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To upvote waitresses/personell and people generally in open? Very dangerous!
Just watch the "Black Mirror" episode Nosedive (it is on Netflix). The makers of that Sci-Fi series show brilliantly how ugly such a scenario could turn out.


This one is epic to me why this is scary.

I wrote recently about China and ratings and how this is such a bad idea. Someones vibe can mess up ones day in the same kind of way as in the positieve way

If we look at things from that perspective then nothing is worth doing. This is the same narrative people have about crypto I.e it is used by criminals. Every single thing on this planet can be exploited given the right/wrong incentive.

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I saw that episode and i 100% agree. Thats one of my big hangups with proof of brain. Danger is the right word. If you're going to use tokenization in the upvote capacity that system could really only work on an equality level system which it never does. in that episode you just saw all types of abuse and people having to butter up to one another. This system is exactly like that tv show lol. It's not that it can't work. It's how they are utilizing it is the problem and they haven't solved the problem or try to address it because its so interwoven into the system now. So i can see it shaping up like that now. A future like this would probably look worse.

What i liked about the episode was the biggest proponent of the system ends up being abused by it and life getting ruined. That's how it works. The benefactors like the main character could only see the good in the system. When the system truned on them they were okay this can't work so they became the outcast of the system. Her brother was always the person like me going what is this.. Whatever lol... So i find that funny but yea be careful. Use equality systems in anything that enables upvoting for currency or you run into problems alot.

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Hollywood is generally very good about promoting the dark outcomes that, for the most part, do not come true. They play to the negativity bias that humans have and how we latch onto it.

Not saying there cant be a negative outcome to things, we know there can when technology is involved.

But we usually advance forward in spite of the drawbacks.

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Sometimes a step forward is a step towards more surveillance, control and oppression and I am afraid also in this context. Just look at the social rating plans in China. I don´t want to get rated/upvoted at all.
Or the vaccination passports without them in future you won´t be able to travel anymore. Just an example how they sell total surveillance to people, and the sheeple even embrace it. But OK, another story.

Certainly people are very good about giving away their rights and privileges.

However, surveillance is a way technology is being used. If they people (sheeple) will not turn away from it, then we need to use technology to counter that.

It is the tug-o-war that is taking place. We need to keep decentralizing everything. A social credit system could easy be outdone if we create a "reputation" system of our own that the world follows.

Of course, people act like this is something new. We had credit systems in place for most of the things we do in life. Try to get a home, car, or job, all based on some type of system to size one up. Even school does that with grades.

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I totally agree with you regarding Hollywood! There are a lot of things behind, and everyone are entertained.

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Yup I remember this show it painted quite a picture predicting future scenario of up-votes do 😄

No watch the episode MAJORITY RULE from the Orville

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