How To Yield Farm On Burgerswap Defi With Metamask? How To Get BNB On Metamask?

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In this previous video, i looked at Burgerswap project for the first time and it was very interesting. Versus Uniswap, it has many pros, now with a 'governance' layer that is quite compulsory, expecting people to stake BURGER and vote in governance once a week, to get their Burger rewards. Using the Binance smart chain, Burgerswap (in comparison with Uniswap) also has low fees and transaction speed of 3-seconds.

This established; how does one yield-farm or provide liquidity on Burgerswap, all while staying on Metamask? Is that possible?

As the pairs on Burgerswap are against Binance's BNB, how does one get their BNB on Metamask.

We will figure this out together within this cryptoulog, which will all happen in a livestream.

CryptoUlog - How To Earn Free KAVA Tokens. What Is Kava? Tutorial And Quiz Answers.


  • Watch the video above. In it, i go through with the KAVA tutorial-videos explaining each them, show you how to get your KAVA wallet address from Binance, then i answer each of the QUIZ-questions. If you want to go straight to 'completing the QUIZ', jump to the 20-min mark of the video.
  • If you don't have a Binance account yet, sign up on Binance using my referral link here:
  • Complete the Quiz before the campaign ends in some '5 days' and submit your answers.
  • Wait for your KAVA tokens to reflect in your Binance wallet, when the campaign ends.

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