Solana Projects Are Now Trendy - Will Solstarter Become The Perfect IDO? Will $SOS 100X?

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Solana Projects Are Now Trendy - Will Solstarter Become The Perfect IDO? Will $SOS 100X?

First Glance Look At Solstarter - The IDO Launchpad Of Solana Related Projects. Will $SOS 100X?

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Solana as a blockchain is beginning to gain traction as a blockchain. Projects are starting to build on Solana. Solstarter will look to incubate some of these project and introduce their respective cryptocurrencies to the public. How big can this be? On what dex do projects that carry out ido on Solstarter list? What are the requirements in $SOS for those who would like to participate in Solstarter IDOs? Is $SOS out yet? Will $SOS 100X when it comes out? Can we get $SOS now?

Serum is popping. Raydium is currently playing the role of an IDO launchpad. Is there room for Solstarter.

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