Creating Multiple Wealth Centers On Hive

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Hive is rapidly becoming a thriving ecosystem. While still rather small, we are seeing a foundation forming that is going to provide vast resources to many people going forward.

The expansion that took place over the last couple years, much of it since the fork a year ago, is offering more opportunities than ever before. If the development continues as it is going, we will only see this grow as we travel down this path.

For a number of years, all the wealth could be found in one place. This was simply determined by the amount of Hive that one owned. It was really the only token in existence (HBD was around but not given much attention). Thus, we were all confined to this area for wealth generation.

Even today, many look at things in the same manner. Believing that HIVE is the only wealth center is a mistake.

We can point to the charts that @arcange puts together each day that exhibit the amount of MVests held in each category as well as the percentage of the whole.


Certainly this summarizes the situation with Hive Power. However, it omits the entire story outside this single currency. After all, does anyone judge Ethereum, which is the blockchain with the most money, based simply upon ETH? Do people not take into account all the other tokens such as UNI, SUSHI, and the different NFTs?

Obviously, they do.

Nevertheless, on Hive, the tendency by many is to overlook everything else that is going on, believing the only value here is Hive. This is not exactly accurate. Sure, the majority of the value is still in that token yet some other projects are starting to gain steam.

This is one of the reasons why many feel that a robust Layer 2 is the future of Hive. The main token provides the governance for the chain as well as the ability to operate through Resource Credits. However, like Ethereum, we can see a great deal of value being generated from the second layer.

We already know what Splinterlands has done. This is a project that already generated millions of dollars for those involved in the game. Many of the cards saw massive appreciation. If the game keeps gaining in popularity, we will see this expand. Those who are holding significant stake could see it skyrocket if the same happens to the user base.

Leofinance is another project that saw a great deal of success. The token shot up over the past 6 months as development rolled out a number of new projects. This created a nice wealth center as the market cap of that token entered the millions.

Of course, the latest venture is CubFinance. While residing on BSC, this is providing another avenue of financial growth for those on Hive as they are the primary ones involved in the Dens and Farms. It is still early for that one but the indications are that people are in for the long term.

Finally, we see another project on Hive that appears to be getting a bit of attention. The ProofofBrain token certainly has captured the imagination of some people. Many feel the tokenomics of that community offers something much different than we see elsewhere. Basically, it combines the Proof-of-Brain distribution on Hive with the tokenomics of Bitcoin. It is an interesting experiment and we will see how it works out.


There are multiple paths to the same end.

When we look at all that is taking place, we can see the monetary centers shifting. Again, we are in the early stages with many projects. Nevertheless, we cannot overlook the potential that exists with each of them. Many will end up as nothing yet some will emerge as long-term winners.

Ultimately, it comes down to getting users, in whatever form they take. Within the DeFi world, this means bringing money players to the table. In gaming, obviously it is those willing to use the games which can create a self-contained economy.

As individual bags grow, people will be able to leverage that as new opportunities arise. This is one of the keys. People say the "rich get richer". Well this is one way people can participate in that.

While most are not starting out with tremendous wealth, the compounding nature of what takes place on here allows for growth in many areas. For example, a single post can earn one 5 or 6 different tokens. If some of these are staked as well as growing in value over time, the impact can be exponential. Those of us who are active on here understand how this works.

The Network Effect takes place as more people start putting this model to work. It is a rather slow process based upon our history. However, in looking at the stats posted by @penguinpablo, it does appear the number of accounts transacting is drifting higher over time.


It is the chicken or the egg. Do we need more projects to get more users or is it more users that enhance the value of the projects?

Obviously, it is both. This is where we find ourselves. It is a grind as evidenced by the user growth. However, more people involved in more projects accumulating more tokens is going to reap its rewards. This is what will eventually lead to new wealth centers.

Isn't this what we see throughout the entire crypto industry? It is no longer just Bitcoin that is the entire story. Yes, that is still the bulk of what is happening in terms of price valuation. Nevertheless, there is a lot more to this story than just Bitcoin.

The same is true on Hive. We are at a point where the base token still makes up a majority of the value. However, that is not the only story.

This fact alone is what can allow for overall exponential growth. Since there is more than one wealth center forming, a run up has impact on many fronts. This helps the holders of the different tokens.

Ultimately, this is what spreads the power base further out. It is a process but we can see it happening.

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For example, a single post can earn one 5 or 6 different tokens. If some of these are staked as well as growing in value over time, the impact can be exponential.

Preach it. I've been stacking and staking for less than 4 months now, and it's already snowballing. My earnings are increasing exponentially. If I manage to keep it up for another twelve months or so, it's going to make a huge difference in the way I live. Even if the much anticipated mega rally never comes.

Hive offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to generate and accumulate wealth. Adoption may take long, but it's inevitable in my humble opinion.

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Adoption may take long, but it's inevitable in my humble opinion.

Right now is the best time to acquire as many Hive & Layer 2 tokens as you can. You never know when one or two or three of them solely or collectively end up changing your life.

I am going to stack almost everything I get for the next one year and start from there. ;)

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I couldn't agree more, that's exactly what I'm planning to do for now.

Keep stacking and watch miracles start to happen ;)

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This is wonderful to see @lordneroo.

I like reading about those who can see it making a difference in their lives.

If I manage to keep it up for another twelve months or so, it's going to make a huge difference in the way I live. Even if the much anticipated mega rally never comes.

Are you going to keep it up?

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No doubt, it's the best addiction ever! And a very healthy one :)

I know you will be there too!

Have a good one!

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I didn't cook or had a shower yet. I'm still n the ecosystem. It's so engaging!

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Stunning read, truth is, we're still at the base core of where hive can get to. The opportunities are numerous, leofinance for me was a huge turning point.

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Hive is the base layer and it's the sum of parts that are important. I will always preach diversification and it's great that there are so many opportunities to make that happen on hive. However, having such a diverse ecosystem can also be confusing for new members. I think we need to figure out a good way to explain the ecosystem as part of the on boarding process. I was trying to explain everything yesterday and even I dod not realize how complicated the system is. It took over an hour to talk about/answer question about hive/leo/cub/splinnterlands.

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There is a lot of complexity to Hive which does not make it easy for newer people, you are correct. I am not sure how we can simplify things.

My intuition tells me that a part of the puzzle is for people just to gravitate towards what interests them. As we have DApps that have isolated appeal, it will enable people to focus upon that one thing.

Right now we have a lot of things going on and directions to go. It can be confusing.

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Confusing yes. I had said Fuck so many times in the first month trying to find my way around. But it's also challenging and exciting!

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Overall very positive for the entire space and our beloved Hive Blockchain but crypto Prices need to remain high in order to keep these newbies interested long enough.

Then they will stay there for the community and philosophy of crypto.

I was wondering how will people be rewarded on proofofbrain after all the tokens are distributed ?

Because I understood there was a hard cap right ?

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I'm curating there and engaging since it started so I know the insights. They said it might take 100 years for all the tokens to be distributed. I don't know's all math :) Will you come by? If so just tag me!

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I did start to blog on there ! @vlemon, I will tag you 😉

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Great,I look forward reading your ideas.

I am not terrible familiar with the project but yes, they are following Bitcoin with the 21 million cap.

I am not sure what happens after that.

It is an interesting question although I think it is some time down the road.

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Thanks for the extra information 😉.

At least this coin is pumping hehe

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but crypto Prices need to remain high in order to keep these newbies interested long enough.

I'd say that this is true for some but not all. I joined in right before the 2017 ATH really hit and obviously it didn't stick around very long but that little blip and all that I was learning in the space was enough to show me the potential and make me want to build here. Some people are instant gratification seeking, and some people can think long term. That's why I appreciate authors like Task because he always explains things in a way that even the newbies and non-techies can grok.

I agree with you. The ones who come because of the high price, for the most part, tend not to remain for too long. They are here simply for the money which is fine. Yet as we know, when they are not getting what they want, they split.

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While still small it's seen growth. The biggest issue I feel Hive has going for it is right now it's simply a massive article marketing platform with a bunch of UI's but we are starting to see a break in that in gaming, apps etc which is giving Hive a lot more use cases which drives up demand for it. You really can't look at it as "active" users of Hives blockchain being that they posted one article in the last month. Heck a lot of these cases are going to be someone that never ends up even going on but instead acts with the block chain through a games interface or a mobile app interface that does something besides articles.

Another cool aspect of this all is even if you are new there are so many projects launching that if you just keep on top of things, read around etc. You have the chance getting in on the ground floor of one of these projects and becoming an "authority" figure in it.

I think some of the development that is taking place is really going to be exciting.

We will have a lot more to offer people over the next few years.

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Well the values of everything in the crypto space seems to be going up. But I do think people need to start considering at least powering up a portion of their earnings so they can earn more in the future. With the current system, you can even get returns by leaving everything to bots so there is no reason to avoid powering up. Just by participating in any of the above applications, you can generate more value and speed up your process of becoming wealthy.

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Staking leads to compounding. It is really that simple.

People need to do it if they want to grow their accounts. Selling whatever is rewarded will not amount to much.

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Really looking forward to the SMT contract on Hive Engine, and for the decentralized token fund contract as well. The combination of these will allow communities to set their own tokenomics parameters in trustless way and fund their own development through a community dev fund. And they'll be able to create and reward liquidity pools as well. Quite exciting opportunities.

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I agree whole heartedly with what you are saying about the second layer becoming much more valuable. I wish I had listened to you over a year ago when you said that some tribes tokens could become more valuable than Hive. I just couldn't see it as maybe my head was too far in the sports tribe to pay much attention to everything else around me. Today thankfully I am in many different communities and see a brighter future all round.

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I think everyone will agree what is being said here, the overall progress of HIVE Blockchain is much more higher than we see only with the value of HIVE and ignoring all the things running on the second layer.

I'd dare to say, Hive blockchain will definitely be a place for all of the Hive users to earn monthly income (though, many are doing it even now), and this could be because of the side projects running on Hive.

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I think we just all need to be active on "recruiting" bright minds to the eco system who can contribute with good content and be active members :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 53 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Another great read.


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Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

I was looking at the HIVE ecosystem graphic. I couldnt find ecency. I fully forgot about the name change from esteem.

Yah hive is starting to thrive and the market situations is also very good on leodex I hope so more and more people join Hive so we have more liquidity in secondary tokens

I'm constantly surprised to see the est. value of my Hive Engine wallet growing into thousands of dollars! It's so exciting!

Tokenization is a huge part of Hive and its one of the best ways to grow on the platform, especially as it comes to making some friends.

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I have been watching my accounts grow. It is beautiful to see where I was 6 months ago, and where I am now... In 5 years, I might be in the position to be a full time Hiver. That is the dream that I can see turning into a reality. Quickly.

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If we manage to successfully merge decentralized finance with social media in an easy and fun way there will be both more users and more devs

If we add NFT's on top of that and build decentralized exchange with social features there will be a lot more activity.

I would like to see more witness candidates going to the first 20, that would be the most bullish sign imo.

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Oh yeah, and we need hype.

The ProofofBrain token certainly has captured the imagination of some people.

I really like this one. Is there someone known behind it, or it was started by another Satoshi Nakamoto?

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I love Hive for simplicity and fast transactions via wallets. It will be awesome if will be shops with technics and groceries which I can buy for HIVE. All in our hands. When I will have ore HIVE I try this.