Cryptbrewmaster: A Game With A Great Deal Of Potential

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What is the product?

This is an important question. I guess the answer depends upon the viewpoint of the user. Much of what we see on Hive, the application is the product. It was put together by the team behind it and that is what they are offering.

With Cryptobrewmaster, the situation is a bit different.

For those who are not aware, this is a game that is presently in Alpha stage. It provides everyone with a virtual brewery where one is able to assemble the proper ingredients to brew beer. After the beer is completed, it then can be sold to the tavern for tokens (CBM). These are located on Hive-Engine, thus, when 1,000 are amassed, one can remove the tokens from the game and convert them to Hive.

It is a very simple game and easy to pick up in a few minutes. Quickly navigating the game tells one all he or she needs to know. Since it is in Alpha, much of the game is still under construction.

Here is where we get into the concept of what is the product. While it is easy to view the game as the product itself, it can also be looked at as the marketing arm for the team behind it (and others). They are not just putting together a game but, rather, are also real world brewers. They make their own beer in the Ukraine. Hence, the game can be seen as an outreach of what they are doing in their regular lives.

This is where the potential resides.


Here we see, in one of the quests, a link to the supplier of brewing materials. This was done for show but it does exhibit what part of the economy can look like. The game can be filled with paid ads that are seamlessly worked in without much of burden on the players. Here is one way that the team can generate revenues while adding value to the native CBM token.

Another area where we can see this is with the brew itself. This is the generic beer that is now created.


Instead, this could be called the Brooklyn Lager, which is put out by Brooklyn Breweries. Here we can see where a simple campaign to contact the different breweries will likely lead to a couple enlisting to promote their brands.

Notice how none of this has to do with blockchain, cryptocurrency, or advanced technology. It is simply an online game that rewards its players and where breweries can promote their brands.

Of course, this is nothing new since gaming, as well as television and movies, have long been paid to put brands in their product.

The ability to leverage the game into higher fees for promotion depends upon the user base. A successful game can command much higher rate than those without many players. It is where blockchain gaming falls short.

Nevertheless, is now on providing insight into how much activity is taking place. Here is what it looks like at the present moment.


As we can see, it comes in at #5 with 385 users and almost 6,000 transactions. This is not exactly setting the gaming world on fire but everything has to start somewhere. We need to remember this game is still in Alpha and no marketing was done.

The key is the target market. By going to a specific niche, we could see results that outpace the norm. While micro brewing is not the largest of markets, it is a rather dedicated one. This group could be tapped into not only for resources but also promotion of the game. We also have other companies such as those who make the equipment and other services associated with the brewing industry that could be interested.

While the gaming industry is filled with games of battle, space exploration, and fantasy, there probably is not a lot out there catering to the brewers (and beer drinkers) of the world. Could this game find its place in a small yet loyal niche?

We will have to see what the rest of the game looks like and how the economy ends up unfolding. That said, the layout of the game looks like it is going to provide a solid foundation while providing some insight into what will be coming out for the players.


It is a great game to get started with. Here is my referral link if you would be so kind to use it. The team does have a referral program to bring in other users. Using it also provides a free bonus.

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I have been hearing about this game from a friend but honestly never really tried it so far. Well too much happening right now I suppose on the chain. But either way it is nice to see various DApps are improving and choosing HIVE blockchain. Good days ahead I suppose.

It is one of those games that one can press a couple buttons a few times throughout the day. It is not one to sit there playing for hours on end.

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As usual your reviews are so damn awesome! Thanks for that!

Send you a DM about an idea related to the promotion.

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Interesting. Tying this with advertising is an interesting idea. I’ll have a closer look.

Yeah there are actually many possibilities to help some of the breweries to brand themselves within the game.

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This article is screaming for !BEER 😉

Thank you for the beer.

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Thank you for sending it out @artemislives.

I am glad you found it worthy of being included in the POSH project.

Hopefully it will help in a small way with the overall goals of the project.

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Advertisement,gaming ,promotion etc in one place is a great idea. What about discount coupon from Brooklyn breweries when you visit Brooklyn breweries if your brew is Brooklyn lager.

Certainly a great idea and easily to implement you would think.

The breweries could find a new market for their products. While many might be game players, some (if not many) could be beer drinkers.

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When Prospectors game was launched I had a similar idea of a game in a city where you could reproduce digital elements of real retailers in the city. Instead of mines and mining parcels, you can reproduce restaurants, touristic places to visit, iconic shops, and market the real-life places in the game.

Prospectors game is still running in EOS and they keep adding elements to the game but unfortunately, they can not get revenues advertising real-life places as the game has no linkage to any real-world area.

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Already been buying this one. The next dcity maybe

Very good post sir, Im playing the game, I hope to help the Dev team. As Business opportunity, the marketing outreach is huge.

The future in this market is really wide.