Why a Clear Vision is Important for Business

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Read an news article yesterday, that highlighted a cassava factory in Suriname that's owned by the state at the moment. What peaked my interest was that the factory is not operating at the moment.

My opinion about state owned companies will not be discuss here. Maybe for another time. But this story, is for me another prime example of why you shouldn't start a business, without a clear vision of where you see the company after a certain time period; it may be five or it may be ten years. With a clear vision you are able to voice your end-goal, especially when you've formulated the end-goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound).

The reason why I see this factory as an example of an failed organization, with no clear visions or goals, is because it is stated in the article that the company got started with too many (unclear) goals. The main focus was firstly the sale of cassava for the local markets, then the company only wanted to export and after that the focus shifted to producing cassava flour, while also looking into producing mucilage and other by-products. This factory has so much potential and yet it didn't succeed.



Maybe if the factory owners had just focused on one quality product and weren't all over the place changing gears, the company had a chance of succeeding. And when one product or one direction succeeded, then they could've looked into the other possibilities. That's the thing about a clear vision, it that you know what you want and will do everything in your power to reach that goal. The strategy may change along the way, but not the end destination.

And of course there might have been other factors, that have played a role in the decline and shutdown of the factory, like the economic crisis, the politics in this country and probably the management of the company. I'm not counting out those components, but only wanted to zoom in on how not having a clear vision on the direction of an organization, can have an impact on the success of a company.

What are your thoughts on this issue. Let me know in the comments below 🤓

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You've said it all and that's the fact my friend. A vision without a mission is a missed-vision while a mission without a vision will definitely lead to no destination. What stimulates the growth of a company is strategic planning and focussing on a commodity that is most needed in the location of the organization. Diversifying productions is not advisable at a start because you need to be identified with a common brand of production before adding other goods to the counter. Your location is very important in boosting your product, the need of the people within your location, their man and capital power and many other factors needs to be considered before establishing an organization in a location. A peaceful environment free of violent and political protest is okay to establish your business. Many factors are to be considered to succeed in a production company. I hope you get my points @tanjakolader

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Haha no problem @daniky, it all makes sense what you've written down. You've added to what I've said and that's greatly appreciated. I've left some parts out, which you've mentioned, because I didn't want to write a too long post 😅

So I had hoped people would join in and added to what I've said or come with arguments contradicting my post. I'm up for an open discussion and to learn.


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You're welcome friend. What you stated in your post are very okay by me. Once more, 😊 Thanks for the wine.