Development Update | Account Growth Analytics, Wallet Ops and Account Creation

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The goal of the Hivestats project is to be a dashboard for your Hive blockchain experience. Following with our V2 roadmap, we've completed milestones #3 and #4, adding the Analytics Tab and Wallet Tab to the interface along with several operations including account claims and creation.


The Wallet UI is meant to be a clean way to view your HIVE/HBD wallet balances. If you're logged in to with Hive Keychain, then you'll also see these buttons to the right of your balances. On the left side you can view all of your balances and current account value and on the right side you'll see a real-time ticker of HIVE/HBD and our community's token: LEO.

These are the operations that are currently available:

  • Send HIVE/HBD
  • Delegate HIVE POWER
  • Transfer HIVE/HBD to Savings
  • Receive HIVE/HBD From Savings
  • Claim Account Creation Tokens With Resource Credits (RCs)
  • Create a Hive Account With Previously Claimed Acc. Creation Tokens

Hive Account Creation

The account creation process is really simple. As long as you have claim account tokens available in your Hive account, you can just login to Hive stats and follow a few easy steps to create an account.

  1. Pick a username
  2. Pick a master password (you can either create your own or have one auto-generated)
  3. Download a txt file with the private keys for the new account
  4. Click register and confirm with Keychain


The analytics tab is something that I've been really excited about since we designed the idea. As an author/curator/investor on Hive, one of the most important things is being able to view the growth of your account alongside the weekly/monthly rewards that you earn.

Since Hive is essentially a rewards-based blockchain, this is likely one of the most desired features when it comes to viewing data related to your account.

On the left side, you can toggle between the last 7 days of account history or the last 30 days of account history. We're exploring options for adding longer time frames (i.e. 3 Months, 1 Year, etc.) but we'll need to add in extra features to the backend. Expect more viewing options in a later update.

The 4 KPI widgets at the top show you 4 pieces of information that are relevantTo to any curator/author on Hive:

  1. Total Curation Rewards
  2. Total Author Rewards
  3. Received Upvotes
  4. Received Comments

The 2 charts below those widgets show your account growth in terms of HIVE POWER and your daily rewards over the selected timeframe.

V2 Roadmap

We're making quick work of this roadmap. The last milestone on here is the addition of a Pending Payouts Tab which will give even more useful data for authors/curators on Hive.

We'll likely complete this last milestone within the next 7 days and close the book on the full Hivestats V2 release. We're already gathering ideas and scoping out the roadmap for Hivestats V3 as we also look to bring updates to the LeoDex and LeoFinance interfaces in the near future as well.

As always, we're building this app (and our other interfaces) with a user-request approach. If you have a feature that you'd like to see on Hivestats or any of our other interfaces, just drop a comment below or in Discord and we'll add it to our list.

  1. Page Performance
    1. Reduce Page Load
    2. Explore Other Performance Enhancements (ongoing)
  2. Hive-Engine Integration
    1. Token Table
    2. Token Functions
    3. Token Operations Tab
    4. Rewards Tab
  3. Analytics Page
    1. 7-30 Day Account Performance (Author Rewards/Curation Rewards/Account Growth, etc.)
    2. 4 KPI Widgets
    3. Historical Charts
  4. Wallet UI
    1. Hive Keychain Integration
    2. Hive/HBD Real-Time Price Widgets
    3. Account Creation Features - Ability to Create & Claim Hive Accounts On Hivestats
  5. Pending Payouts Tab (ETA: 1 week)
    1. Author Rewards for Posts & Comments
    2. Vote Breakdown Charts
    3. Curation Rewards: Sortable Chart With Efficiency Displays

Note: we also made a few minor bug fixes based on some reports we received. One major bug was related to a display issue with accounts that hold over 1 million Hive Power. We're investigating an issue with user profiles and will most likely release a fix alongside the pending payouts feature in the next 7 days.

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I love the analytics tab! Realy good job guys!

Glad to hear that! It's definitely a favorite feature of mine 🔥

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I love this so much. Better than SteemWorld by a very BIG mile.

🦁 Thanks @eirik! There's a lot of untapped potential with a site like this so we'll continue to explore features that should've always been here on steem Hive

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)


Can I ask you if there's order history on ?

What I mean by it is if can see on old orders that I did and were completed. I am using Hive-Engine and there's nothing like that. It's a pretty useful feature. I was buying LEO not so long ago, but I already forgot on what price and what amount.


You guys are crushing it in so many ways.

Thank you for bringing a ton of value each and everyday to the blockchain.

Thanks Jon and back at ya. We're all going to the same moon 🚀

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Big emphasis right now in my community, to branch out and start poking around other tribes...I'm a little biased but I keep telling them that LEO is where they need to poke first LOL

I am very biased but I believe you are correct. 😁

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That's awesome, glad to see growth! More ad revenue means more Leo to burn and drive the price to the moon!

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Yessir it does! Always happy to build useful stuff for Hive that also leads to value for LEO :)

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This just getst better and better. You are doing an amazing job guys. Keep it up.

Leofinance FTW.

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haha thanks @zemiatin!! We're only about a month in, so we've got plenty more up our sleeves ;)

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Is the developer hooked to an oxygen machine?

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Great - need to stock up Leo 🚀 - I'm waiting for you on the moon 🌚

The growth rate has been outstanding the last few weeks. I think it is being reflected in those looking to accumulate the token.

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Yes, the rates are good and there are no kickbacks - weak hands are over and soon no one will sell Leo at this price - the only way is to supervise and write posts and delegate to @leo.voter / I calculated that in case of further growth, the delegation rewards will bring very good dividends!

Every level there are a few sellers since traders do take profits but it requires at least a .1 move up.

Looking at the price action, it seems people are having to hit the ask price.

A number of people started posting through the interface meaning they are now looking to add to their stake.

You are right, posting and delegating are two ways to start amassing.

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I always follow their progress, good job

This is so awesome.

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Some good progress being made, thanks for keeping us updated on the project.


No wonder why leo morning

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Don't even remember what i wanted to write 😂😂😂

Really awesome!! Can we also have a dark mode please? :)

This is looking REALLY good. I think an opportunity for this would be to allow developers to integrate this into their applications for a fee. If I had a Hive dapp, I'd definitely rather just use this than redoing all this work on my own.

This Analytics page is so important. I used a Excell sheet till now

Now there are some awesome updates, I love that you can save the graphs as a picture!


Great stuff, developments coming thick and fast! Would love to see these kind of charts for the HE tokens too!

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Awesome! Statistics always help improve performance and detect places where changes can be made

simple, clean and easy to use & read.
Nicely done