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RE: Hive: Account Management System

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I too was like really, when I first came to the blockchain and seen I had to use these long ridiculous keys just to access my account, and I couldn't even change them or link them to a more user friendly password. After learning of the reasoning behind the unrecoverable keys, I thought 'that's cool' no one else has access to my login info and no one can take what I've worked hard to earn. So if and when people realize how their accounts are protected from others they will change their minds and they'll take the necessary steps, it something that just has to grow on them.

If hive were to change this procedure it would give me second thoughts of if I want my money here.

Just like banks, hive is protecting our funds but unlike banks the owner has control. I like the fact that I have the control and I have several copies of my keys in several different places including hard copies.


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You are your own bank so secure your money.

It is up to each of us. With freedom does come responsibility.

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Yes, yes for sure ....



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