Cryptocurrency: With Abundance Comes Huge Growth

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The discussion about abundance extends far beyond the world of cryptocurrency. Many in the tech community are promoting the idea. These are the people who are on the frontlines, involved with companies that are creating cutting-edge stuff.

Yesterday, there was an article that discussed the decentralized Internet and how it could benefit Latin America. It delved into how peer-to-peer networks would bring those economies forward in a dramatic way. Having a digital economy generates abundance because a country is no longer constrained by what it has physically.

What is interesting is most people are still looking at the world like it is 1995. Age-old beliefs are still held. It is time to change this mindset.


For example, when it comes to investing and returns, what is commonly sought after? Many will state that a 10% return is outstanding. Historically, this is the case. However, why do we settle for this when so much more is out there?

The short answer is this is what we believe. Until our mindset is altered, most are going to be mired in the same cycle.

Fortunately, it does not take a lot to break out of this. The reality is there is a lot more taking place which provide opportunities. New systems are being constructed that completely change the game.

In other words, get ready for 1,000X returns.

Technological advancement generates huge abundance. This includes financial which, anyone is crypto knows, is showing up on a weekly basis.

What has been the best investment over the last 12 years? Bitcoin. And what was the return since inception? At the end of 2019, it was 8,990,000%.

Bitcoin actually makes the 1,000X return look small.

The stories of legendary returns and enormous wealth generated by Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft are well known. Who wouldn't want Tesla right now at $18 a share? Or Amazon at $6? How about Apple at $7.

What is really interesting is these stories are going to become commonplace over the next couple of decades. We are dealing with some very powerful technologies that will create abundance like we never saw before. The question is who will be involved with it?

Historically, there were only a few who were able to benefit. This is no longer the case with cryptocurrency.


We see projects that are starting today, with tokens, that will 1,000X over the next 10-15 years. Of course, many, if not most, will not go anywhere so we have to be very selective.

Nevertheless, a mental limit is something we cannot put in place. There is a tendency as humans to only believe that something can go so high. We believe what we perceive to be believable.

There were a couple writers who were mocked when they wrote a book promoting the idea of the Dow going to 36,000. This was thought insane. No longer.

By the same token, many felt that a $3 trillion company was completely asinine (before there were $1 trillion companies). Now, with Apple and Microsoft both crossing the $2 trillion value, even $4 trillion doesn't sound outlandish.

Bitcoin at $100,000 is a level that many believe will happen. There is another group of people, smaller in number, who feel that we will see $1 million BTC. I am not going to argue against either viewpoint since it is possible.

If the above article is correct, and we do see a decentralized Internet forming, this will mean that data is also decentralized. The net result of this will be trillions of transactions each day travel through blockchain networks. Imagine the growth when going from a hundred million to trillions.


The key transition for humanity is when we shift from the digital to the virtual world. That is where exponential abundance will take place. We saw enormous increases over the last few decades due to digitization. However, this will pale in comparison to what happens when the world goes virtual.

Suddenly, there are very few constraints on any economy. Unlimited layers can be developed that all have value and build upon each other. Those that are innovative and get in early will see outlandish returns.

Here is a big lesson that we need to learn.

Abundance is the elimination of FOMO.

In a scarcity world, we are all afraid of missing out. The reality is we are rapidly evolving to the point where, if one bus is missed, another one will come along shortly.

This means that Bitcoin already left the station, at least from the few dollar point of view. That does not mean it is the last one. We will see hundreds of more opportunities like Bitcoin over the next few years. Sure, they will be different in nature, addressing issues that are still out there. However, BTC will not be the last 9,000,000% return asset.

During the last crypto bull run, the marketcap hit $800 billion. Presently, without a massive bull, we are sitting at $400 billion. Granted, the Bitcoin bull did rear its head. Yet we must keep in mind that we still are 35% below the all time high.

Another bull run will push the total marketcap of cryptocurrency into the trillions of dollars. This was an industry that was exactly zero 12 years ago. It is likely that, by 2030, this will be pushing towards a hundred trillion dollars if the development keeps pace as it is.

Again, this might seem insane to some people. However, is it really crazier than what took place since April 2013.

Here is the chart from their history (this is the oldest that I could find):


The entire crypto world was, at that time, about $1.5 billion, with Bitcoin making up almost all of it.

Today, 7.5 years later, it is about $400 billion. Is it any crazier to think of going from that level to $100 trillion as compared to going from 1.5 billion to where we are now?

After all, we only need a 250X from this point. The move since April 2013, was a 266X.

Get ready for a much wilder adventure over the next decade.

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Definitely right about something, bitcoin has left the station but even I believe this is it's early stages even after being 11 years old. Like you said there's no limitations with returns especially when it comes to crypto and this is the kind big potential a futuristic business person would eventually understand.
With all that's going on, BTC prices will definitely suprise and stun us in the future but I don't want to out a price prediction on it, I might be limited with my stance.

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To me, Bitcoin is a safety play with major return potential. It is safer than most out there although will not provide the biggest return (although I do believe it will be amazing).

Others could outperform it but come with greater risk.

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Greater risk greater return but not! I'll rather stick with the steady and slower returns from BTC surely it gets better with the future. I'm with you on this.

That could be true although with HIVE, we could see bigger returns with not so great risk.

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Yeah hive too, I heard many people are rather going after hex because of the insane gains. But things like that are just too far risky for me.

I never touched HEX. Hopefully those people make a boatload and buy some HIVE.

There are a great many opportunities out there but some do include a great deal of risk. On Hive, I feel the possible returns are there without the enormous risk. Many projects have not shown much but there are a few, like LEO, which carry low risk in my opinion.

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Yeah so far the risk is much when you look at some other opportunities. I never touched hex too because the craze for wealth isn't what I exactly want. Long term. And consistency as well.

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Here we go, i see little coin here and it is an oportuniti to enter righ now, because a normal and common mortal could enter maybe 5 ltc could get an amazing return in the future or maybe not, well man we hope stay here to take advantage of this great oportunities, unfortunitlely we loss the first btc but as you say it is posible take the next bus, or maybe we could take the truck of garbage and finish in the gargabe, the time say us.

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It could be a major windfall for you...or could be a dud.

Tread carefully but the opportunities are out there.

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Absolutely phenomenal and with this exponential growth comes new responsibilities.

thank you very much for this excellent breakdown and analysis and I really appreciate your words and have been listening to you speak for quite a while.

Here is two more positive growth and amazing events happening in our life

Thanks for the following. I appreciate that you find value in it.

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Of course I appreciate you sharing your insights with us.

@taskmaster4450, Opportunities = Abundance and that means More Opportunities (MO) = More Growth (MG). Stay blessed.

It is a simply formula.

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Ohhh, I remember these days.
How my colleagues at work were looking at me like a complete idiot, when I was saying :
"Buy some bitcoin NOW, very soon it will reach $100" 😃

I know some of them do not own even one single Satoshi by today. Fantastic things behind my eyes...

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Yeah those were the really early days.

Just like when we say "Buy LEO because it will soon be $3".

How many will buy it.

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Now the big question is: Did you take your own advice? :D

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Yes, this was an interesting article. However, i'd have to push back quite a bit on this.You mentioned: " Historically, there were only a few who were able to benefit. This is no longer the case with cryptocurrency

My thoughts are it's at this point still following a similar pattern of poor distribution which is not good in any economic model. The successful companies such as Tesla and Apple many are seldom able to benefit from based on regulation. So by the time the average person is investing the ship has already sailed.

Whereas with cryptocurrency there exist no regulations to stop you from fomo or making an investment. Cryptocurrency still fails to be useful to the very people i believe its designed to help the most. When we look at areas like Latin America..Southeast Asia. Africa, India. Well the people involved in cryptocurrency we're finding out often times aren't the general population but in some cases wealthy business people and merchants representing a vastly smaller part of these economies. Which i think answers the question why hasn't crypto already just replaced an economically stressed dollar some place. So the people who have collapsing banking systems and financial instability are generally not the ones using crypto.

I think with the idea of unrealized potential gains. Such as what they play with in many of these defi projects. The arbitrage created in cryptocurrency from these projects aren't valid or sustainable unrealized profits. So generally after a few people make a considerable amount of money they collapse like paper tigers.

I think it's quite optimistic in the belief of some in the $100k Bitcoin. Conceptually .. conceivably cryptocurrencies can go to any number. The problem is Bitcoin whereas impressive only sits about $200 billion. Not bad but a far cry from what they are imagining. I think Bitcoin occupying 20-25% of the $9 trillion gold market value is fanciful thinking. It's many arguments i have about that but that would require a paper. My guess is Bitcoin is so mass heavy now The institutions controlling about 5% of it can profit more on volatility and shorts in a tight margin and still make considerably money. I think it's less opportunity again for a paradigmn shift in the global state of affairs i believe crypto makes more sense to be focused on.

So also i think this technology is like a canvas for a painter. Unfortunately at best we can only still create replicated models of existing old dying 20th century capitalistic models that economist say will enter yet another economic recession next year. Bitcoin often times in which behaves just like it. I believe that makes sense as the cryptocurrency community follows the same exact model we left traditional finances for.

I am optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency. We just haven't demonstrated what it is yet. In the 21st century we should be looking at like (POG), or what i call proof of growth models. Evolutionary leaps forward and a more accurate model for value in a participation economy which is now an economy with very few participants outside and in crypto. Even at the height of this defi craze there are only about 400k participants which is not enough. So we're on the right path i believe but we're not on the right target as of yet.

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Looking at these numbers and not believing in a bullish explosion for years to come is neglecting the potential of cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, in addition to BTC, many alts will take advantage of the rocket.

We will have good stories to tell our children and grandchildren in the future. Many will doubt that we saw BTC at 13 thousand dollars, imagine if we say when we tell how it was created.

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it's good that crypto is now spreading to more people and business and application

I haven't spent a lot of time analyzing the crypto markets as you have (thank you for sharing your insights in that area), but I believe the potential upside far outweighs the risk. However, I also think that not everyone has the ability to participate in this coming abundance. Those that would benefit most (those living in third word countries) still have hurdles to investing that hinder (if not prevent entirely) their access to the world of crypto. I, personally, have visited areas in the mountains of Honduras where people do not have access in their homes to electricity or running water, much less the Internet. Even if they could find access, would they have the time or inclination to learn about investing in crypto? So even though the abundance is growing, it is not everywhere.