First Payout From Cryptobrewmaster: Illustrates The Future Of Hive

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Hive is becoming the blockchain of opportunity. We are seeing an increasing number of ways to be rewarded for out activities. While it started as a blogging platform, we now see many more options. The user base is free to choose what they get involved in and how they pursue the growth of their accounts.

We all know gaming is becoming a bigger feature on Hive. The success of Splinterlands is well known. However, it is not the only game in town (I guess pun intended there). There are others that are progressing in their development. In my mind, this only provides a boost to the entire Hive ecosystem.


@cryptobrewmaster is one such game. Introduced about a year ago as well as being highlighted at the last Steemfest, we see the game quickly becoming a favorite with Hive users. The simplicity of the game makes the learning curve short while providing a payout to users that can easily be converted.

The game is still in Alpha. I started playing it as soon as it went live. It is one that requires only the pushing of a few buttons throughout the day.

In one of their recent updates, they added the ability to withdraw the game's currency, CBM, to one's Hive-Engine wallet. They set a minimum level of 1,000 CBM for this feature to be utilized.


Yesterday, I was able to conduct my first "payout".


I will state that this is from nothing more than my activity in the game. At no point did I put any money in to buy the different ingredients which would help in my rewards. For the first trial, I simply wanted to see what would result by getting involved in the game from scratch.

Here is the important point. Looking at the price of CBM on H-E, we see it is roughly .05 HIVE.


Using some non-advanced math skills, we see this equates to roughly 50 HIVE. That was the reward that I received for playing the game.

While 50 HIVE is not going to make anyone rich, it is an avenue for people to grow their HIVE holdings. Many assert how they cannot get any of the rewards because few upvote their posts. Here is an example of a way to accumulate HIVE with very little effort. The CBM can be converted over and then powered up.

This one round of activity which looks like it can be done in a bit over a month, could assist smaller accounts in gaining power within the Hive ecosystem. In other words, doing this for a year will bring someone to Minnow level if all is converted and powered up.


Is this approach going to make anyone rich? Obviously not. However, it does show what happens if we look at the totality of what is being offered within the Hive ecosystem. This can be considered one piece of the building blocks utilized in the growth of one's Hive account.

Certainly, from the developers' perspective, having a game where everyone cashes out the in-game token is not ideal. Thus, we have to focus upon the tokeneconomics of the game to determine what opportunities lie ahead. At this point, I do not know the plans that the team has. However, it only makes sense that they are going to incorporate more use cases for the CBM token in a manner where people can "invest" in their brewery to generate a better return. This is speculation on my part but it is a logical step.

What if, for example, the users can re-invest the CBM into their brewery and generate 100 HIVE per month instead of 50. Over a year's time, this would increase the payout to 1,200 HIVE. At present pricing, that is a few hundred dollars, not bad for pressing a few buttons throughout the day in an online game.


They say one of the best ways to build wealth is through multiple streams of income. Most rely just upon their job to make them money. In this scenario, their stream numbers a grand total of one. If there is a spouse, we might see the number jump to 2.

Here we can see the future of Hive. I firmly believe that people will have the opportunity to generate dozens of streams of income just from this ecosystem.

Over time, we see the exponential nature of things. A few tokens from different projects might take off. Our activities could be multiplied in terms of the return by a token doubling or tripling in value. In the example here with CryptoBrewMaster, if the price jumped to .1 or .15 HIVE, we would see the mound, in HIVE, that is paid out for each batch of beer growing by the same factor. Suddenly, one is getting 100 or 150 HIVE for 1,000 CBM.

Spread this same concept across a couple dozen income streams and then we are getting somewhere. Of course, not all have to be active, many can be passive. Thus, the ability to generate, not only an income, but wealth remains a viable opportunity in the future. Obviously, the level required by each person will vary. Nevertheless, as a means of tapping into abundance, Hive is starting to offer that opportunity.

CryptoBrewMaster is just one piece in the larger puzzle. If you haven't played it yet, give it a shot. It is worth the time.

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Great game. I am playing it as well, but I haven't reached threshold. Just curious, have you tried to boost production which cost 400 cbm in the factory? Will it increase the number of beer produced? Thanks.

It doesn’t work yet. It’s greyed out, a feature yet to be released. See @rollie1212’s response to my query about the production boost:

No putu300. I did not do anything other than the basic usage of garnering the ingredients and then brewing. Nothing was put into boosting or buying the ingredients. I did take advantage of some of the ingredient sales over one of the weekends.

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I firmly believe that gaming is one of the key factors for mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

The advantages are obvious - instead of just playing you suddenly generate value while doing so. Sure, it won't make you rich (yet) but then again I've already made close to 2,000 Hive just playing games and IMO this is just the beginning.

2,000 HIVE from playing games @khazrakh? That is very impressive. At today's market price, that is worth about $450 USD.

Now lets grow it exponentially. We can presume you will keep playing the games and earning more. At the same time, what if the price of hive doubles? Suddenly all your efforts are twice as valuable.

Again, not rich but a fine reward of playing some games that you enjoy.

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I will have to check this out today to see what it takes.

Do you have an estimate of the amount of time it takes you to use it? I like dCity where I can look at it every so often but don't really have to make any changes outside of once a week or so. Splinterlands is fun but it takes a fair amount of time to play. I think I'll still give the brew game a try but I just want an idea of how much time it takes to interact with it so I can plan accordingly.

Once you know where everything is and the 5 different ingredients, it take a few seconds at a time. For example, I have a quest going now that still have another 3.5 hours to go. Each brew requires 5 separate ingredients. Throughout the day, I am able to press the button on the ingredient needed, and let the quest take care of itself. Once I have the 5 ingredients, brewery requires pushing a few buttons then coming back in 6 hours.

This is not spend a great deal of time on the game. Instead, it is check back in frequently to get what is needed and them go about your business. As I said, a few seconds at a time.

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I just made my first brew on another account. Using the referral link from this account here I got some free stuff which was cool but had I known, I would've done that lol

What do you get for making the brew? Does it turn into in-game rewards? I'm going to look for more of a tutorial on the game. Seems like it will be pretty cool but what I really like is that what I said will be important for the future of Hive, as well as many others like yourself, seems to be coming to fruition! Gaming will be how we compete with giants like ETH, given our free transactions that hurt places like ETH, given the volatility with gas prices.

The CBM that is generated is held until you reach 1,000, then can be sent to your HE wallet and converted to whatever you like.

In game the uses are minimal at this point. Right now, the only thing is to speed up the time it takes on quests and brewing. But I am sure there are more on the way.

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Yeah, I just found out that there are daily tasks and stuff to make some different things like hops etc. that's cool! I didn't realize that yesterday. I'm liking the game so far, do a few things and come back some hours later. Not a lot of effort but it's pretty fun!

Another way you can be rewarded in Hive... You are now rewarded with ARCHON tokens for making comments on posts in the Shadow Hunters Community! A great partnership that is boosting Engagement!

Cool! Thanks for sharing that. I got a few ARCHON tokens but wasn't entirely sure how to get more besides using the upfundme post tag. I've seen quite a few of the shadow hunter ones but haven't had a chance to check them out. I'll have to make it a point to now!

Be engaged and get rewarded for it too! Pretty sweet deal! You can see the Shadow Hunters/ARCHON -feed in the Archon Discord And we would love your support on Shadow posts!

!BEER ;)

Hey @taskmaster4450, here is a little bit of BEER from @rollie1212 for you. Enjoy it!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 20 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @taskmaster4450, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Loved your "non-advanced math skills" part...😂

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You're right, 50 hive will not make anyone rich but then it's really decent at least for playing a game and giving people various options to own hive apart from blogging.

However, it only makes sense that they are going to incorporate more use cases for the CBM token in a manner where people can "invest" in their brewery to generate a better return.

Theoretically, in all kinds of ways. There’s a yet to be introduced government building. Perhaps we’ll be able to bribe local politicians. 😄

Great game, I am enjoying it a lot so far and I am very anxious to see its future (of course while being a part of it)

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This game looks pretty good and the opportunity to earn more reward is great.

So 1000 CBM = 50 Hive ?

Love it!

I'm 1/3 the way there. Glad to see it's worth that much! That's awesome

Very interesting, I need a tutorial :D

Multiple streams of income are indeed important

Congratulations on your achievement! To be able to make your withdrawal takes a certain amount of time and knowing how to click the right ingredients every day, you can always make beers.

This is undoubtedly a game that I liked quickly and I hope that more resources can be inserted to make things more interesting.

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This is only the future of HIVE if top leadership makes it a priority. We certainly hope this is the case.
Here's to a bright future that includes Hive blockchain gaming.

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