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Today, I got inspired to make this contest after I thought I got an airdrop of $50,000 from a token called Value liquidity. I was so happy during those moments thinking of how I would buy Hive of about $20,000, Leo of $20,000, $cub of $2000, and any other coins I have believe in. The funniest thing is that I even did the fake airdrop on 3 different wallet thinking I may see about $150,000 in total but later came very painful that the coin is fake after I checked the smart contract address on coingecko which is different from the address on the token I was having at hand.

All this resulted to the idea of this contest. I figured that since I would not be doing much of curating this month due to my exams in school, so I would be delegating 3000 Hive power and another 3000 Hive power would be coming from @aliento. To make an entry to this contest, you have to answer these two questions below.

1. What would you do with an airdrop of $50,000?

2. If you are given a Hive power of 100,000 Hive, how exactly do you plan on using it?


  1. Publish your entry in the Leofinance Community
  2. Use the tag #airdrop50k as one of your first five tags
  3. Share you post on twitter using #Hive #hiveblogshare and any other relevant tags.
  4. Follow @aliento, and @starstrings01
  5. Reblog and vote this post.
  6. Share your post entries in the Smile Discord Server under the #airdrop50k channel.
  7. Invite a friend and leave a link of this post in your entry.



Note: Engaging with other authors through comments would be well appreciated and would boost your chances on winning a prize but it is necessary to follow all the requirements to the contest.

Deadline: 16th of April 2021...

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newbies initiative archivo09.jpg
Click the banner to get redirect to The Newbie Initiative

@aliento initiative by @eddiespino and @grisvisa

Click the banner to get redirect to SMILE server, or: https://discord.gg/wyhVUvt


All illustrations made by @tripode in Adobe Illustrator.

All images are mine except indicated otherwise






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This is awesome! Sorry for your disappointment. But I'm in for this for sure!

Smile.. It was a disappointment but it gave me an inspiration. Would be pleased to ready your entry.

OMG! That would be truly insane for me to receive those 50k USD but I definitively use it wisely to multiply it at least 2x or 3x, let's see what can I do for that post, thank you so much for this initiative!

Smile... Yeah I was crazy this afternoon, was extremely joyful but later found it wasn't real. Then it bumped to me to make a contest from it.

Thanks for sharing the content as well. Would anticipate your entry.

I would go crazy to see those numbers. Haha!

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Lol.. Nice gif man. I was really crazy asf and freaking happy but was painful later. Good thing that it inspired me to make this contest.

Haha. Thanks @starstrings01, Hive & Leo will make you a millionaire one day. 🤑

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I totally hope so for both of us 😅🤗🤗🤗...

Let's GO

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Yeah, let's do... I appreciate your support a lot 😊🤗

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Ouch! I can imagine how disappointed you must have felt when you realized it wasn't a true airdrop 😣. But I'm glad that inspired you to write and that has birth this awesome post/initiative. I look forward to participating in the 6000 Hive delegation contest.

Yeah it was so disappointing... I also look forward towards reading your entry. Thanks for the coming by bro.

Always a pleasure Man

Wao how I wish this could be true,so disappointing that is not real and I believe in your energy and I will also be a part of your success story let give it a try bro

Sure, you should give it a try... I would be looking forward to your entry.

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This is a challenge and I am in for this. Those questions would be answered. Contests like this motivates me. Thanks for this opportunity @starstrings01

Smile... I love that you are motivated... I look forward to your entry.

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Well that's interesting I'm not going to do it because I really can't be too much it's grew up everything not independent

Sorry, I don't really understand your comment.

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Pass. I will pass on entering that is all I said. Understand now

Big man, what a way to go, imagining 50k USD alone gives me the chill. But then sincerly free money? I'll talk about it.

Smile... Anything is possible.. 😊... I don't take Airdrop as joke since uniswap...

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Wow this game a nice. Is there a deadline?

16th of April.. Moreover it's a contest not a game..

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Ok nice

I join when I find the time. Prolly in the coming weekend

Quick question; where do you school.

Where do you school?

In Nigeria abeokuta..

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Wow nice. Let’s be friends. Am a medical student University of port harcourt.

Very good Challenge and I am so excited for
this. Good luck to all!


@starstrings01! I sent you a slice (0.1) of $PIZZA!

Yes Pizza GIF-downsized.gif
gifs by the @stickupboys

Hey man, thanks so much for the pizza... Really appreciate

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Thanks a lot for the pizza. I hope to read your entry 😊

This is a great idea for a post contest. Good luck to all of those who enter. I look forward to reading some of the entries!

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Yeah a good luck to them... I hope to see your comments on those entries when I go about commenting on them as well.

Thanks so much for coming by to leave a comment.

Yeah, no problem. I might have to write my own post if I can find the time!

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You are doing well mr.starstrings. I have reblogged to create more awareness.

About the airdrop. I had that same feeling when I got my uniswap airdrop. I though of all the things I could possibly do with that money and fortunately, I did. Hopefully, you get some genuine airdrop soon.

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hello brother, thanks so much for your support. I really appreciate it.

like seriously if I get an airdrop that large, I definitely want to increase my Hive stake. I have a lot of initiatives I know I may be able bring up with a high voting power moreover support some authors as well. it is also very sweet to earn curation rewards as well. I like it more than author rewards........

Yeah, thanks.. Left you a comment.

It's very sad to see you got an airdrop of that amount and later getting to know it wasn't true. If I was in your show I would have jubilated Even before getting it. Keep up the good work you are getting there in no time

Smile. Thanks man.

This is my entry to the contest.
Cann't join the discord server. The link is not working. Would you please give me the discord server link again, here?

Yeah, this is the link: https://discord.gg/wyhVUvt

It is incredible that scammers continue to do their thing, a few months ago I got a malicious link, giving me about 100 free HIVES, all this information damaged my account, forcing me to change all my passwords, of course I would like to participate in this contest and win this award. Thanks.

I just published my entry. thanks for this. link is below


followed all task rule and I hope to be part of the winner come 16th of April.

le doy la opcion de votar y no me deja votarlo / pick the option to vote and make this message


It was fun even though I'm it felt very disappointed having a fake coin. Well, scammers are everywhere but I'm glad you experienced it because it gave you an idea about this. Better luck next time I guess.

Is the contest still open? I just bumped it.

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Sure. Feel free to participate before the ending of the day...

The only thing the winner can do is to curate more and more content. This will encourage him to be more engaging with hive community.

There would be 10 winners in this contest. The delegation would help them being more active in the community and to always engage with other authors more often.