Censor Resistant Is Catching On

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We often discuss the idea of having the ability to offer people the ability to escape censorship that is becoming all too prevalent around the world.

Obviously, the social media giants like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been making huge news with this through their actions of banning accounts. The latest debate concerns Trump and his posts/Tweets. This is focusing more attention on the power of these platforms.


Of course, this is not the only area we see this. Countries are intent on controlling the messages that their populous is exposed to. China is the poster child for this due to a firewall it established that basically allows the government to approve all sites that are accessible.

Technology is offering other ideas. The harder these institutions push, the more likely we are to see a massive movement towards decentralization.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. This is a statement that most are aware of. However, what few realize is that Minecraft is home to a library of banned information.

The organization, Reporters Without Borders, champions of free press and freedom of speech, established The Uncensored Library. It is home to information that many governments view as subversive.

What is so powerful is the content is housed on servers all over the world. This decentralized nature makes it impossible for a government to shut it down.

This is just one example of the ways people are getting creative about overcoming censorship.

Obviously, blockchain is one of the prime ways to get around this problem. A decentralized blockchain provides the same benefits as Minecraft in that the data is housed on servers all over the world. Again, if a country wants to go after one, there are many more out there.


Many have heard about Everipedia. This is a decentralized option for Wikipedia which is a centralized "encyclopedia". While a tremendous success, the organization has come under fire for engaging in censorship and bias among its editors.

Everipedia is housed on the EOS blockchain and is accessible in China, even though the main site is on the banned list. Individuals are able to get it from the EOS services and have it delivered via Telegram groups.

For those who are glued to CNN or FoxNews, they are not aware that an entirely new world is being created right under their noses. For decades, the information people received has been filtered. Propaganda is something that had taken place for decades in all countries. The only question is the level which that it goes to.

Recently, the power grab by governments and large corporations were ratcheted up. Politicians live by the motto "never let a good crisis go to waste". The pandemic provided perfect cover for the power machine to kick into higher gear.

Much of what takes place is theatrics. This is evidenced by the recent battle between Trump and the social media sites. Is there anyone who thinks that things will change? Of course not. The truth is these companies are free to do what they desire.

As we see the net of those who are being silenced expand, applications that are censor resistant will take on more prominence.

One of the benefits of technology is that it enhances the capabilities of average people.

Even a blockchain like Hive, which is easy to overlook, offers people the ability to post something without it being removed. In the mainstream world, this is unheard of.

We are looking at powerful tools to help combat what is taking place.

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With every day that passes, Youtube and Facebook become more and more of a joke.

That might be true although I dont think the masses see it that way. They are fully indoctrinated into what is presented to them.

With the lock down. I am sure the ratings of CNN and others went through the roof. The people were lapping up what they were being told.

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Centralized social media will become a joke soon. Web 3 media is making inroads. It will take some time.

Everything worthwile takes time. :D

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To those of us who are paying attention to what is going on, that seems to be the case. However, as mentioned in another comment, I am not sure the masses look at things that way especially in the developed world.

I still believe the push is going to come from those areas where the censorship and lacks of freedoms is overt.

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Thanks for addressing this important topic.
Unfortunately here on Hive we face censorship too. Please have a look at this post. It was massively flagged for no obvious reason other then a different political view maybe, if at all. This is a big threat for our USP that we propagate. Especially accounts with such a high influence should really take care what they flag. For them it is just a click, but whole accounts get demolished by it.

  ·  28 days ago Reveal Comment