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RE: How Many Active Users/Accounts the Steem Blockchain Actually Has?

in LeoFinancelast year

I keep an eye on some of these numbers. We lost a lot of ground on Hypestat/Alexa, but it stopped listing some countries including UK and Spain that we know are active.

I'm hoping the recent publicity will bring in more active users. I've seen a few Tron fans joining up. We just don't need more bots and scammers. Vote buying has decreased a lot, but we should monitor it.


They stoped listing countries ... I was not awere that can even be possible.

Vote buying is low yes ....the trending page now looks nicer.... sometimes repetitve ... but hey ... nothing is ideal :)

Hypestat lists some countries, but not others you would expect to see. I've pointed out before that some Steem sites were massive in Myanmar, which I'm not sure I totally believe. All stats need to be taken in context, but I hope to see general improvements