Have You Heard Of Dodoex Yet? Is DODO Coin Listed Yet? What Is Dodoex? Better Than Uniswap?

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Is Dodoex a project worth monitoring i.e will it have a coin? Will the coin list on uniswap and will the coin 100x? Does Dodoex have any potential in the DEFI niche of cryptocurrency? What is dodoex.io? How is it better than Uniswap?

Let's take a look at dodoex.io together within this cryptoulog, which is a livestream whereupon we will be looking at Dodoex for among the first times, flaws allowed.

Dodoex will likely have an IDO this September, meaning that that a 'DODO' token will go live and is likely to list on Uniswap in the process.

Currently, Dodoex has shipped its primary app, one that allows you to contribute to various ETH-based liquidity-pool, in 'one token' as opposed to 'two tokens' as with Uniswap. For instance, by virtue of dodoex, you can contribute 'only ETH' to their liquidity-pools and get 'DODO' rewards in turn and fees.

This is a feature that is likely to interest users of Uniswap, who struggle with contributing 'a pair of tokens', each time they want to farm.

The DODO tokens derived now, will not be released at once, even when the token becomes official. It will be released linearly over the course of 6-months after the token goes live. This means that holders won't be able to dump DODO at will, when dodo goes live.

Dodoex also looks to tackle 'impermanent loss', which is another hassle that Uniswa-users may relish alleviating. Dodoex has a working product already and is said to have been audited by one third-party already, with the second audit ongoing.

I am a legitimate illiterate and these things are interesting to looking at overall, so join me. All will happen within a livestream, so tackle my errors too.

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