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RE: Update does it Affect other Blog Sites?

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I saw post on twitter shared by acidiyo. I think spamming is everywhere, every corner of the internet. Let's take youtube, you see tonnes of spam comments from bots as soon as the video dropped. Even in so many other websites get spam comments, these people want back links for their website.

You mentioned about quotes " hive has micro blogging dapps and communities " like dbuzz, people do share quotes, photos with single sentence" community motto it self means to be buzzing in some sentences.

You mentioned some countries in this post, I kinda agree but it looks bit targeted by saying you can identity em with their names simply. I'm from India, I don't simply drop like "great post", I love to engage in posts.

I saw people from other countries spamming too, so let's not talk about there nationalities. It's just my opinion.


No problem buddy, I'm not saying all India's or Bangladesh... Im just want to be honest and straight forward. Not all people are like you, that can understand and smart. We did some protest at about this spammers.

I understand but I'm saying we can't eliminate spammers no matter what, there is always someone new will be a spammer. Better we just need to avoid them.

We don't need to avoid them, we just need to teach them the proper way of use. If they don't want to listen, well block or report, to teach them a lesson. If you are in right now, you will understand what I am saying. ^_^

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Yeah, you can do that but spammers are indefinite though.