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RE: Facebook to charge if you don't give them your data

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They want your data to show you relevant ads on your feed and stuff that you like. It's all business


They are just being full of shit, their servers can easily aggregate visited pages and generate profiles based on activity within their site it does not need anything else. The data they are asking for is not on their site say browser history and crap and that is just how it should be. Those businesses can also go get screwed as most ads that get seen are from corps anyway.

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I kinda worked for Facebook indirectly for 2 years. Most of these data collections is for the relevant ads, get sales for their clients. Idk much about companies aquired like whatsapp. It's pretty scary, they probably have shared passwords and keys that people shared through chats.

Relevant ads based on information external to their website. I think that is the main thing for me and these sites should work with what they got and if what they have is my limited activity visiting a few pages then deal with it, ontop of that they already get my IP etc anyway without asking and from what I know that is about as relevant as any ads get. Meh I just don't think it is a big deal they have many ways to extrapolate data from those who actively use them. Just another hissy fit is what it is.

Most of the websites and apps get your IP address without your permission. I use vpn all the time.

yup and that is the scope of their advertisings relevance 🤣 even with all that data.

Even Google does the same lol. 🤪 I like facebook only for work, I don't usually use it lol.

They actually running ads to try to convince people that small businesses cannot survive without targeted ads. Of course it is for relevant ads, but have you seen all the data breaches Facebook has had? Have you seen how much data they said they wouldn't sell but yet still sold? They are not exactly a good custody of data.

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True.. that's another thing...

A lot of people I know that use Facebook either never heard or simply don't care about those breaches. I don't think a lot of people are aware of what their data mean to them or the companies that are stealing said data.

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They are also selling your data to third parties

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Yes can't deny that.