Hive: A Platform Of Opportunities

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It is getting impossible to keep up with everything that is happening on Hive. This is a welcomed sight for those of us who are around for awhile.

Here is what many of us envisioned a few years back with Steem. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, things did not pan out there.

Hive, at its origin, was a blogging platform. However, as we see it today, we are a long way from that starting point. Hive encompasses so much more than that. We have a variety of applications, games, and funds that are drawing interest from people.

All of this is a result of innovation, development, and entrepreneurship of individuals associated with the ecosystem.

While not being able to stay caught up on all that is taking place, this is a benefit to all who come to the Hive platform. The expansion of offerings means there are a great deal more opportunities than there was a few years ago.

Thus, we see the product of all this effort.


One does not have to travel around too far before encountering a post about how Hive changed someone's life. For many in the poorer countries, Hive is a welcomed treasure. Whether it is using the rewards to buy food, medicine, or even a new phone for school, we see many having their lives positively impacted.

Hive is an ecosystem where one can arrive with no resources. This is what separates it from many of the bigger chains. While they have some offerings of this sort, it seems like Hive is expanding at a very rapid pace. In the first quarter of 2021, we saw a lot of communities form, many of which were tokenized. This is a foundation upon which people can start their journey.

In the world of crypto, we often talk about FOMO, Lambos, and mooning. That is obviously all nice. However, isn't changing lives a great deal more important? After all, much of what brings us here and pushes us to spend hours doing what we are is the fact that we know the present financial system is not working for the majority of the world.

Cryptocurrency has the potential to change the lives of all who get involved. Hive carries the same ability since anyone is able to participate. If one will spend some time understanding how things work, a clear path unfolds of how to set on the journey of "life changing" money.

Naturally, this is different for each person. In the early stages, those who have the lowest barometer are going to be affected first. What is powerful is that we are already seeing it.

Hive's focus is not on the blockchain. All efforts are to get away from that. Watching some of the developer calls, we see the effort to scale down what it handles. Instead, the focus of Hive is to have a thriving and expanding second layer. Here is where people can build rather easily to increase the offerings that we have.

The tokenization process is a beautiful business structure. As we see more entrepreneurs getting involved, this will take on added meaning. They will bring their business awareness to their projects while adding tokenization on top. This will likely create some powerful applications as they start to build brand awareness.

All of this feeds into the Network Effect. It is vital to remember that we are our own marketers. Because of said tokenization, each of us has a vested interest in whatever projects we are involved utilize. This starts with Hive and builds from there.


People are free to focus their attention wherever they want. Due to this fact, a completely new mindset is required. We all were reared in the idea of scarcity. That is not applicable here. Instead, we are dealing with abundance.

In spite of this, many still operate under the same conditioning they always were. They are threatened by what takes place elsewhere. They come from a place of "not enough". Thus they are in fear of things collapsing.

What is actually happening is the entire ecosystem is gaining in strength. With each new community, application, or user, we have a new base to build upon. At the same time, wealth is growing as each new token is distributed. Over time, we are seeing many people enhancing the resources they have available to them. This will only further the innovation in the future.

The market is presently 5 billion people with another 3 billion expected to be added over the next couple years. This is a significant amount of people, most of whom are suffering under the present financial system.

We offer a wonderful alternative.

While things are not perfect, a lot of progress is being made. Software takes time to develop. This is a reality of life. However, it usually moves a lot quicker than constructing things in the realm world. Therefore, we are able to see rapid advancement in relatively short periods of time.

Hive just celebrated its first birthday. Compared to where things were a year ago, it is pretty amazing. Of course, this has many of us excited about where things will be a year from now.

We cannot know what it exactly will look like at that time. What we do know is that, based upon the past year, we will see even more opportunities for people. Also, due to the compounding nature of most aspects of the Hive ecosystem, people will have more resources than they do at this moment. Bags fill up with each passing month as long as the activity remains steady.

Of course, for all the success, Hive is still at the point of grinding away. People expect a shortcut when there really is none. Applications need to be built. infrastructure is required. Coding is being done. Setbacks inevitably arise.

This is the nature of the beast that we are dealing with.

However, we have the opportunity to see something that we do not have often in the cryptocurrency world. Hive has the ability to generate a "developer's pump". Whereas most token prices are driven by the markets doing their thing, Hive is in a position where the results of the development drive the success. As we see more being offered, and the gaps being filled, we can appeal to more people.

Hive is just lurking, getting ready to pounce. We are not there quite yet. There are still a few things that require development before we reach that point. When we do, it will be something really not foreseen in the crypto-sphere.

In short, Hive is solving what others are struggling with. This will give it a tremendous leg up when the time is right.

Give it another few months and we will really be in a position to strike. Pretty amazing to think that a lot of this will be done in under 18 months.

Then we should see the opportunities that are being offered on Hive really explode.

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What's really crazy is HIVEs market cap is only 344 million we nearly have to triple that to hit the top 100 list on con market cap. Imagine how crazy things will get once we do that. Much more awareness and at that point Hive would be worth $2 - $2.75 each and most likely be rather steady.

But the coolest thing is projects around hive at least that I have seen for myself only really started being talked about and implement early this year. While all last year was more of the background guts of everything we are now seeing more front end UI's, tribes, DeFi and more coming. I still consider this to be ground floor for anyone looking to jump into HIVE but also any tribes within it.

Curious are there any details about SMT or if that's going to be a thing?

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con market cap

Was this a typo or a jab at Binance? LOL

Curious are there any details about SMT or if that's going to be a thing?

I am going to guess that is a layer 2 solution. The shift was from more stuff on the blockchain to less. The focus is still the same. In the interview with Blocktrades, he shared his view which makes sense.

Creating SMTs is rather limited. Why not develop a second layer, decentralized smart contract platform where tokens can be created to represent anything? Instead of being limited to just PoB, they can pertain to whatever the creator wants since the contract can take anything.

Here is the interview if you want to listen to it:

But the coolest thing is projects around hive at least that I have seen for myself only really started being talked about and implement early this year.

Yeah 2020 was all about optimization of the base layer and bringing down the cost of running this thing. We are seeing now the development on the second layer kick into a higher gear which is going to really expand what is visible to the community. Back end development goes unnoticed by most and only becomes a concern when something doesnt work.

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Thanks for sharing the link to the interview here. Without it, I would have probably missed it.

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No problem. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

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I think the price jump over the weekend will put a few more eyeballs on Hive. That's always good to be seen as one of the top gainers %wise.
It would be nice to see it consolidate here for another (steady) move higher.

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I think the price jump over the weekend will put a few more eyeballs on Hive.

It might but I am not sure it will add much other than some speculators. Nothing wrong with that, the more eyes the better.

Anything to capture attention is of help so we will take it.

As for the price, we will see what takes place. A consolidation would be a good move if it can hold these levels.

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Take a look at these numbers:

The 10 votes I get to use as a Dolphin is worth more than a day's worth earnings in some of these countries. HIVE can completely transform the lives of those living in the developing world.

That is a terrific way of framing it. We are going to see a great deal more of that in the future as we not only see the value of Hive increase but other tokens too. People can be pulling in a couple hundred a day with a major bull run from here.

That is radically altering money in many of those countries.

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Here is another extra bit: Most of Earth's population lives in these countries.
In India average monthly income is little over $500. In China it is close to $900. We are still a fraction from ATH and many of the top authors are earning more than that already.

There are also a lot of people who are in some of the poorer countries who are making a nice income off Hive, at least compared to what is taking place in their countries.

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Yeah, the problem for them it's that they can't hold as much Hive as they should, usually tend to take those benefits to pay their daily expenses. There is nothing bad in it, but I fear that will be very disheartening to see that they could have earned a nice passive income instead of posting and taking fast profits.

That's their choice though, well there isn't much to choose when you depend on Hive to eat everyday.

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Hey can you explain what these ten votes are as a new user?


One vote depletes about 2% of your voting power and 20% of your voting power is recovered in a day. You can visit for more information.

Other helpful links:

Awesome brother- thanks for your help...

You are welcome!

Exactly - this to me is the biggest use case.

I completely agree. HIVE is developing at a fast pace and we still don't have the decentralized video storage from 3Speak or Project Blank out yet. I expect this to onboard many new users as the Network effect trickles down.

I plan to watch the brofund interview with blocktrades later today when I get some time for a better idea of what is going on.

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Those two applications will really change things in my opinion.

In a big way.

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1 year is all it has taken to get this far. You did say that things would happen and quickly and how they have. Life changing money for sure as last night I had over $50 000 which is nothing to what is coming. Value on paper though as we all know we can't remove the stake as that is where the future lies in the stake. Will make a great income at some point and that excites me more than anything to be honest.

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Things are moving ahead at a fast pace.

It is hard to see on a day-to-day basis but when we look back, we see a lot was accomplished.

This is not going to slow down either. I believe it will only pick up going forward. There seems to be more developers involved and, of course, everyone is starting from a higher baseline.

It is great to see all around.

I do agree with you when you said we havent seen anything yet in terms of the price. There are much higher levels in my opinion.

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The interview with blocktrades was really good. Makes me even more bullish on the long term on Hive.

I think because hive is not like 90% of all other with like 5 people team, nobody can stop hive.

Its impossible to follow everything. It feels like a fulltime job to read everything whats going on and watch all relevant interviews :D

It feels like a fulltime job to read everything whats going on and watch all relevant interviews :D

Isn't that the truth?

I am glad you liked the interview. It was a pleasure to do that and catch some of his insights.

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it was awesome. Blocktrades has a cool vision for hive. And he also looks to me smarter as the team before to get things done.

I think with him, we have a really strong corechain dev.

I've only been with Hive for a few days and I love it. I spend my time researching about the project and getting to know the communities. I don't want to leave here anymore haha.

There is a lot of potential in hive. Hopefully many more people will join the project 💪

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Welcome to the site.

There are a lot of opportunities for all. This can be a life changing journey for all who emrbace it.

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Exactly my friend. Thanks for the welcome! 👋

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Hopefully many more people will join the project

Exactly, as the more people get to know about cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance systems et cetera, users will be increasing to these platforms, and HIVE is somewhere among the TOPs in this regard.

5 billion people plus 3 billion are expected... not a small thing.

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I didn't imagine Hive will get this far in a year, both development wise and also price wise. I guess it's a fitting birthday gift for Hive :)

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The development was for certain, the token price, always more questionable.

We could see the path that the coding was taking. Is the price catching up with what is taking place? We will see. Markets are funny things.

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You're like the Grinch of price pumps, trying to temper our price excitement :P

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Price pumps are just that. Market action tends not to make much sense and can reverse at any time. I learned that lesson a lot over the years. I am as unconcerned about the price at 70 cents as I am at 20 cents. Yes the excitement does increase but, in my opinion, it should be there all the time.

A price pump without development and expansion means little in the long run. A trader's dream, sure. But for the holders, it is not going to work out well.

We are seeing that which will eventually lead to pricing that is a lot more than a pump.

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I know they don't amount to much but they put me in an awesome mood :P

A price pump without development and expansion means little in the long run.

@taskmaster4450le what is your favourite beer..i want to buy you deserve an have said it all...

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Maravilloso artículo de principio a fin, que refleja este gran recorrido por el mundo de hive, esperemos pues con los brazos abiertos todas las cosas buenas que están por venir.

Wonderful article from beginning to end, reflecting this great journey through the world of hive, let's wait with open arms for all the good things to come.

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The tokenization of Hive has definitely brought some major attention to the coin. Lots of different hive-enabled sites have sprung up with their own tokens and the communities who back them have been nothing but helpful. I've been skeptical about "shittokens" but the communities have done well to back up what they believe in.

If people are struggling to grow on Hive, it's likely because they haven't taken advantage of tokens and probably haven't engaged with those respective communities often.

I agree with you. There are so many more possibilities compared to a couple years ago. The ability to stand out in the communities is much greater than just being there in general.

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Hive just celebrated its first birthday. Compared to where things were a year ago, it is pretty amazing.

It really is. This community is strong. From the price lows to the highs, most people just ignored the Hive price and kept being active on the blockchain. Feels like faith and patience was all it took. The first year was just to get our footing. I'm expecting the second year to be even better.

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The first year was a major shift in the optimization of the blockchain.

This was important to make the base layer as inexpensive to run while allowing for the opportunity for others to build on here.

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Platform Of Opportunities

More Time I spend here, I learn more and more and taking an opportunity

  • Yesterday I knew Hive Massive rise from here
  • Two days ago I could grab 80$ from coin called $bdollar after reading a post here about its dumb.
Not normal opportunities but great ones

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There's a life lesson here. If you have conviction, stay the course.

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Without a doubt. It doesnt happen overnight but, on the grand scheme of things, is rather quick.

A few years of dedicated effort to Hive and one's life can completely change.

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Well said.

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Good post. That's right, the more practical applications built on the platform, the more value will Hive gain. I'm excited about the future...

The way I see it HIVE's growth within a year have been fantastic! Give it another 12 months and it will amazingly fantastic!

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Really looking forward to the next hardfork and the multiple features it will bring. And to the various second-layer solutions being created. And to more features for communities. So much to look forward to.

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The next Hard Fork wont be too feature rich. Instead it will be more in tune with governance.

There are a couple things that are being added like recurrent payments (I think) and vote expiration for governance.

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Hive5! my new tagline

Hive is alive that is for sure.

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Hi @taskmaster4450
I didn't know whom to ask about something I wonder about other than you, because I am new here just for about 5 days and you are the only account whose posts I see more often on here. You have been doing truly a great job here and I admire your success on here this platform.

I am so sorry if I am taking your time, please believe me I wouldn't want to keep you busy, but as I said I felt you could be the only person answer my question.

I have been trying to get to know leofinance and trying to share posts on here, to be a part of it. I never posted copy articles. I tried to write about the things I heard about and read on the internet. Until today, I had 44 reputation points, but about half an hour ago when I got on here it was ''11''. It is still 11.

2 accounts which I consider they are this platform's account, like moderators or something else I guess @steemcleaners and @adm
I noticed those accounts downvoted or maybe marked me as spam. I felt so bad when I noticed that. Even my first post I wrote all of it by myself as I did the others was downvoted and my reputation points were gone.

Could you please advise me what to do or what I can? I would like to know why that might have happened and is there a way for me to contact anyone responsible on here or an address to write to them?

I would be so glad if you can inform me about that issue I have been facing. Thank you so much for your time and concern. Have a good day.

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I wonder what makes this comment spam @spaminator?

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Finally a bullish movement that serves above all to give confidence to all of our ecosystem.

The satisfaction of all Hive users today is greater than ever and this is good for everyone, both those who have always believed and those who were about to leave.

And we are only at the beginning, our hive has yet to leave for golden destinations

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Finally a bullish movement that serves above all to give confidence to all of our ecosystem.

The danger in this is that if the price heads back down, will people feel the ecosystem is garbage?

I do not think that price movement really tells very much about what is taking place.

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While I do not use the entire Hive ecosystem, except for Leofinance where I have practically made this space my home, however the token system that characterizes most of the groups of this social network has made Hive the most interesting project in the cryptosphere. I feel very happy to be here and to see how Hive is growing, and to be part of it with so many hostorias of improvement because of the power of this decentralized cryptocurrency, that is more valuable than its price.

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Thanks for this! I joined Hive this year and I am so happy I did. I live in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world and I couldn't work because of the pandemic. I am a self employed dancer and all performances were cancelled. my last life gig was march 12th 2020 which is really crazy to think about. On hive I still was able to share dance videos, or stories about my life as a dancer and it enabled me to stay creative, I am really thankful for that!

Hive is an ecosystem where one can arrive with no resources. -
Yay! People's lives are actually transformed!

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Here is what many of us envisioned a few years back with Steem. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, things did not pan out there.

People are free to focus their attention wherever they want. Due to this fact, a completely new mindset is required. We all were reared in the idea of scarcity. That is not applicable here. Instead, we are dealing with abundance.

I fit into these two stories.

So much so that I recently wrote about it in my posts

It is incredible the power that this has and what still has to be done.

My first two weeks here have been worth a lot more than my almost two years at Steemit

And today, in addition to helping me, and giving me new visions for the future in my life, I also want to take all this to other people. I want to help more people who can find a livelihood here that in your region may be difficult

Success for all of us.

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I am less than a year here, and may not have earn huge, but I can see the opportunity here. Someday, I'll be more inclined to be active here

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I just want to say thank you for making the intricacies of Hive digestible to novices like me. There are times when I read articles about Hive and feel like I just stumbled on an alien civilization whose language I can't decipher. Your articles are clear without be too simplistic. You also have a good "vision" of where things are going with the platform. Keep it up!