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Upcoming Cryptocurrency - Modefi, A Decentralized Oracle. Is It Better Than Chainlink & API3? Will $MOD 10X?
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We look at MODEFI and its native cryptocurrency $MOD for the first time and on the spot in this livestream and cryptoulog. Is Modefi just another defi app and decentralized oracle? Is it better than other oracles like Chainlink and API3? What does it intend to offer that is better? Can it build the perfect oracle? When is its IDO? Is its IDO on Trustswap? How does the public get $MOD? How will $MOD fare post listing? Will it list on Uniswap? Will $MOD fare well using Trustswap as opposed to Polkastarter or POLS? How many swap tokens is needed to participate in MODEFI IDO?

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