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Last month we put out the first report that tracked the LEO vs HIVE rewards for the top authors on the LeoFinance platform. This gave all of us a lot of insight into what is happening as second-layer token rewards for LEO authors are starting to "flippen" first-layer HIVE rewards.

One of the original visions for the Hive blockchain ecosystem was to create tokenized communities. To not only have authors earn in the main base-layer currency (HIVE) but to also empower communities and authors with more individualized and focused token rewards based on the type of content they create.

Over the past several months, we've been noticing more and more authors who earn more value (in terms of USD) from their LEO author rewards than their HIVE rewards.

The entire mission of LeoFinance is to create a hub for crypto & finance creators. A place where their content is posted on the Hive blockchain for posterity/immutability and then monetized with our native LEO token which we aim to drive continual value to via new developments and ad revenue.

These monthly reports will track the progress of this flippening as we empower crypto & finance creators on the LeoFinance platform.

Top 25 LEO Authors ($)

The first chart here shows the top 25 authors on LeoFinance ranked by how much LEO they earned (in USD terms) this month. The LEO column shows their total LEO author rewards broken down in USD earned and the column to the right of that shows their total HIVE author rewards (in USD).


Top 25 LEO Authors (%)

This second chart shows the same top 25 LEO authors, but ranked by the percentage of LEO that contributes to their total rewards. The calculation is simply their LEO author rewards divided by their total author rewards (LEO + HIVE).

RankAuthorTotal RewardsLEO %

What's notable here is that certain authors are already earning more in LEO than they earn in HIVE (in USD terms). There are a handful of authors in this list who are also the top authors in HIVE terms on the entire blockchain. These authors still earn a relatively decent portion of rewards from LEO.

For example, @jrcornel, @tarazkp and @khaleelkazi earn more than $500 per month from HIVE author rewards, yet their monthly LEO rewards still represent 11.28%, 3.77% and 24.95% (respectively).

Our community has seen some incredibly growth over the past several months and we continue to see growth as reported by our weekly LEO Stats Reports.

As we roll out major developments like our new Hive-based interface that we've built from the ground up, a few more projects that we outlined in our 2020 roadmap and the continual growth that we're seeing in ad revenue, we believe that LEO author and curation rewards will only continue to gain more significance for the authors and curators who choose to be a part of our community.

There's never been a better time to start creating, engaging and curating valuable crypto & finance content on the Hive blockchain.

Data by @dalz. Co-written by @khaleelkazi

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It definitely shows the importance of using community platforms. Using Leofinance will give you dual advantage and exposure. Makes sense.

LeoFinance presently takes a leading role among the Hive tokens. It's essence in supporting crypto and finance contents corresponds with the essence of blockchain.

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This is tremendous and just a motivation for me that I am at the right place. I just wish I had discovered this community earlier, but I think there is still time to put my mark here.

I am just waiting the new LeoFinance interface, I think that will boost up posting and use of this community!

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There would have been no better time for you to discover Leofinance than now. You're still an early adopter. Meanwhile, as you grow your stakes on LEO, you'll get more rewards.

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That is good to know and I am glad I didn't loose the train.

One question: is there any way I could find for a post of mine how much LEO it brings vs HIVE, an app or anywhere that such an aggregation is done...?

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It is starting slowly but it is happening. There will come a time when LEO will be much more important, to most users, over Hive. The later will be a secondary token that is rewarded as "an add-on".

LEO is by far the most interesting of the tribes. Looking forward to the next few reports.

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There will come a time when LEO will be much more important, to most users, over Hive. The later will be a secondary token that is rewarded as "an add-on".

This holds true for me even at the interim. I am looking forward to growing my hodling volumes and stakes in Hive tokens while they remain very affordable.

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Wow, interesting that I again ranked second in this second report with high contribution of LEO to my total monthly earnings on the Hive blockchain. This gives me more motivation to keep prioritizing the second layer tokens on the Hive blockchain. I am hoping that in the near future, my earnings from second layer would double or triple that from Hive.

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It's cool to see that my total rewards are over 50% LEO. It also shows how important having strong subject matter communities on Hive, really is.

Nobody gives a shit about my REALLY niche forex content on the broad network HIVE, but take it to a community full of day traders like LeoFinance and people find real value.

Is LeoFinance the most developed niche HIVE community?

What are the others doing well or with potential to do well?

Do you see the same thing happening within other communities where the highly specialised niche accounts like mine better fit in?

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Love these stats!

Be interesting to see our curation rewards put into the mix too!

Also extending this down to the top 100 might be a motivational tool to getting people to use the platform more?!?

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Great suggestions.

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Arghhh I want to make this list one day!

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It feels good to have my name as well, on this page ...
This gives me motivation to post more content in the future! :)

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That’s enlightening! I need to remember to post all my trading in the Leo front end

ooooh nice to see i'm on a top list, clearly need to post via the LEO interface so I don't get taxed so much lol, hopefully i can switch once the new front end is live

I am very happy to be present on these charts, but I would be much more happy if my LEO percentage were greater than 9.19%. :=)

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This is incredible. When world economies are shrinking here is a platform that helps the content creation and curation based finance economy to grow and put more money in the hands of the community members

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Very nice! I am wrecking my brain trying to find out what topic I could venture to write in your context!! Ho! Ho! Quite difficult! Need a extra brain! LoL

Damn, didn't make the list this time.

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It is inspiring to see that report. It just proves more what is happening to me. For a long time I have considered LEO my main source of income while HIVE is my secondary.

The day will come when LEO will be most valuable and I will be looking forward to experiencing it.

As always we are growing in relation to the community and I believe that the LeoFinance team will present a great job with an excellent front end.

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pretty cool