Cryptoulog - Looking At Defiat (DFT) As A Legitimate Illiterate. Top DEFI Project?

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I checked out Defiat (DFT) and recent defi project for the first time, within a livestream. I share my screen while looking at the project, to show how a legitimate illiterate will go about looking at a project. I started out on 'coingecko's recently added', where upon i find the Defiat project as a recently added project. Then i go on to look at the DFT coin, native to defiat and its tokenomics etc.
It is a deflationary token overall, with burn and fee features. It also highlights its governance properties. DFT is up to 19$ and within this video, i wondered why. Join me

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I will like to create more ulog discussions like this, discussing topics and any topic in the mind’s eye of a legitimate illiterate and for that i rented a hub for a few months called ‘Macrohard‘ but i haven't set it up for use.

This hub among other things, will help me in my journey to recovering in my health and will help me begin to take care of my dad who is ill, better.

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