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RE: Hive Posts Length | What is the average? | Is there a correlation between post length and payouts?

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This is interesting to see and pretty much as expected in many ways.

From my own experience as someone who tends to write a bit, I feel that those who write between 500 to 1000 words or so, tend to give more of themselves through what they present, which tends to then build stronger relationships over time, which of course will correlate to steadier votes. There is also the perception of value that a longer post might bring in, affecting voting behavior - personally, I prefer to actually add value to reader's lives in some way - which I also think requires depth, not bullet point lists.

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From my own experience as someone who tends to write a bit,

:) Yep

With a 550 average Hive seems to found its place in the semi long posts category. The curation window of 7 days have a role in this. If we have a method to reward "evergreen" posts longer I believe we will se more from that side.

In general I think Hive needs far more apps for posting than now, and a bigger diversity of them. Some for short form posting, others for long form. It doesn't need to be all about long form, but we just need to categorize and sort them better.

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Evergreen content will need to be able to find support from SMTs, as it is the kind of content that keeps people coming back for years on end. It is very important, people don't seem to understand how it compounds on platforms though.

Yep to the more frontends - but it is a chicken and egg problem, we need more demand from consumers, which will also drive more creators - then the demand will be there fore more fronts as well as the support to populate them.