Cryptocurrency: Fending Off The Dystopian Renaissance

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The world is changing at a rapid pace. This year we saw a lot of things happen that, quite frankly, scare the pants off people. For this reason, people are facing greater uncertainty than at any time in recent history.

It appears that the world is "going to hell in a hand basket". Even the United States, one of the leading countries in the world, cannot hold an election without major controversy. Sure, dead people vote in every election but we saw it go to new levels.

Of course, those who stand back and realize that, in the end, it doesn't really matter. Donald Trump, who's faults are legendary at this point, was not the one who are obliterating the freedom of humanity. We saw this taking place on a grand scale, outside of the Trumpster.


The "Great Reset" is underway, with politicians and think tanks leading us into the new generation. To accomplish their goals, they need to collapse the old system before they can "rebuild". The first part was mostly accomplished. Another 6 months will lead to the finishing of what they started. After that they can embark upon the second phase of the plan. If only building economies were that easy.

We saw the ascent of technology companies to a level we never saw before. The likes of Facebook and Twitter basically told the U.S Government to go stick it in their eye. Many feel this is a wonderful thing since they agree with the political perspective of what these companies are doing.

However, be wary of authoritarian regimes because they are parasites who have to chew on someone. After they are done with their host, they move onto another. That is the corruptive nature of power.

Technology is a powerful force that can change humanity for the better. For the most part, technology is neutral in nature. The results are based upon how humans use it. The "good" or "evil" is determined by us.

@zoidsoft often wrote about how we were going to enter this age where technology companies overtake governments in the early part of this decade. We are seeing it unfold. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Apple affect our daily lives more than the governments we live under. Mark Zuckerberg, right now, impacts more people than Joe Biden can ever hope to.


Hundreds of years ago we emerged from the Dark Ages. The Renaissance allowed humanity to take a great step forward. This was something that had not been seen before. Change took place at an anemic pace before that.

With the introduction of the Renaissance, the fate of the world progressed forward rapidly, at least in comparison. Change was absent for thousands of years yet, suddenly, within a couple centuries, remarkable things happened.

Fast forward to now and the pace back then looks anemic. We are likely entering another Renaissance Era. This one will not take centuries but, rather, will occur in a couple decades. The leap forward based upon what is rolling out will be monumental.

Sadly, the determining factor with technology often comes down to control. While politicians and governments proved throughout history how they were ill-suited for power, corporations are showing the same tendency. The abovementioned companies are no better at resisting tyranny than any other enslaving institutions throughout history.

Thus, humanity has to decide its fate. While it might seem hard to believe, people do have a choice in this matter. They are able to "opt out" to a certain degree on a daily basis.

Cryptocurrency is the starting point. Throughout history, money equals power. It is really that simple. Money is what bought castle walls, forged steel into weapons, and paid solders to kill the "enemy". Unfortunately, this resource controlled by only a few people. In fact, the creation process was monopolistic in nature.

Today, we see a different model forming. Anyone, with an Internet connection, can create a currency. This is something that was not possible even a decade ago.

Does this mean that power is going to be pulled away from the monopolistic entities that historically controlled the fate of humanity? If the majority of humanity embraces what is happening, there is a good chance that is exactly what happens.


Decentralization is one of the most powerful concepts we ever encountered. Unfortunately, humanity is not very good at applying it. There is sound reason for this since there was a problem with scaling. Cooperatives have shown themselves to be very successful on a small scale. However, when trying to scale up, they tend to fall apart.

The Internet is changing all of this. We saw over the last few decades how the "network effect" completely alters things. Cooperatives now are able to scale into hundreds of millions of people because geographic location means nothing. Cryptocurrency adds to this since we can tokenized every aspect of the process, offering the users exactly what is needed. For example, governance can now be spread throughout with the use of tokens.

This year saw a great leap forward in the acceptance of cryptocurrency as an asset class. Validation certainly came to Bitcoin through the activities of institutions and very powerful people. Isn't it interesting that we still require the participation (approval) of the powerful for something to be valid? Sad but that is where humanity is at.

As we move through the rest of this decade, we will find very powerful technologies at our finger tips. If edge computing done unfold as many expect, we will have powerful AI systems on our devices. This is going to change what is possible.

However, we need to be wary of this all stemming from powerful corporate forces. If they are at the core of it all, humanity is not going to be any better off. In fact, it will rapidly become a dystopian nightmare.

On the other hand, if we can start to spread the power of technology out, into the hands of millions, and then billions, of people, we will see a completely different outcome. The "for profit only" motive is going to diminish as more people are involved for a variety of other reasons.


We are not shedding a monetary based system anytime soon. For this reason, it is critical that we use cryptocurrency to fend off the potential dystopia that could arise from technological control. The benefit starts with the fact that cryptocurrency is a technology itself. Thus, simply through engagement, we are spreading the power that comes from this technology out.

The last 30 years already moved things forward on a large scale. However, compared to the original vision, the Internet of today is a far cry from what the originators set out to do. We have a siloed system that have controlled and profited off the actions of many. The beneficiaries are but a few, pushing the wealth inequality of the planet to an even greater extreme.

It is time to start reversing that trend. The technology is in our hands and we can do something about it. Those who are able to build should do so in an effort to promote the ideals and concepts contained herein. If they do not, the applications will be build. The problem is then we will see the mega-corporations step in and take over.

They are already well on their way. The technological renaissance is upon us.

What are we going to do to ensure that it is not dystopian?

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The crypto is here and will remain, this can no longer be prevented. There are two problems or challenges, as I see this scene, one is mass acceptance, which is not yet the case, but I am afraid that when it comes, corporations and governments will adjust the situation to their advantage, they have the power and resources and usually, always they do. We are not there yet, but it seems to me that this time is near. We can only hope that they will not succeed.

In my opinion, the future of cryptocurrency. The digital world does not stand still. It just takes time for more people to become interested in cryptocurrency.

No the digital world does not stand still. In fact, it is moving at a more rapid pace.

People who think it will standstill are going to get left behind.

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I have noticed that there is definitely a pessimistic bias in the crypto world. Many here are stacking their crypto as a hedge against the collapse of FIAT. I certainly think there are issues but I'm not as down on the future as many here seem to be. But none the less, I'm going to stack some crypto just to be safe.

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Fiat isnt going to collapse. Many in crypto still have the gold bug mindset.

Their understanding of international finance and economics is rather scattered.

There will be aspects of the system that do collapse but that will be navigated around. Instead this will be a consistent slow bleed, with more moving away from the powers that are now.

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I think some countries are going to have major issues with inflation, and the US may be one of them. You can't borrow as much as we do with out consequences.

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Hard to have inflation when the economy is collapsing and with wages being destroyed.

The US is the one country almost immune since it has money throughout the world. The last 4 decades show the money printing leads to inflation fallacy.

When the velocity of money fell off the cliff, it was game over in that regard.

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I agree with your idea about decentralization and maintaining a level of control. However I would like to add that if we want crypto currencies to expand and be accepted by the rest of the world, we need to show valid use cases. I like what HIVE blockchain is doing and the dApps themselves are helping people see the value of crypto currencies, but it is not enough for the rest of the world. Currencies only have power because people believe in them and I believe the same for crypto currencies. So long as we show how useful they are, more people will be believe in it.

The biggest drawback to cryptocurrencies at this point @jfang003 is the lack of use cases. We do not have marketplaces set up where people can pay for everyday goods and services. This is a step that needs to be taken.

Sure people like speculation and wealth growing opportunities are great. However, without the use cases for crypto, many will still ask "what can you do with them?".

Of course, things are a lot better than it was a couple years ago so we are making progress.

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Thinking about the power of cryptocurrencies in so many different fields of activity is like doing an extremely challenging mental exercise. The possibilities are enormous and many of them are still unknown.

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Yes especially when we remove the idea of cryptocurrency in the "traditional" view.

We tend to isolate it to either an exchange of value (or store) as well as speculation.

There are going to be a lot of other innovative ways tokens are used in the future. This will unleash a massive amount of development.

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Sadly, I think democracy is dying a slow death. I blame globalization, big tech, and the normalization of dealing with authoritarian countries.

Or perhaps it died years ago and we just didnt realize it.

Technology might actually be reinvigorating the movement in that direction.

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Like the corps (corporations) in cyber punk 2077 heh.. sorry but seems most dystopian futures seem to be headed the same. Robocop!

Technology is usually always in the hands of a few companies and they have the power to influence billions of people.

The blockchain is a technology that instead comes from people and we must be good at managing it. If it went into the exclusive hands of multinationals, it would lose the meaning of its existence.

For these the CDBCs are a failure

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We are living in interesting times with a lot of change that will take place in only a view years. It is true that technology is neutral by nature and that the user decide if it is used for in favor or against humanity. The question that maybe the core here is, are humans as a species mature enough to deal with the technology they are going to invent? It is true that governments and big companies doing what they can to solidify their influence over as many as possible people they get hold of. And that they constantly extract the value out of the systems the find. But it may also be true that these organizations often started in the best interest of humanity and got corrupted over time. States were formed to secure their citizens, to feed them in starving times and give them an identity. Google started with „Do no evil“ as a vision statement. It looks like there are systematical forces that may be grounded in our hardware as a species that constantly are leading the way to authoritarian systems and inhumanity. I hope that the new technologies will bring us closer together in order to strengthen our altruistic and caring aspects. There is a tiny chance that these human abilities may overcome the greed and selfishness that has been cultivated by capitalism for several centuries now.

The question that maybe the core here is, are humans as a species mature enough to deal with the technology they are going to invent?

We are going to soon find out and it is a valid question. There is a part of me that will say no we are not.

I hope that the new technologies will bring us closer together in order to strengthen our altruistic and caring aspects. There is a tiny chance that these human abilities may overcome the greed and selfishness that has been cultivated by capitalism for several centuries now.

It might. The only way I foresee this even being possible is to overcome the centralization of many of these technologies. In the hands of the psychopaths who are in government and run many corporations is not safe, nor healthy.

That is why I am a fan of a project such as singularitynet. It is dealing with decentralizing a very powerful technology: AI.

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The economic impact of first world governments still completely dwarfs the impact of the tech companies in the sense that so much money goes through them. That may change in the future. But for now, there is no comparison between the power the government wields in a country like the US or Germany and how much influence Facebook or Google has. If anything, Facebook or Google take orders from the government who leverages them for intelligence purposes.

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I tend to disagree. Yes the governments command a great deal money the likes of Facebook extend beyond the reach of physical borders. The US has global impact but the EU, not as much.

I think globally these countries wield more power than most of the governments we see. Zuckerberg who is not a stupid guy is becoming more obtuse with his behavior. I think he knows he can keep pushing the envelop and there is little governments can do. Bu the time they hold their hearings, have their lawsuits, and have their political grandstanding, his development makes whatever they were dealing with moot.

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To say that Facebook wields more power in people's lives than their government is simply a gross exaggeration. We're not living in Robocop, yet, where a single corporate entity has rendered the government moot. We're not even close. Not saying it's a scenario that can't come true. But we're simply not there.

Local and national governments are a powerful presence in our daily lives in countless ways that are impossible to avoid whereas Facebook is just an app you can delete from your phone any time you want without any repercussions whatsover.

I suspect Facebook and other apps like that are tools made use of by the US intelligence services. They're US based corporations that I suspect can be forced by the government to co-operate on national security grounds.

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I wonder if voting using a blockchain based application will get rid of the zero value politicians or if they will always find a way to trick the population. At least we might get rid off a rigged system, while for politicians to change we need another kind of solution or "vaccine".

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Well no matter how voting, if the politicians trick people into voting for them, they will keep getting re-elected.

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We need more sinks/useability to get crypto accepted globally. If we develope markets which accepts crypto for everyday life works and needs that would really made people to onboard with it. Also we need to focus on user friendly behavior also. Most of things are too techy kr nerdy to understand for a normal person. Themore user friendly and interactive the system is, more users willbe onboarded and more use cases will be developed.

Ease of use is the challenge for the industry. It is akin to the Internet before the web prayer of adoption before that since it was too complicated for most people.

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Love how you can write high quality posts about our favorite topic - cryptos - every single day! Great job :)

It is a labor of love, without a doubt.

When you are extremely interested in a topic, it is easy to research and discuss.

The great thing about crypto is it extends into so many different areas.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 37 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

If the majority of humanity embraces what is happening, there is a good chance that is exactly what happens.

This is a big problem, in my opinion, this majority. The world is now developed on many layers of wealth, poverty, civilization, culture. These will be difficult to bring to the same progressive attitude at the same time. I'm not saying it won't be possible but I think it will be a long process. Beyond the development of technology, which will also be controlled by those who hold political and financial power now. If we think about the examples in history, for a radical and sudden change, a world war should happen ... which would not be desirable.

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I wonder how technology is going to impact the under-developed parts of the world right now. There are a lot of people who don't have access to food and clean water, let alone the Internet. Will they be left even further behind?

Good post .. i think you're right in many areas on this.. The notion the people in power don't matter. I don't know if i fully subscribe to that idea anymore. I'm kinda starting to think its a lazy answer for alot of people. If you take someone like Donald Trump well he controls the executive branch. That's real power. It's not like mock or pretend power. This is why trump was able to veto the stimulus package.. pardon and do many other things he's done throughout his administration.

Whereas i do agree is that Trump in himself is a symptom of a problem that 70 million americans had. So that means all the problems we have don't necessarily originate with government. They originate with us. I know alot of people wanna find the 12 secret society guys in the dark room running the world. I'm more prone to believe now that citizens are just as responsible for their dysfunctional governments as the people we send to washington dc. Nobody told us to send Donald Trump or anybody else. So i do agree one in the action of a leader overall is greatly subject to the people one way or the other. However in addition to that i believe citizens are quite capable and intelligent of removing whoever from office they need to. The government will listen if we want them to do it. That's why you see these militia groups show up at state capitals with guns and all that to remind the government who's in charge. I don't believe the government is really as rogue as we think. I think we want this government and i think we put in place the people we want just like we put in Donald Trump and people even to this point with everything thats happened and everything he's done or not done. A great deal of citizens still want him as president so that to me answers alot of that.

Now in relation to technology companies. I do recognize the potential danger they can cause in a near future situation. I don't agree they've caused it yet. i do feel they will have the ability one day to cause it. However i would state that looking at the record the government i felt was quite forceful on facebook about starting a cryptocurrency. Now they haven't given any other business the amount of push back as they've given facebook. Of course i understand why they'd be on facebook like white on rice. Conceptually facebook should be able to run a blockchain business like every other business or every other businesses should be outlawed as well and prevented.

As far as tokenization as a means to preventative measures of this Orwellian dystopia future. Sure if projects evolved to a point they were going to tokenize something of signficant use. Unfortunatetly we mostly see a seas of redundancy. Nothign original just some version of some other coin. This is why bitcoin maximalist have a good argument on why we even need to create all these cryptocurrencies.

Most people just aren't incentivized to use cryptocurrency. It's nothing that really changes their lives dramatically at this point for the better. If i'm looking for a financial solution i'm not looking for it in crypto. If my money gets stole i'm in worse shape with crypto not better. Atleast with the banking institutions they get me my money back if its stolen or lost. As far as business solutions if i'm a vendor with a troubled customer or i'm a consumer who's dissatisifed crypto doesn't do chargebacks thats making things more complicated not less.

So yes we can evolve if we have something groundbreaking people will be incentivized to use and it be as useful to them as the systems they already have. The narrative of a possible dystopia that hasn't happened yet can feel like noah building the ark and the waters haven't come down yet. This is the psychology of human beings. So we got a long way to go. The first step in tokenization is building something unique and not redundant.

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More than 15 years ago I didn't think it was possible to see touch screens be a common thing in everyday life. It was a sci-fi technology only available in the movies or some high end institution for research. Heck, even dial up internet already made me wow back in old runescape days. Crypto will be a common topic in the household. I firmly believe that will be true and it may take a few more years but it will. I also think that dystopian future will be a reality even in small pockets on some parts of the world.

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keep warning each other of our blind spots about these potentially liberating technologies and their pitfalls.
as much as i'd like to believe it is a technology here to free humanity, i have ample doubts it is planned to be utilized this way by the powers that be. but then i really do want to believe in heroes and the history of hive has true hero potential thus far <3