3Speak: Getting Ready To Change Things In A Big Way

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What is the advantage to YouTube? Have you ever thought about it?

Obviously, as a frontend, YouTube is very valuable. The site itself is one of the highest ranked, with hundreds of millions of users. At the same time, it has an enormous amount of storage space. It is likely that YouTube has some of the largest storage capacity in the world.


However, when we really consider it, that is it. The user experience is nothing special. Content creators are drawn because of the opportunity to make money. Yet, the reality is that few vloggers on YouTube ever make any significant dollars.

Of course, in return for operating on their platform, one is giving them power over his or her business. If, one is successful, YouTube can zap it at any time. Over the last couple years it has changed the payout system a number of times. Also, and far worse, it simply closed accounts down.

Thus, we really need to analyze how strong their hold is.

This is something that the team at 3Speak did and, based upon their last video, they are about to change things in a big way.

Decentralized Video Storage

On tap is the idea of setting up a video network that is totally decentralized. This means that videos are not going to be controlled by one company or group of people. Instead, there will be videos hosted all over the world.

How is this accomplished? In a similar way to how SIA and Filecoin operate. 3Speak is setting up a project where everyone can contribute the excess space on their hard drive for this purpose. Naturally, to get people to do this, incentive needs to be offered.

Here we are going to see a token. Everyone will be able to earn the token by allowing the platform to use hard drive space. One will seed videos similar, I presume, to how the torrent system operate.

Best of all, these tokens will be airdropped on Hive holders.

The idea behind this is to allow all frontends to tie into the storage network. Therefore, regardless of what one is using, the information is available. If an entity comes in, such as a government, and takes down a site, the videos are still available on any other.

The analogy used is a road and shops. Think of the network as the road. If an individual shop closes down, is the road out of service? Of course not.

This is what is being set up.

Union Of Decentralized Video Platforms

Many are trying to do something similar to 3Speak. The idea of decentralized video is nothing new. However, everyone is competing instead of cooperating.

With this system, any of the other projects, whether LBRY or Bitchute can tap into it. They are capable of hosting their videos on this network also. It is open for all to access.

No matter what the front end, they all can play in the same pool. This is terrific for content creators because, suddenly, their videos are available on every front end. Unlike present video platforms, if something is uploaded on YouTube, it is no available anywhere else. Sure it can be linked but where is the video hosted? To get it elsewhere, requires one physical opening up an account and starting over.

The best part of all this is that anything that is loaded onto the network ends up on Hive. Imagine the growth. The decentralized storage network takes care of the video while Hive handles the text.

It is an extension of the concept on Hive right now. A post can be put up through any front end and the others can access it. All the text done through any of the front ends makes it to Hive where others UIs can view it.

Channels Becoming Sites

This is another breakthrough concept.

On YouTube, the thumbnail, when clicked will take one to the video. If one clicks on the username, their channel appears. 3Speak is presently set up following a similar model.

With the new update, when released, things will be completely different. Suddenly, a channel becomes a site. Thus, when clicking on the username, one's website could be brought up instead of the channel. At the same time, a content creator can handle all activity through his or her website. Thus, the ability to upload videos can be done from there and still end up on the network.

As we know, present social media platforms are siloed. This means everything is separate. If one has a YouTube account, he or she likely is on Twitter and Facebook. At the same time, there could be a website that is also in use. None of them, however, are interconnected. Instead, one has to tend to them separately.

Think about what this means for businesses. People are often hired who do nothing more than monitor each account and interact with customers/users.

All of that is eliminated.

Community Economy

Content creators are going to be able to turn their communities into economies. Instead of them just idly watching on YouTube, everyone is part of the economy. This is done by the content creator tokenizing basically him or herself.

This will be taken a step further by looking back at the hosting of the video content. Guess who is going to be able to offer up space on their hard drives to host video? The content creator's own community. Hence, they are part of the circular nature of this tokenized economy.

Here again, with the censoring of certain ideas becoming more prevalent, we see the ideal defense. If a creator does get hit by the authorities, nothing is done. Sure, the original website is gone but the content is still there. It is spread among the community. They could simply open up another site (or 100) and feed all the videos to it.

Network Effect

The key to all of this is to kick off a massive network effect. By focusing on the back end, the removes the importance of the front end. Presently, everyone is trying to gain users on through their UI platforms.

By linking the content creators to their communities which, in turn, are linked to the particular UIs they use, a massive amount of traffic is suddenly funneled in. Instead of a few videos going up each hour, the potential is to eventually rival YouTube. While that sounds like something crazy, as we found with Leofinance, it only takes one to show the model works before others start to follow.

Imagine one who "gets it" with, say, 10,000 YouTube users. Certainly this is not a whale on YouTube. However, it is enough to prove the system. If this person starts to host the videos on this decentralized storage network and promotes this concept through his or her website, how many will want to be a part of it? Instantly, a certain number will see the value in earning some crypto through video hosting. At the same time, if the content creator brings out a personal token, this will take the concept to all of those people.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter where the videos are uploaded from. They all end up on the network, thus tying all front ends together. The fact that they also tie into Hive is a bonus for those who are on that network.

Removing Middlemen

This is a system that removes all the middlemen from the equation. No matter what is being done, it is peer-to-peer. Social media is full of entities that develop the platforms, thus retain control while also taking a piece of the action.

There is none of that on here. With some of the tools already designed, we will see the features available. Tipping, for example, can suddenly take place across the entire network. Again, it does not matter where one is uploading videos from.

The same will be true if the content creators add a shop to their site. Presently, PayPal and others offer payment services. With cryptocurrency, we know that is not required. A personal token, as an example, can be used for this purpose.

A community also has the ability to increase its total value. Through its own promotion and distribution of the video links, it can help itself grow. This will obviously impact the value of the community, likely sending the token value up.

At the same time, if disputes do arise, there is no silencing of anyone. Since all video hosting is decentralized, the unhappy part can do what Hive did, and fork away. Simply take one's ball and set up your own shop.

@theycallmedan and @starkerz put together an audio recording of this the other day. If you want to listen to it, here is the link:


There are some other tidbits in the video but this covers the basic essence of it all.

Feel free to comment about some things that were missed. It is a very exciting time especially since it sounds like a MVP of this new upgrade is close to being completed.

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YouTube's main value now is the history there. It should be preserved, but not necessarily supported.


Great Post Up! I'm really lookinng forward to what @3speak has in mind.

Thank you for the extensive review of this. I believe decentralized video will have a very balancing effect on YouTube going forward.

Kind regards Bruv! Thank you for the continued Tasks.

Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 6.52.02 AM.png

I would like one day to publish on this platform. But for this I would need an Android.

I have more than two years without Android.
My priority has been my daughter, although it is a very important technology in my country, it is very expensive.

I prefer to cover my daughter's food. Before purchasing a device. I know it's an investment, but I still don't have to buy it.

Leofinance would be the door to acquire an Android.

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All in due time. You are making a good start @celi30.

Get your financial basis in place first. It was only a few days ago when you started. Things have a way of moving fast in cryptocurrency. Keep up the posting and commenting, see where it takes you.

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When I wanted to say that Leofinace would be the door to buy me an Android. I didn't mean it overnight.

If not that I wanted to express, that before I had no hope of having one. But now with Leo, I have a hope that a future can acquire it thanks to this platform.

I am really excited to read about these updates. This was a great thorough post!

I am a YouTube AND a @threespeak content creator, but prefer 3Speak all the way. While I have a nice subscriber base on YouTube, the algorithm & "jumping through the hoops" to be seen gets tiring after awhile. Also, the chance of being removed or shadow banned is very prevalent on there right now....

When the updates do roll out, my focus will be even more so on 3Speak. I already love the platform & the community. It will be exciting to see! :)

Thanks for the information! Have an awesome day :)

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I am browsing pricing on SSD Hard Drives on Amazon right now! I am going to make use of @starkerz and @theycallmedan's insider information and @taskmaster4450's promotion of it. Just call me the Martha Stewart of the HIVE Blockchain Network. 🦁

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I think the upgrades will be very popular.

It seems they are already talking some decent sized creators.

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Yes for sure. It is looking promising all around & being a major user of the platform, I am excited to see how it all pans out. :)

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🐯 Most Excellent


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HA HA HA HA! Now, I know who to hit up for Martha Stewart memes LOL 🤣😂

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It seems like the reasons for me to be pumping LBRY all the time are getting less. This is the tech that we really need. Most influencers are video centric.

Without a doubt. I was super excited listening to the audio. It kept getting better with each passing minute. I look forward to the second half (I presume there is one since it is titled "Part 1".

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If 3Speak can make this work technically they are on to a winner.
However the technical challenges with decentralised video are hard.

I really hope they can do this.

Its essential for freedom and democracy.

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Fucking love the new 3Speak logo!!

Looks promising indeed but this is still not comparable to YouTube because of the seven day system. On YouTube, a 10 year old video can generate money and it can turn into a passive income source. On hive, seven days is all you get.

YouTube is still better for making money though your video content.

On Hive that is true but there is nothing that says that will apply to this new system. Dont forget, there is the ability to alter this in the software they are developing. While they post to Hive, they are still a second layer solution. So they do not have to model things 100%.

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I think the same 🤔

The best usecase I can think of these social media blockchains is to promote community economy. As you said, that way, it can make everyone responsible for what they do while interacting with the platform. It will not be a one way traffic as is happening right now. It will come with great responsibility as it is a great power to have.

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That is true. We will see a lot of changes in mindset once that happens. The idea of "owning" part of a platform could really excite people once they figure out what is happening.

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Here we are going to see a token. Everyone will be able to earn the token by allowing the platform to use hard drive space. One will seed videos similar, I presume, to how the torrent system operate.

Wow! Talk about inventive! Sort of like the utility of $GOLEM but instead of sharing computing power—sharing storage space through a torrent network. I guess BitTorrent, Transmission, uTorrent, and others will be seeing a new kid on the block !

Great article! I am, for sure, going to dig deeper. Our blockchain has the best innovators and visionaries for sure!

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I presume it will be similar to torrent, in some manner. However, they did not delve into the technology although it might not have mattered; wouldnt have understood anyway.

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Well that's the crucial detail. Grand ideas could theorise time travel, but the how is the only way they materialise.

This is excellent news. Will help onboarding a lot and giving opportunity to those who are creating or/and using videos. I've heard how hard it is to earn on YouTube, how tough the conditions are, not to mention censorship.
I've been thinking about setting up my channel but then never did. This is my occasion here.
Thanks to the ream for the work they are doing!

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I am a user of YouTube and @threespeak.
It's good that soon it can do what you say! I look forward to it!

What's the latest on a potential 3speak airdrop? I heard Dan mention that a little while back...

I havent heard any follow up.

My sense is that we will hear more as we get closer to the release of the MVP. I think it is still a couple months away but that is just a guess.

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looks like things gonna get spicy now ha!

If they can actually pull that off, AND succeed in taking it to any scale, that would be an amazing development.

The tipping point will be to see whether effective competition to YouTube can ever reach the point of "INSTEAD of" rather than "in ADDITION to" for major content creators. YouTube — even with all its faults — has that HUGE "first mover advantage" and therefore is extraordinarily "sticky;" YouTube exists beyond mere utility, it has "cultural icon" status... meaning that people say "I'll watch that on YouTube," even if they are actually watching Vimeo.

I wish them all the best with their endeavor, though!


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wonderful and innovative! i never liked the monopoly of youtube. this is a welcome development.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 31 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Decentralized video will change the world and I believe that even television will be affected by it. Through blockchains movies can be born by having staked investors from all over the world and there can be platforms that stream live content at any point in time. You can make your own TV channel from your sofa and use the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to maximize your rewards at the max. What a beautiful world...

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Cart before the horse.


Got to gain a very large userbase first.

Most users on the mainstream networks aren't under threat. It's only the fringe channels like @pressfortruth which are getting removed. Yet they don't even use 3Speak. So if the platform isn't appealing to the very victims of censoring then I would see that as a critical issue.

To now want to do 'GeoCities on Blockchain' when there's no demand for it is just not a smart move. Video attraction and overall infrastructure is just not superior on Hive or on blockchain.

Excelent. And what I have to do to participate in the airdrop?

I am going to keep an eye on this project! I like it and something that I have always thought should be possible. Good stuff @taskmaster4450!

wow what a great write up; I didn't know that this was going to get this exciting. Is there a rough roadmap of when things should happen? One thing I just thought of when reading this article is copyright infringement. As this is obviously a big deal currently, how would this network deal with it if there is (and there will be) outside pressure?

I feel like I must start creating videos soon! 3Speak is breaking the ground of decentralized video tubes!

And the best thing - your content won't be taken down (like it can be on YT)!

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Pero que maravilla de idea de parte de 3speak. Me gustó mucho el ejemplo de la carretera.

I was talking about this a little less than a year ago when there were rumors of the Tron takeover and their BitTorrent acquisition. I'm glad someone took the idea and ran with it and I'm glad it's not Tron and Sun.

You know with a team like @starkerz and @theycallmedan I've always thought of 3Speak as the silent monster just waiting to be woken and really break out!

What with YouTube demonetizing so many people (I'm one of them) and censoring others, it's only a matter of time until people start looking elsewhere, and video makes waves!

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The growth of the 3Speak platform has been long delayed. I had expected an earlier pomp in development around 3speak than we now have on LeoFinance. Glad that it's finally coming through. $SPEAK tokens would also change the narratives around video creation.

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YouTube is gone. 3Speak is the future!

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I find the advertising very annoying and too extensive!

Greetings Michael


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Keep up the good work!

Let's Not Forget The Second Mover Advantage

@threespeak can learn a lot from projects like SIA or THETA that has done a lot of work in these areas. Even in a case where @threespeak only offer a product that is only at the same level as other competitors, @threespeak has one big advantage over all of them. We have a strong community on HIVE.

Land Pre-Sale of @splinterlands ended in 21 seconds without even doing any outside marketing. They probably made over a quarter of a million dollars simply because the community believed in them. To top that off, @splinterlands already had enough demand for at least twice the amount of funds raised.


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too old for voting but a question there. When trying to link emailadres to hive account the active key is asked for..how come this isnt with keychain or hivesigner as yet?

I was phished recently with exactly this so not intending to work without keychain. Am I overlooking something or is this just the deal? whats your experience on it dude?

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