Hard To Bet Against Steem Right Now

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It is a very exciting time in the world of Steem. What is really amazing is to see how the ideas many people have are starting to come to fruition.

This is what happens, over time, when a number of people are working on projects . It often seems things are not going anywhere and we are going in a thousand different directions. Yet, that is exactly where the power resides.


One of the most recent revelations is the fact that @threespeak is seeking to become a platform itself. According to @theycallmedan, in a couple of interviews, he said that 3Speak is going to be a hub for video creators. The goal is to give them tools to become their own community. The goal of the SPEAK token is for it to be used throughout the entire ecosystem. People are encouraged to create their own video hubs which will be integrated with all else that is there.

This is much bigger than we were led to believe.

Another growth potential aspect of 3Speak is the idea that all involved are going share in the proceeds of the platform. To start, advertising is going to be split among the content creators and the viewers of the videos. This is surely a way to foster more activity among non-content creators. Why not get paid to watch videos?

The other exciting piece is the fact that the SPEAK token will determine the stake one has in the entire ecosystem. This is going to end up being a DAO where all revenue generated off the platform will be determined by stake. Hence, all those who are involved have the opportunity to benefit financially.

That is just one project.

Another is the recent announcement by @aggroed. We know that NFTs were just added to Steem-Engine. This is only the beginning. In the near future, we are going to see fiat added to the platform, enabling people to link a bank account.

Even more exciting is the revelation that a store front will be added to the SE platform. This is going to be a place where people can set up individuals stores to sell their products. It is something that is badly needed and a central place to have that service offered is very valuable.

What is very powerful about this idea is that it is tied to an exchange. Hence, whatever is in the different stores provides an outlet for every token on Steem-Engine since they are all convertible. One of the major questions in cryptourrency is what do we do with the tokens once we receive them? The goal here is to provide that answer.

This could be massive. As more people are drawn to Steem, catering to those who have products or services to sell opens up another avenue of interest. We suddenly are not trying to appeal to just content creators. Anyone with a product or service would suddenly have an interest.

Speaking of exchange, @steemleo did a major upgrade this week to their DEX. In listening to an interview with @khaleelazi,he said one of the main focuses of that platform is to bring out their marketplace which is under testing. Here again, we see another outlet for those who are in the Steem platform.

The key here is we see a spreading out of ideas, bringing many features to the platform. While it might seem as competition, all of this, ultimately, benefits those holding Steem. Remember, STEEM is what is underlying all of this.

There is a final piece that is really going to add to the entire Steem ecosystem. The @openseed project is just getting started and it has grand plans to develop a social aware internet.

What does this mean?

Essentially, the internet was designed to connect computers together. It really was not structured to bring people together in the form of community. This was done through layer 2 solutions such as Facebook. We also know that the present web is not designed to reward individuals but, rather, the platform owners. Finally, data is also in the hands of those same companies, removing the benefit from the ones who actually create it.

OpenSeed seeks to eliminate these obstacles. It is developing the ability to control and own data by building a platform from the bottom up. In other words, the key it to enable one to own one data transmission and then build from there. That is the idea behind their messenger that is being reworked.

Also part of this project is addressing the onboarding issue. This is something that all decentralized platforms are dealing with. I suggest everyone read some of the OpenSeed posts to get an idea of what they are planning.


These are just four areas that I think important. We could add to the list, SMTs, the CTP project, and the Resource Credit Pool.

Doing a little digging reveals that is a lot going on. By the way, @splinterlands is going to be featured on AMC tomorrow.

With all this activity, I am sorry, but it is hard to bet against the success of Steem. We are going to see a lot

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Is 3speak built on steem?

nope. it works with steem

What do you mean?

it dont need steem to works. It only use rewarding and log in ( but not 100% too). Like Dtube.

2020 should be exciting times for STEEM! If BTC start to take the lead we might see 1$ again very soon.

RC pools
Plus improvement on dapps

Its going to be one busy year, throw in a bitcoin halving and it could be very interesting

Amazing updates...

I love the part where people are being rewarded for watching videos on 3speak

..ya, things are happening!..i also want to join the one or other project, still have to figure out what makes really sense..meanwhile, great post, up..follow you..resteemed..steem on!..

Hard? I think that it is not so hard, but we will see what will happen.
To be honest, the number of the daily active users on the Steem blockchain is still decreasing since the December of 2017, which is now more than two years. Almost three.

And you think that is a bad thing?

One the surface it looks bad but think back to how things were back then.

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Yes, if a social network is constantly losing its daily active users, then that is a bad thing. And yes, things were bad back then, but nowadays things are even worse. At least in terms of real human interaction. Nowadays the real human interaction is rare on the Steem blockchain. You can see that in the statistics.
There were 8124 posts created on 2020.01.23, but the average number of comments were only 3.74. If we take a look at blog posts, then we can see that most of these comments are bot (or spam-like) comments. Sad.
This is only increasing the number of the leaving daily active users.

It sounds bad! Steem needs better marketing and an instant registration, that's my opinion.
Lets make this place more recognized!

It is a consolidation, a chance for the inner few to get to know each other better, imo.
Folks will over run us, once the farmers stop selling.
Once we get a handle on who is just here to strip value, this ship will right itself.
Only once the weak hands have sold can the price rise.
With the ninjamine, and circle jerks, that might take awhile.

Good thing we knew already you were wrong.

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Steem is growing and it's very interesting to have joined this journey!
May it be amazing!

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 10.15.51 AM.png

I just can't stand the time everything is taking. Let's hope SMTs get launched this year sometime.

Lol i think we all feel that way but its always going to be that way we will never be satisfied after SMT we will want something else im sure

Just the nature of things as one thing becomes our new normal

That's true/ But I got to say that I'm waiting to have my token on Steem for the mag I publish. The sad part is it's easier now to launch a token on Tron and integrate it with wordpress etc. Steem should have been there doing this for publishers. Anyway...let's wait :).

Oh 100% you could even use like coin which was on ETH and now on cosmos and steem should have had that too! I also want to intergrate the chain into my business and im also waiting lol

LOL :D...why are we waiting eh? I think it's the community

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Very exciting times, indeed!

I'm particularly interested in the development of an ecommerce platform here, as that strikes me as a use case that can truly not only bring a lot of people to Steem, but it assigns a weight of "this is real" that might pull Steem out of the perception in the greater world that this is just "Monopoly Money" we are playing with, here. I just hope they can solve the tricky issue of commerce priced with an asset that fluctuates — often wildly — in value.

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It's pretty good hear news from STEEM. There will be a lot of activities in near months

I think the hard part is pitching this to average people. We need creators! We need people who are great at making funny memes and Dtube we need people to who make great, heartfelt production. We're not seeing enough of that. There needs to be a stronger niche or brand imo

Well said and yes, so much potential to grow.

There are as well more cool games like holybread.io arriving where you have a chance to make more steem by playing.

This one looks promising and I hope they learned from others who failed.

@taskmaster4450le, look what I've just found. Compare this with what we have today :)

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