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RE: Robinhood Insider Trading ?? Guess what Robinhood can't hardfork like HIVE did from STEEM

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I don't play the stock market games and all this 'shorts' stuff sounds dodgy to me, but it seems a coordinated effort can have big effects. People say it's taking down the 'big guys', but a lot of them will be using the money of ordinary folks to give them a return. Of course the brokers take a nice cut and I doubt they will be the ones to suffer. The really rich will spread their investments to reduce risk anyway. It's making for headlines and a lot of social media anyway.


I remember UK banks got bailed out by tax payers money for the risks they took in 2008/9. When institutions fail they get bailed out by governments.

I learned so much from this interview about the rigged system in the US.

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The bankers rarely lose. It disgusts me that the public bails out the banks, but they still pay bonuses and we don't get our money back when they sell the business. The funds of customers need to be protected, but not by rewarding those who failed to run the banks properly.


Thanks for the video @nathanmars. Will watch/listen to it, when I've some free time.
And @steevc as I got older and started working my eyes opened up to where "all" the money is: banking sector and assurance companies. But that's a discussion for another time.

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