manipulated.

What is most interesting is one of the comments this Tweet received.


That is a pretty significant statement if you ask me. The fact that Stateofthedapps is making this public admission means that the DApps coming from Tron are not high quality (for the most part). This, of course, appears to mirror Acidyo's experience.

It is easy to overlook what is taking place here. Hive not only has applications that people are using, but it also has ones that a lot of time went into. This is leading to people enjoying their experience while we are seeing some consistent, albeit not overwhelming, growth.

Here is a list of the top Hive DApps according to State of the Dapps.


At present, there are 5 Hive based applications ranked in the top 21. This is a very good showing considering the success of DeFi on Ethereum and the fact the top 20 is filled with applications from that genre. These numbers were different a few months ago before a new DeFi project appeared on an almost daily basis.

What is encouraging is the placement of @cryptobrewmaster. This is a relatively newer game and one that is still in Beta. Yet, it has grown to over 1,000 users, placing it 15th on the list.

Certainly, a case could be made that all these numbers are so small they are practically meaningless. That is a point that can be acknowledged. We all are aware of how small the crypto space truly is. When comparing it to the Internet in general, the numbers we see are basically rounding errors for most of the big applications.

That said, when it comes to growth, starting with small numbers, overall, means incremental additions can be of great impact. While adding 500 users to Twitter or Facebook is pretty meaningless, it is a huge boost to Hive based applications. This means that the growth rates can explode, rapidly increasing value.

After all, for Facebook to add 10% to its ecosystem would take it years to accomplish. A game like Cryptobrewmaster can double its user base in a week and few online would even notice.

The entire industry is still awaiting a jump in growth. We do see some progress in the financial arena with Bitcoin and Ethereum having success on that end. However, when it comes to the technology based blockchains, i.e. the ones centered on development, there is a lot of trudging.

What is encouraging is that when people do finally start to arrive, we are seeing that Hive is offering them something. This is evidently true when comparing it to what is being presented on some other blockchains.

While they might have the name and marketcap, at this point, it does not appear they have the quality applications that are going to retain users. Hive at least is providing options that could appeal to people.

Now the quest is to get more users on each of these platforms.

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Truth is People judge majorly on the price and the issues it's got. Truth is that hive has got issues but then it's not worth people thinking it's a bound to fail. I've seen a lot of content of people saying they're leaving. But honestly the grass is not greener anywhere. People are attracted by all the shilling of other stuff and they feel it's superior to hive but that's not true.

May be true that Hive has better apps and ecosystem than Ethereum or Tron but the fact is that no one that isn't involved in Hive knows this. You can have the best product but if you don't advertise it will be unknown for most of the population.

The Hive ecosystem enables it’s users to earn actual crypto. That is what makes it special. As opposed to the TRON ponzi/gambling apps. Reward people and they will come.

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Nice post, and just you watch, once those "mired in the 'grass is always greener' viewpoint" have finished dumping, price will shoot up dramatically.

Hive Dapps are rocking and think if Hive has same developer base like ETH we might have lot of option to choose also.

I feel that we are lacking a lot of applications and games on HIVE, there is so much space of growth and things are still to develop at a greater pace. As the goal of HIVE was initially blogging, I think people mindset still have to change and put at good use what this blockchain has to offer and what it can become.

With the launch of Rabona this week, I would like to see it climb up there as I really enjoy football management and has quite some nice features now and in the roadmap (card NFTs, club ownership split, RBN tokens etc.).

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Can’t wait to see HIVE DApps becoming top 20 Witnesses

Yep! Thats nice idea bro))

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What a laughable tweet from acidboy.
He has a phantom "poshtoken" and goes of to try rubish Tron. Furthermore, isn't the aim of this game to attract investors to a project, specially when the season of speculation is upon us..

Where's Hive on that list?

There's no roadmap to this that could give outsiders a quick understanding of what they are investing (gambling) on. Even top dogs here (therealwolf) have openly written about how that's among the reasons why this Blockchain has faded into obscurity.

There's NOT ONE Hive project that's brining in a stream of users and big money holders. Even the LEO Group has openly criticised Hive as having no business sense. Aggroed wants to do DeFi on hive-engine but "only for Hive users." He sees implementing ETH connectivity as at least 12 months away. That's like building a skate park but only allowing kids on scooters to use it.

Then there's Branding...

A completely missing element outside of here. Search Hive or even "Hive Blockchain" and you don't even arrive at this one. Search Hive.Blog and there's not much more than low level users making random videos of how to sign up and make a dollar.

No significant information from the team, leaders, coders, a roadmap, the vision, or even what's the value of this operation from prominent users. To even find those videos you have to go through the 'shill channels of crypto' that at a point interviewed a prominent Hivean. That type of hype generating content needs to be found instantly and easily. Search Twitter and it's not much more than shilling to each other. Something that, from an investor perspective screams "our project is struggling."

Hive is like a Mormon compound that long detached from the world, depends on a limited few that go out to the community on their horse and cart to tell others that they're doing it wrong and missing out on the most advanced system.

Believing is great.
Delivering is greater.

That's a great initiative from you and your community. That's precisely my point though. That any information about this (Hive) depends exclusively on VERY COMMITTED users, when all that should exist as BRAND IDENTITY coming from the "team" which then speaks directly to serious investors that would seek to put large amount of money into the future of Hive.

There's none of that here. All the main heads that essentially exists as a centralised group controlling development and direction aren't even actively promoting this thing. They rely on community to do the leg work. Yet they all sing the same song "we are the greatest Blockchain ready for mass onboarding."

Evidently, that's just not happening.

As I said in previous comment, Even people within the network are openly criticising the very real fact that repeating the same thing over and over is just not getting results. There's one thing to believe that you're the greatest but when no big money takes notice then maybe there's much more work that this "greatest Blockchain" needs to do. Promoting to friends and family isn't it.

The big way starts with small steps.
Even if you start promoting HIVE among friends and family, it will be a good start.
Nobody in the HIVE owes anyone.
Every member of the community should understand what he has to do to promote HIVE.
This is the real decentralization.
Remember Bitcoin. Once upon a time, Bitcoin was worthless. After all, at one time there was no organization for Bitcoin and users promoted it on their own.

I don't agree with you man but as I said if you're committed to it because you believe in Hive then yeah by all means promote what you love. A user from the outside looking in though would see that as a negative. As a user you should just enjoy the platform and not need to be a worker.

The point I'm making is as to why big money investors no longer look at this chain as one worth speculating on. People already here buying more does not say much. It just means they likely enjoy the system the way it is and are confident that they can make profit. I'm not saying there's no profit here if you play the game right. Emphasis on "just right" because overall the ability to grow your investment is much too limited here. Many have written about that, so it's not just my opinion.

Community members like @encrypt3dbr0k3r believe in HIVE, buy HIVE on the market and start supporting gamers who use game dapps on HIVE blockchain.

Promoting to friends and family isn't it.

I disagre Imagine 1mil users with 100HP at least stacked))

Yeah imagine.

There's over 1 million dead accounts.
So clearly something failed along the way.
The promise of rewards was a falsehood.
The system only rewards if you work hard.
That's just not a good system.

@teknow That tremendous work was done by community funding btw

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I absolute agree. I found myself in the murky waters of Telos and EOS the last few days. Absolute dross. I am a user and there was nothing to use . The little games were a total waste of time and the whole experience was nothing short of a befuddling mess.
I haven't bothered with any other chains and that possibly blinkered view is now justified.
I often complain about the complexities of Hive but it's child's play in comparison.