Crypto Casino Experiment with Micro Betting

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Hi everyone,

I was looking for a casino where I can spend my shitty TRX, and I ended up running an experiment on two casinos: BetFury and LuckyFish. Both these websites claim to that the game results are absolutely random, and offers tools to check for fairness. For me this was an important aspect when I selected to play around with these sites.

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Before we start, a warning: Many countries restrict or ban online gambling. Please obey your local laws!

I don't want to spend time and energy with lot of clicks, therefore I was looking for automated betting, and both sites have plenty of games with good automation possibilities.

For my experiment, I will run a Dice game for one hour, using the same configuration on both casinos.

In a Dice game the casino generates a random number from 0 to 99, and you bet that the random number is greater of smaller than a certain level. The level you choose gives the win probability, and the multiplier in case of a correct guess.

For my convenience, my experiment starts with 0.16000000 TRX on BetFury and with 0.16000000 DOGE on LuckyFish.

For this experiment my prediction would be that the random number will be smaller than 93. This gives me a 93% chance to win, and I'm betting 1600 Satoshi on this.

I will do lot of runs, therefore each run is done with a small amount.

On BetFury a win comes with a x1.0537 multiplier, and x1.06 on LuckyFish. The difference is the margin of the casino (1% for LuckyFish, and 1.63% for BetFury).

My bigger bet in this experiment relies on the fact that there's a very small probability to loose several times in a row, and therefore my experiment is configured that in case of a loss, the next bet is increased by 2000%. Of course, if this experiment is run for a very long time, I will lose everything. But this is the risk that I'm willing to take.

The first configuration:

Configuration for the strategy on BetFury

And the second one:

Configuration for the strategy on LuckyFish

Now the experiment is running on both sites. I'll write again with the results after one hour.

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I usually don't have time to play all this online games, am a sucker for money that if I count how many fuckin sites I've an account with, you may just slump :)

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