The Easiest Way To Undelegate Hive Power (Screenshots included)

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In this article I will explain the easiest way to undelegate Hive Power. Although there are multiple ways this task can be performed, I have selected this method for its ease of use.

undelegate hp.png
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Essential Tools Needed To Undelegate Hive Power

There are only two tools that will be used for this process.

First, we will be using is my user interface of choice to connect to the Hive blockchain and community. I use it almost everday.

Second, we will be using Hive KeyChain, which should be set up since it is used to login into

How To Undelegate Hive Power

  1. Log into

  2. Click your Avatar image (located in the upper right hand corner of the screen) and then click Wallet.

  3. When the new screen appears, locate the Staked Hive Tokens - Hive Power (HP) section. Click the Magnifying Glass icon that is located above the Delegate button.

  4. On the same screen, a list of all of your delegations will load.

  5. You can update the amount of Hive Power by clicking the update button or undelegate hive power completely by clicking the trash can icon.

  6. When you click the trash can icon, the following confirmation popup will appear.

  7. To remove all delegation, click confirm and then enter your Hive KeyChain credentials.

Congratulations! If you reached this point, then you have just successfully undelegated Hive Power.

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