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RE: Facebook to charge if you don't give them your data

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I'm pragmatic about Facebook. I use it for a couple of groups who will not operate anywhere else and hardly post anything there. I won't give them more than the minimum data I can get away with. The feed is so full of ads so as to be almost unusable now, so I mostly just react to notifications. It's not viable to get all my contacts to migrate elsewhere and the options are limited for private groups. At least my kids don't really use it.


Same here.

I keep my account basically because of one group. It's a guitar group, by the way, and I keep trying to bring them to our guitar community here but it's being hard to get them to drop Facebook.

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Groups right now seems to be main reason for FB. Outside of that it is reshares of aimed meme

I get more out of Twitter. We can't even go back to Yahoo Groups as that shut down. I block a lot of stuff people share on FB as it's just junk.


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I have a fake Facebook account for my Occulus (required, and against their TOS to use a fake account, as they force you to give up your data to use an Occulus) as well as some 3D printing groups.

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