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RE: SIM down again - but now I am president (again)!

in LeoFinance2 months ago

What is the point of the high taxes at all? Prevent inflation?
If so, the price paid to control inflation is way to high. At the end of the day it is about selling and buying (investing) SIM, and with these high taxes there is 0 incentive to invest. Simply as that. Therefore the price keeps dropping.
Please do an experiment and start with as low taxes as you can go, not at 100% (this we have seen a long time now).


No, to speed capitulation.
Also, to experiment with the rules on the margin. Already new church mechanics have been upgraded, tested and implemented.

Do you have a law firm? Its 97.6% taxes right now, and has been marginal for many days of my term. We are still tech mining, and there is hope to elect a new president in 7 days who will lower taxes even further, maybe even as low as 81% with a law firm/90% without.

People will have to hold SIM and learn and understand the rules of the game, or sell their tokens.